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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - GLAMOR

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Discipleship2, 643:for the shielding mother-complex is in itself a glamor. My love and strength is at your service. Discipleship2, 656:and there is small need for me to indicate the glamor which at this time disturbs your service. OneDiscipleship2, 656:and experience, in itself constitutes a glamor and one with a most potent effect upon you. When -Discipleship2, 656:of service you are apt to fall into personality glamor without being aware of it, and those aroundDiscipleship2, 656:perhaps point out to you that illusion more than glamor is your major difficulty for you areDiscipleship2, 657:AND MY FRIEND: So much have I said to you anent glamor that in this instruction I shall not dealDiscipleship2, 657:plane. I would point out to all of you (for glamor is general as well as particular) that theDiscipleship2, 657:as well as particular) that the dissipation of glamor brings revelation. For you, this is a time ofDiscipleship2, 658:The consequent interplay produces much of the glamor which besets you and which it is the task ofDiscipleship2, 670:the other rays, once the disciple is freed from glamor. Thus there can be built a true expressionDiscipleship2, 672:ways, but you have often been susceptible to glamor; you felt that your status was ahead of theDiscipleship2, 673:all this past history and any past reactions to glamor, and to regard the present as the onlyDiscipleship2, 674:of mine, your immediate problem is one of glamor, plus a feeling of distress because you know thatDiscipleship2, 674:you know that A.A.B. and I have recognized this glamor. We have, but may I assure you that it makesDiscipleship2, 674:a long time since I, personally, was overcome by glamor, and it may be a short time since A.A.B.Discipleship2, 674:difficulties encountered or lost our horror of glamor; we are therefore not critical, and upon thatDiscipleship2, 681:as I gave to S.C.P. Free yourself from the glamor of inherited ideas and national concepts andDiscipleship2, 681:and be when you have released yourself from the glamor of prejudice. You have made real progress inDiscipleship2, 681:an with understanding the true nature of your glamor. There are many points of view, coming fromDiscipleship2, 682:criticism. Your sensitivity and your reaction to glamor tunes you in very frequently on a certainDiscipleship2, 683:will lead you wisely to protect yourself from glamor, illusion and personality reactions, also fromDiscipleship2, 684:of the soul. It would produce an increase of the glamor to which you are prone. In past lives, yourDiscipleship2, 690:tried soldier and you are singularly free from glamor, though susceptible to established andDiscipleship2, 690:consciously expressed - but it is not so with glamor. That is a much harder task, as you know well,Discipleship2, 690:immediate circle of co-disciples. It is because glamor has no lure for you. As to your meditation,Discipleship2, 725:be yours. You will note that I use not the word glamor here. The reason is that it is apparently anDiscipleship2, 725:and I felt that I should emphasize the fact that glamor (as far as you are concerned) means thatDiscipleship2, 726:do no positive or original thinking of your own. Glamor still holds you. You might well ask, myDiscipleship2, 726:period. Let me first highlight your career of glamor so as to prove to you, intelligently, theDiscipleship2, 727:has this service of yours in mind. There was the glamor of the wonderful discovery you were goingDiscipleship2, 727:Your equipment was not adequate. There was the glamor of spiritual power which led some of yourDiscipleship2, 727:least what you had thought. What is this but the glamor of personalities? Until you have learnt toDiscipleship2, 727:the active work in my group proved too much, and glamor again enveloped you. You started byDiscipleship2, 727:them back you up and strengthen the hold that glamor has upon you? Here are my suggestions, brotherDiscipleship2, 728:any violent endeavor to understand and combat glamor. You do not yet even comprehend what it is; itDiscipleship2, 729:This has led to a chronic state [729] of glamor. Live practically, sweetly, humbly and lovingly forDiscipleship2, 730:which made it difficult for any positive glamor to show itself; this greatly helped, weakeningDiscipleship2, 730:simply be negative to all the suggestions of glamor and be encouraged at my words, for I speak notDiscipleship2, 731:ray in nature and hence the potent hold which glamor has had on you - a glamor inherited from threeDiscipleship2, 731:the potent hold which glamor has had on you - a glamor inherited from three previous lives andDiscipleship2, 731:first ray astral nature. You willed to deal with glamor; you ran, last life, a great risk ofDiscipleship2, 731:negated that possibility, but the tendency to glamor remained and still does. Your physical body isDiscipleship2, 731:illumined mind) at times stimulates it and the glamor can take effect in physical plane activity.Discipleship2, 732:will give you no time for any reaction to glamor; your mind and desire [733] (your kama-manasicDiscipleship2, 733:body to a very great extent and evoked the glamor and the deception which have colored your life.Discipleship2, 734:Disciples - R.S.W. To R. S. W. January 1940 Your glamor is, as you know, that of psychicDiscipleship2, 734:of the lower psychic nature. This psychic glamor does not unduly distort your point of view but itsDiscipleship2, 734:with physical phenomena such as rain or storm. Glamor exists. It is. The higher glamors are goalsDiscipleship2, 734:the line of helping them in the midst of the glamor and by this remark I may aid in reorientingDiscipleship2, 734:been astrally and psychically controlled by the glamor of selfish desire and material aims willDiscipleship2, 734:a real step forward when he escapes into the glamor of devotion to a teacher - a glamor which, forDiscipleship2, 734:into the glamor of devotion to a teacher - a glamor which, for you, would be a thing lying behindDiscipleship2, 734:to a later liberation. In this problem of the glamor of psychic sensitivity, you can do much toDiscipleship2, 750:I find it most difficult to give a name to the glamor which holds back the full expression of yourDiscipleship2, 750:of your soul. I might perhaps call it the "glamor of continued circumstance." This leads to anDiscipleship2, 750:of life can be met. These provide a slow moving glamor, behind which you conscientiously andDiscipleship2, 751:towards change, regarding it as a hindering glamor and seeking always to believe that your choiceEducation, 112:and personalities, and thus develops into a glamor and an illusion, confusing the real issue andExternalisation, 36:with its quality of freedom from illusion and glamor. This freedom will be brought about whenExternalisation, 36:of the disturbed vision of the present, and glamor will be dissipated through the "right direction"Externalisation, 38:oblivious. The second group is wrestling with glamor. The processes of light and their relation toExternalisation, 38:processes of light and their relation to group glamor and to individual glamor form a very closeExternalisation, 38:their relation to group glamor and to individual glamor form a very close connection. RightExternalisation, 38:of right direction - will take the place of glamor, and the objective (personally considered) ofExternalisation, 38:my intention here to deal with the problem of glamor. With that I have concerned myself in theExternalisation, 38:myself in the instructions to this group (Glamor: A World Problem). The task of this group ofExternalisation, 39:The keynote of this effort to eliminate world glamor was sounded by Christ when He said (followingExternalisation, 39:with light as a group for the dissipation of glamor. Hermes and Christ undertook this work ofExternalisation, 39:takes place, the task of dissipating the world glamor will be much more rapid than it is today. InExternalisation, 39:the first task of the groups working with world glamor is accomplished this will be evident. I canExternalisation, 39:some measure upon the plane of illusion and of glamor, and for you the world [40] illusion existsExternalisation, 40:so that those who are freeing themselves from glamor can find their way into the vortex ofExternalisation, 40:group will find their efforts to live free from glamor greatly helped and intensified by the groupExternalisation, 41:to free the souls of men from the surrounding glamor and to enable them to achieve liberation. TheExternalisation, 41:sensitivity, and achieving freedom from glamor, the disciples who are members of these groups canExternalisation, 41:the real instrument for the dissipation of world glamor. Thus these groups can nurture the germ ofExternalisation, 42:the astral body and working in and with glamor and illusion. The effect of their work, ifExternalisation, 44:upon the mental plane, through freedom from glamor, and through such a right use of force that theExternalisation, 44:being made and the discriminative recognition of glamor in many cases, because only through such anExternalisation, 44:values, a civilization which is free from glamor and from much of the illusion which today colorsExternalisation, 56:Indifference and the Technique of Service (See Glamor: A World Problem). As we study the divineExternalisation, 63:from the vortex of love. This spells danger and glamor. The very fact that disciples are all soExternalisation, 64:a constructive fashion to end some of the world glamor. This they can do because several of theExternalisation, 64:of the group members have successfully fought glamor in their lives. Group Three can begin groupExternalisation, 217:distinguish you. You will then emerge from the glamor of propaganda and of world illusion into theExternalisation, 231:within that unhappy land, so complete is the glamor under which they are laboring. The day willExternalisation, 231:rests upon those Germans who remain free from glamor in other lands; it will come when the forcesExternalisation, 242:superstate with which the dictators of the world glamor their peoples. But the links are beingExternalisation, 243:life, and the insincerities which are based on glamor and fear - all these factors are woven intoExternalisation, 354:and world catastrophe which is rooted in world glamor, and will study the possibility of relief andExternalisation, 354:to write clearly about this matter of world glamor (This message appears in the book Glamor: AExternalisation, 354:world glamor (This message appears in the book Glamor: A World Problem. It is included here toExternalisation, 354:- the worst the world has ever seen because glamor, incident to centuries of greed and selfishness,Externalisation, 354:Three nations express the three aspects of world glamor (illusion, glamor and maya) in an amazingExternalisation, 354:the three aspects of world glamor (illusion, glamor and maya) in an amazing manner, and theirExternalisation, 356:today (and has been for ages) battling illusion, glamor and maya. Advanced thinkers, those upon theExternalisation, 356:said that Germany has focused in herself world glamor - the most potent and expressive of the threeExternalisation, 356:potent and expressive of the three aspects of glamor. Japan is manifesting the force of maya - theExternalisation, 356:and the Angel, and thus the three forms of glamor and the final form of the conflict between theExternalisation, 356:which will eventually dispel illusion, dissipate glamor and devitalize the prevalent maya. This
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