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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - GLAMORED

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Astrology, 377:today and to the headstrong progress of the glamored peoples, to the stiffening of individuals inAutobiography, 140:if Theosophists had not been so overcome and glamored by the Sanskrit terms. If they had taughtDiscipleship1, 27:of the astral body. The man or woman thus glamored sees only one idea, one person, one authorityDiscipleship1, 107:No one in the group must permit himself to be glamored. All this you are sensing, my brother, andDiscipleship2, 674:of truth, and is consequently very easily glamored, and when this is coupled (as in your case) withDiscipleship2, 727:response to personalities who have misled and glamored you in the business world and led you intoEducation, 118:of this type can already clearly be seen. So glamored are we by the form side that many claims areExternalisation, 233:at such a cost? I would warn you not to be glamored by the false premise that you must stand byExternalisation, 571:and esoteric groups are, at this time, the most glamored of any of the world groups; the work ofExternalisation, 637:of the rest of mankind. They are looked upon as glamored, or as weak and ignorant (which theyExternalisation, 637:or allowed to triumph, but the unhappy and glamored exponents of this evil are loved, along withGlamour, 38:you to say later: "Why did I allow myself to be glamored? Why was I so deluded?" Glamour, 77:husband and wife, parents and their children. Glamored by their sentiment for them and knowingHealing, 494:surrounding states of consciousness. He may be glamored by astral existence or subject to theMagic, 534:misunderstood by human beings, who are the most glamored and deluded of all incarnated lives. TheMagic, 625:a disciple in self-analysis. It is so easy to be glamored by the beauty of one's own ideals andMagic, 635:growth. An honest disciple may be momentarily glamored, but in the long run nothing can reallyMagic, 637:disciple who persistently permits himself to be glamored is obvious. His vision becomes fogged andPatanjali, 385:is the great illusion by which consciousness is glamored, and as long as the glamor exerts anyPsychology2, 136:happens, he will emerge upon the physical plane glamored by the idea, for instance, of his amazingPsychology2, 361:to achieve divine idleness (from the angle of a glamored third ray attitude), he will discover thatPsychology2, 377:- sex magic and many forms of black magic. He is glamored by the beauty of his motive, and deceivedPsychology2, 476:cases is such that the man Becomes completely glamored by it. Descends (speaking symbolically) toTelepathy, 102:the astral plane; the world there registered is glamored by wrong and selfish desires and by the
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