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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - GLAD

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Autobiography, 78:usually die quite unafraid and are often very glad to go. Or else, they are in a coma and areAutobiography, 181:and Mildred hanging on to his coat tails and how glad we all were to settle down in the new home.Autobiography, 209:and a voice said, "His Imperial Highness will be glad if Mrs. Bailey will be at the Ritz at 11Autobiography, 211:to the two places where he had to speak. We were glad to do so and took him where he had to go andAutobiography, 285:by the work and by the help given, we are glad but (in the last analysis) it is his business whatBethlehem, 61:to a tree, (13) the empty grave, (14) the glad Resurrection (as in the cases of Osiris, Attis andDiscipleship1, 95:He needs to accept himself as he is, to be glad that there are those who guarantee to him theDiscipleship1, 117:- B.S.D. January 1937 BROTHER OF MINE: I am glad that you regard yourself as sensitive to myDiscipleship1, 137:Against this you must struggle. I shall be glad to have your cooperation in this difficult work weDiscipleship1, 204:which has brought you into a New Age group. I am glad, my brother, to have you associated with thisDiscipleship1, 225:you found your destined field of service. I am glad to welcome you into this group of students. TheDiscipleship1, 262:your sixth ray force. Of this you should be very glad. Now you are entering slowly into a new cycleDiscipleship1, 319:you were originally assigned, and for that I am glad though - with the rest of you - I deplore theDiscipleship1, 342:nor is it your way. For this you may be glad. But I do look for evidence of that spiritualDiscipleship1, 426:my words with an awakened intuition and with a glad willingness to learn. You have already receivedDiscipleship1, 435:to preface the group meditation which I would be glad to have you do, along with your groupDiscipleship1, 551:therefore, will be given to you, and I shall be glad, through suggestion and watchful cooperation,Fire, 544:(the first aspect) and to do this through the glad cooperation of the fully conscious self. More onInitiation, 76:time, and a forgetfulness of self. Take all the glad things which may come as trusts to be used to
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