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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - GLAMOR

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Hercules, 76:at the close of this labor, having overcome much glamor, he achieves a greatly increased vision ofHercules, 82:The aspirant has worked out of the world of glamor and of form, and in his consciousness is freeHercules, 130:given to mankind in its perpetual fight against glamor. It is [131] the source of the laughter thatHercules, 157:serpent of illusion. He was free from fear and glamor, from all that could beguile him. The visionHercules, 173:the emotional nature, the source of all glamor. John symbolizes the mind, the name meaning, "TheHercules, 226:that he has overcome illusion, that the magical glamor that matter imposes upon spirit no longerHercules, 227:of perception from the mists and miasmas, the glamor and the appearances, behind which RealityIntellect, 154:aware of Truth, unveiled and freed from the glamor which the veil of matter casts upon it; heMagic, 120:discrimination is needed here however, lest the glamor of illusion tempt to the path of inertia.Magic, 222:the astral plane is the plane of illusion, of glamor, and of a distorted presentation of reality.Magic, 223:to him, learning to distinguish truth from glamor, the permanent from the impermanent and theMagic, 223:radiance traverse the miry halls of maya." No glamor, no illusion can long hold the man who has setMagic, 223:who has glimpsed the reality beyond the glamor of the astral plane, and who has heard, even if onlyMagic, 224:sees clearly, and who releases himself from the glamor of illusion aids in the Great Work. [225]Magic, 231:aspirant who has to struggle with desire, with glamor, with ambition and with his sensitiveMagic, 307:its causes. It is caused by: [307] 1. The world glamor. This sweeps an isolated unit, otherwiseMagic, 307:into the depths of a world reaction. This world glamor with its devitalizing and depressing resultsMagic, 308:of depression. They are due to delusion, to the glamor of the astral plane, which distorts,Magic, 357:persistence as individuals. This is only a glamor of the mind, is part of the great heresy ofMagic, 538:of light in the darkness. He will dispel the glamor around him and let in the radiance of reality.Magic, 633:dharma. One group works necessarily under the glamor of public opinion. The intermediate group hasMagic, 634:his fellow disciples. The sense of time produces glamor and disappointment, whereas the work goesMagic, 636:and the trained worker should he give way to the glamor and to the faults inherent in his natureMagic, 637:in which all humanity lives, and its power to glamor even experienced workers. I have consideredMeditation, 131:from that source of hindrance in active work. Glamor is another method used, or the casting overMeditation, 131:which is true. The study of the cases wherein glamor has been employed is exceedingly revealing andMeditation, 131:the real and the false, the true and the untrue. Glamor may be either on the [132] emotional orMeditation, 210:esoterically understood. They are the basis of glamor, of despair, and of corruption, and must bePatanjali, 385:consciousness is glamored, and as long as the glamor exerts any power, just so long will the Law ofPsychology1, 341:is the one which eventually dispels illusion and glamor and reveals reality), and a shift of thePsychology1, 341:this and lives by this knowledge, then the glamor which now holds the world will disappear. If youPsychology1, 342:experiments which are going forward, [342] the glamor is breaking down and the truer values ofPsychology1, 342:the old sense of values, to that dispelling of glamor which reveals at present an unfamiliarPsychology1, 343:to distinguish reality behind the intervening glamor. Students of esotericism will, of course, bearPsychology1, 385:will be clearly seen as they are and freed from glamor and illusion; this harmonizing light isPsychology1, 406:as the soul seeks to dispel the ancient glamor, the aspirant is enabled to walk in the light. ThePsychology2, 15:will see life more truly and divorced from the glamor which distorts our vision and the vision ofPsychology2, 34:they are the last stronghold of the ancient glamor, and of the great heresy of separateness. ThenPsychology2, 34:for form life, desire for love, and the great glamor of hatred. These disappear and we standPsychology2, 40:material objectives, Submergence in illusion, glamor, and maya, [41] leading to: The manipulationPsychology2, 42:Suspicion of people's motives, Rapid reaction to glamor and illusion, Emotional devotion andPsychology2, 47:and, at the midway point, pierces the fog of glamor. The Path stands clear. The One who treads thePsychology2, 47:'The warfare is no more. The battle ends. The glamor and the clouds have disappeared. The light andPsychology2, 89:it fell, as does all else at present, under the glamor and illusion of the astral plane, plus thePsychology2, 94:involved. This is the mystery of illusion and glamor. From these two imprisoning factors all WorldPsychology2, 95:is an error, due to the overpowering emotional glamor of the Piscean Age. This astral influence hasPsychology2, 123:of illusion and out of the valley of the world glamor. Then the impulses to serve are registered inPsychology2, 126:upon personality ambition, veiling them with the glamor of service. If care over the essential ofPsychology2, 136:and his inner orientation. It may enhance the glamor and deepen the illusion, swinging the serverPsychology2, 137:of World Servers. If however they can avoid glamor, and can discriminate between the Real and thePsychology2, 303:and, living as the disciple does in the world of glamor and illusion, it is not easy for thePsychology2, 357:the early stages and whilst under illusion and glamor, that which is contacted is a vision of thePsychology2, 358:astral, [358] illusory form upon the planes of glamor and illusion. This is not, therefore, aPsychology2, 360:Life, I stand, enmeshed within my self-created glamor. Surrounded am I by the fabric I have woven.Psychology2, 361:with the time wasted in building up the agelong glamor. The third ray aspirant is always slower toPsychology2, 369:nature, it might only serve to intensify the glamor and to produce fanaticism. [370] The lowerPsychology2, 373:of his uncontrolled [373] aspirations and the glamor of his own thoughts. Curiously enough, therePsychology2, 454:grasps and sees too much. The revelation of glamor and illusion. This leads to bewilderment and thePsychology2, 471:to these three phenomenal effects: Illusion, Glamor and Maya. These three phrases have for longPsychology2, 471:to the limitations of the human consciousness. Glamor has oft been regarded as a curious attempt ofPsychology2, 471:when they are "up against" some aspect of glamor, feeling that their demonstration of disciplinePsychology2, 471:their fine work by submerging them in clouds of glamor. Nothing could be further from the truth.Psychology2, 471:the truth. That idea is itself a part of the glamor of the present time, and has its root in humanPsychology2, 472:into the mind and the brain. The Problem of Glamor is found when the mental illusion is intensifiedPsychology2, 472:What the theosophist calls "Kama-manas" produces glamor. It is illusion on the astral plane. ThePsychology2, 472:plus the intense activity produced when both glamor and illusion are realized on etheric levels. ItPsychology2, 472:intellectual than emotional. They have outgrown glamor as usually understood. It is thePsychology2, 473:they are guilty, and of misinterpretations. Glamor is astral in character, and is far more potentPsychology2, 473:influence of mental illusion or astral glamor or of both in combination. The vastness of thePsychology2, 473:whereby he can find his way out of the worlds of glamor. I seek here only to deal with the theme asPsychology2, 476:to an end. Intelligent interest in the world of glamor and illusion is required of all wisePsychology2, 477:speaking symbolically) when he has succumbed to glamor and illusion (usually being quite sincerelyPsychology2, 489:enlarge upon them here. They are all colored by glamor, and many well-meaning leaders of groups andPsychology2, 501:satisfactions, are all of them in the nature of glamor or illusion; they are self-evoked andPsychology2, 505:down the ages. They merge with the soul of glamor which is astral in nature. It will be obvious toPsychology2, 506:its Atlantean experience and in the world of glamor. Through these, wise choice can be developed.Psychology2, 507:all racial desire takes form. In the world of glamor which is part of the astral plane whichPsychology2, 565:leaders. They thus enter into the world of glamor and of delusion from which they must, finallyPsychology2, 578:experienced. They work by the intensification of glamor and by the stimulation of the lower psychicPsychology2, 578:or individually, to succumb in some form to glamor, then they will endeavor to utilize group glamorPsychology2, 578:glamor, then they will endeavor to utilize group glamor to negative their efforts and force thosePsychology2, 583:psychic then lives altogether in the world of glamor and of lower psychic phenomena. What he seesPsychology2, 587:way and seek the upper reaches of the plane of glamor. Ascend. Choose for your good companionsPsychology2, 601:the highest he knows; he is overcome by the glamor of the spiritual life; he fails to distinguishPsychology2, 601:all sense the same Reality, lying behind the glamor of the world aspiration; they all couch theirPsychology2, 612:constructively. They will be able to "pierce the glamor of the astral plane" and proceed toRays, 29:they forget themselves; one has had a problem of glamor but now is preoccupied with the problem ofRays, 52:of enchantment," the sound that is the source of glamor and of maya; it is the great beguiling andRays, 52:sounded, releases the soul from the realm of glamor and of enchantment. It is the sound of [53]Rays, 60:cold light of the undimmed reason, free from all glamor and illusion and having now the power toRays, 64:forth "over the seas." It refers to the world of glamor in which humanity struggles, and to theRays, 64:the realm of delusion of fog, of mist and of glamor, and stands in the "clear cold light" of theRays, 64:he has left behind, and there dissipate the glamor. But he works now from "the air above and in theRays, 112:on the one hand the Masters were faced with the glamor-making tendency and astralism of theRays, 144:The Great Lives there move entirely free from glamor; Their vision is one of extreme simplicity;Rays, 155:protecting the Way from him until such time as glamor cannot reach him. This individual security ofRays, 174:goes out of life as he emerges out of [174] the glamor which conditions the astral plane, so groupsRays, 174:must go through the same devastating process. Glamor disappears, and for the first time the groupRays, 181:from the three worlds via the mental plane. (Glamor: A World Problem.) Glamor, you are told, is theRays, 181:via the mental plane. (Glamor: A World Problem.) Glamor, you are told, is the characteristic of the
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