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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - GLAMOR

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Discipleship1, 614:work in connection with the dissipation of world glamor. But this activity you have delayed. YouDiscipleship1, 614:personal glamors. You are yet in the depths of glamor and subconsciously know that this is true.Discipleship1, 615:change of heart and a freedom from your present glamor, I will most gladly take you back into someDiscipleship1, 616:work from your constantly recurring tendency to glamor. They have suffered with patience for manyDiscipleship1, 616:Express yourself fully and drastically. If the glamor is not dispersed in this life, then anotherDiscipleship1, 618:in your ability to stand steady and to avoid glamor is always present. Discipleship1, 619:the work to be done, was distorted by "wisps of glamor," and that your wishful thinking andDiscipleship1, 619:you have succumbed to glamors of various kinds: Glamor about me, the Master, and about theDiscipleship1, 619:Hierarchy and your relation to that Hierarchy; glamor about certain world disciples and yourDiscipleship1, 619:world disciples and your relation to them; glamor about the magnitude of the work; glamor about aDiscipleship1, 619:to them; glamor about the magnitude of the work; glamor about a certain sad little aspirant; glamorDiscipleship1, 619:glamor about a certain sad little aspirant; glamor about your scientific capacity which held youDiscipleship1, 619:which held you away from my work for years; glamor about money; glamor about people. Today yourDiscipleship1, 619:away from my work for years; glamor about money; glamor about people. Today your glamor is centeredDiscipleship1, 619:about money; glamor about people. Today your glamor is centered around yourself and is concentratedDiscipleship1, 623:personality aspiration is a part of the general glamor - a glamor which can only be dispelled asDiscipleship1, 623:aspiration is a part of the general glamor - a glamor which can only be dispelled as the soul poursDiscipleship1, 635:phenomena and temporarily sidetracked by the glamor. The astral plane is not for you, my brother. IDiscipleship1, 636:i. e., on the physical plane, on account of the glamor which surrounds you. Your personality energyDiscipleship1, 636:bear upon your mind, so that you are caught by glamor in two directions. Your brain being also anDiscipleship1, 637:this line, you will rapidly free yourself from glamor. Forget not, your sixth ray astral bodyDiscipleship1, 648:will be those in which you will have to fight glamor with care, preparatory to clearing your auraDiscipleship1, 648:path of the mediator cannot be trodden until the glamor of the mystic vision has been dissipatedDiscipleship1, 648:I seek for you and hence my reference to the glamor of the vision. It (the vision) evokes its ownDiscipleship1, 659:attention and constitute an easy tuning-in on glamor and illusion. Your physical body is first rayDiscipleship1, 679:Old longings come again, yet die. Old chains of glamor snap. Forward I rush. "Myriads of voicesDiscipleship1, 719:probationer is occupied with the overcoming of glamor and the curing of the distorted, myopicDiscipleship1, 719:such is not the case. For them (having overcome glamor and illusion) the astral plane isDiscipleship1, 719:and guided by someone who is still subject to glamor, but is, at the same time, aware of theDiscipleship1, 722:of opposites. The aspirant becomes aware of glamor as something from which he must eventually freeDiscipleship1, 723:life as through a haze. The fogs and mists of glamor rest upon the valleys and the hills of lifeDiscipleship1, 733:counterparts. They are, in this case, not all glamor and illusion and are not basicallyDiscipleship1, 759:Being, at this stage, relatively free from glamor, he is able to respond from the angle ofDiscipleship1, 770:projected idea. In such cases there is always glamor, distortion and misrepresentation. This causesDiscipleship1, 781:on the Seven Rays is completed, a short book on glamor ready for the press and this book onDiscipleship1, 782:entitled Weavers in the Light. The teaching on glamor has been given as some of the reading matterDiscipleship2, 5:tendency; only a clear vision of the nature of glamor and of its effects in the individual andDiscipleship2, 8:second do they forget themselves; the problem of glamor and preoccupation with spiritual ambitionDiscipleship2, 12:information as to the nature of your prevailing glamor. You may ask, what do I really mean by thatDiscipleship2, 33:his constantly recurring glamors and his innate glamor-making tendency; I, therefore, reinstatedDiscipleship2, 42:seen upon the horizon, stripped of the veils of glamor and wishful thinking which obscured it tenDiscipleship2, 46:feel lonely, you must learn to look upon it as a glamor or illusion and as a limitation which mustDiscipleship2, 66:which the observing disciple must move. The glamor induced upon the astral plane as the result ofDiscipleship2, 67:it is a typical instance of the effects of this glamor.) 3. The stimulation to which the lowerDiscipleship2, 257:his part a definite emergence from the world of glamor so that there can be a clear perception ofDiscipleship2, 259:This refers to the piercing through the world glamor and thereby effecting two objectives: [260]Discipleship2, 260:relation to Shamballa. Part of the world glamor is thus dissipated and thus a clarifying of theDiscipleship2, 260:releases light and dissipates a part of the glamor which blinds the mass of men. The sixth rayDiscipleship2, 260:through the dense fogs and mists of the world of glamor, suddenly realizes just what he has doneDiscipleship2, 262:marks the present effort of the disciple. Glamor is disappearing; illusions are being dissipated;Discipleship2, 330:becomes a major necessity, and where glamor is present in a disciple's life, it places a realDiscipleship2, 331:disciple can let in evil under the influence of glamor, provided again that it is group evil. InDiscipleship2, 345:into an Ashram. Group feeling. Dissipation of glamor through light. Formula II... Deals withDiscipleship2, 353:It will be in the nature of a sidetrack and a glamor, brought into impelling and compelling use byDiscipleship2, 412:Path. They serve to clarify thought; they remove glamor and illusory veils; they reveal the mentalDiscipleship2, 459:perfect whirlpool of difficulty and a mixture of glamor and reality. Disciples work hard (as youDiscipleship2, 459:It includes also its joys and aspirations. The glamor of an extreme sensitivity is your majorDiscipleship2, 470:field of service, a sphere of danger, a land of glamor and deep morasses through which you mustDiscipleship2, 493:to work where the opportunity confronts you. The glamor to which I referred in my firstDiscipleship2, 493:your own soul on mental levels, in the world of glamor at times also, and exoterically upon theDiscipleship2, 494:the results of this contact from distortion and glamor by the power of the illumined mind - anDiscipleship2, 511:his attention from the reality to an imposed glamor surrounding the teacher. I would have youDiscipleship2, 514:sixth ray [514] and devotion is dominant, the glamor of devotion can veil the reality of anyDiscipleship2, 515:in the personality it will register either as a glamor or a purificatory process, and in the groupDiscipleship2, 516:Be simple, clear as day and full of love. A glamor settles down because a separating wall was builtDiscipleship2, 518:is one-pointedness of outlook, free from glamor and the intricacies of the thought-form-makingDiscipleship2, 525:the initiation themselves. It is the emotional glamor which has engulfed you, and freedom fromDiscipleship2, 525:glamor which has engulfed you, and freedom from glamor has to be demonstrated at the secondDiscipleship2, 525:but distressing prelude to this initiation. This glamor comes between you and me. TheDiscipleship2, 525:that you repudiate as false all relations to glamor. You may declare that it touches you not, whichDiscipleship2, 525:with acute emotionalism and swift response to glamor. Where there is so much first ray energy to beDiscipleship2, 526:to all and sundry; you are overwhelmed by acute glamor. All that is in you of a first ray qualityDiscipleship2, 527:initiation has to be faced clear-eyed, free from glamor, with a heart full of love and a mindDiscipleship2, 527:not; and you know that under the influence of glamor you oft wield the weapon of speech in aDiscipleship2, 527:the surface all the latent emotion and all the glamor which are today enveloping you. As youDiscipleship2, 530:This is known only to you. Fearlessness is now a glamor in your mind for your sixth ray brain andDiscipleship2, 530:suddenly betrayed you. Your earlier freedom from glamor led to carelessness - and as you well knowDiscipleship2, 530:in your attitude to service. You are, under the glamor of idealism, apt to sacrifice the spirit ofDiscipleship2, 532:barriers up. I asked this because I saw in you a glamor and a weakness (based on your true ideals)Discipleship2, 546:reminding you that renunciation itself can be a glamor and a sixth ray idealist is prone toDiscipleship2, 554:your thinking. I would have you now consider glamor in the light of the fires of comprehension.Discipleship2, 554:live within the Ashram, which is insulated from glamor, and act "as if" the consciousness of theDiscipleship2, 555:progress you have made in freeing yourself from glamor, that fellowship can now become even moreDiscipleship2, 570:Your resentment of criticism (which is sharp and glamor-producing) is not based on pride in fanciedDiscipleship2, 570:to my proffered suggestions and this creates a glamor. Forget not that contact with disciples olderDiscipleship2, 570:That stimulation will apply to any innate glamor as well as to your spiritual life. Your secondDiscipleship2, 586:astral plane, particularly in connection with glamor and with sixth ray tendencies, to the veryDiscipleship2, 588:such as over-stimulation and the arousing of glamor but - if you are watchful and alert - you canDiscipleship2, 599:In your case, it is not so much a particular glamor but the presence of several smaller ones. TheDiscipleship2, 599:characteristics of the advanced disciple. The glamor which holds you is inherited from other lives.Discipleship2, 599:lives. You have immersed yourself in no new glamor in this life, and this is rare indeed and forDiscipleship2, 599:where you will be able to dissipate them. The glamor of "the flight into safety of the racial [600]Discipleship2, 600:without exception, is subject to this racial glamor and its potency is unbelievable. The subjectiveDiscipleship2, 600:if you accepted my suggestion. Upon the second glamor I need not enlarge. We might call it theDiscipleship2, 600:glamor I need not enlarge. We might call it the "glamor of continuous frustration." In your caseDiscipleship2, 623:which has produced the world of illusion, of glamor, and of delusion. It is thought, with its [624]Discipleship2, 624:developing mind into the world of feeling, of glamor and of illusion which reveals man's reactionDiscipleship2, 627:- such as you think you know - is but a glamor, brother of mine. You are not alone. But lonelinessDiscipleship2, 643:and be not unduly distressed. Avoid at least one glamor and that is the glamor that it is your taskDiscipleship2, 643:Avoid at least one glamor and that is the glamor that it is your task to shoulder all
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