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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - GLAMOROUS

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Astrology, 388:except in so far as it is a distortion or a glamorous use of the energy of will. Desire is theAstrology, 397:finally dispel the self-engendered illusions and glamorous of the aspirant; self-pity, which is theBethlehem, 118:nature of our longings and wishes, and their glamorous effect upon the individual, provideBethlehem, 126:days when a scientific fact seems to have some glamorous appeal. Cycles of mysticism, cycles ofDiscipleship1, 50:life of the emotional, astral, desire and glamorous nature be controlled and rendered quiescent byDiscipleship1, 75:measure up to, opportunity or recedes into, the glamorous of the personality. This you have seenDiscipleship1, 131:as the group works unitedly to dispel prevailing glamorous - will you work with them intelligentlyDiscipleship1, 188:and can result in a pronounced glamor and a glamorous control in some form or another. It can speakDiscipleship1, 238:It is only a thought-form which they see in a glamorous light and such thought-form of the teachersDiscipleship1, 318:drive away the veiling swirling glamors of that glamorous world. "They stand, they rest, and theyDiscipleship1, 335:and situation of an emotional nature and every glamorous, personality reaction and watch the lightDiscipleship1, 340:- S.C.P. November 1939 MY BROTHER: The entire glamorous life today, presenting itself as aDiscipleship1, 354:identification with humanity and release from a glamorous preoccupation with [355] what goes on inDiscipleship1, 608:not the recognition of this fact induce a fresh glamorous attitude and my words thus form the germDiscipleship1, 612:been damaging to you. You have functioned in a glamorous world of your own idea of service and ofDiscipleship1, 615:based on weakness, and your devotion has been glamorous. Now get down to facts. Let the futureDiscipleship2, 377:psychic construction, with astral impulses or glamorous, nor can I spend time referring to theDiscipleship2, 522:yourself and to pay less attention to the glamorous of the lower self. This would simplify yourDiscipleship2, 554:but ever precedes it because it destroys all the glamorous which may hide or veil the immediateDiscipleship2, 554:in the future "as if" there are for you no more glamorous, and see, my brother, what willDiscipleship2, 555:in your daily life will be "as if" all concealed glamorous and all hiding deceptive veils wereDiscipleship2, 727:astray for months. There has always been a glamorous response to personalities who have misled andDiscipleship2, 730:past year, and by your refusal to cultivate the glamorous thinking which characterized you in pastExternalisation, 355:have moved forward out of one or other of these "glamorous illusions of mayavic impressions" of theExternalisation, 443:of this conflict clearly, and let no false and glamorous sentiment lead you to favor weaknessGlamour, 68:understand better and master more definitely the glamorous and illusions of your personality. TheGlamour, 71:interrelations but constitute in themselves a glamorous condition out of which every nation mustGlamour, 72:of humanity upon the astral plane. Such a glamorous concept is that of money and its materialisticGlamour, 72:that of money and its materialistic value. This glamorous desire is like a dense widely distributedGlamour, 74:The Nature of Glamor Let me now elucidate these glamorous for you a little more in detail. TheGlamour, 78:is the sentiment of devotion poured out in a glamorous ecstasy by probationary disciples upon theGlamour, 82:breeders of glamor. They are occultly "the glamorous characteristics." Ponder on this. If a man canGlamour, 99:see it disappear? Be not discouraged by this "glamorous weakness" but regard your effort toGlamour, 101:he learns to go without being drawn into the glamorous worlds which stretch on either hand. HeGlamour, 106:step, humanity has created and intensified that glamorous condition of consciousness which we callGlamour, 116:into activity simultaneously, produce those glamorous which are strictly initiated and produced byGlamour, 117:emerging of what has been called "the threefold glamorous condition," into one major glamor. TheGlamour, 123:manifested forces. I have here enumerated many glamorous. But their names are legion, and I have byGlamour, 124:tendency of physical manifestation. What glamorous do you feel are particularity dominant in theGlamour, 125:domination of the past - astral, emotional and glamorous - but that he is adequately equipped toGlamour, 141:expression of ancient desire, in the one case - glamorous, deceptive and false - and in the other,Glamour, 142:"The disciple stands and, with his back to the glamorous fog, looks towards the East from whenceGlamour, 151:drive away the veiling, swirling glamors of that glamorous world. "They stand, they rest, and theyGlamour, 161:have moved forward out of one or other of these "glamorous illusions and mayavic impressions" ofGlamour, 224:and this will be the result of their illusory glamorous fight in the world of appearances. Healing, 359:aids in the breaking of the illusion and of the glamorous thought-form and the patient then standsHealing, 409:desire has nevertheless constructed an illusory glamorous world, the world of the astral plane.Magic, 612:illusion, be it noted) to meet and work is but a glamorous phenomenon and in an occult sense is notPsychology1, 341:1914-1918 did much useful work in smashing the glamorous material security in which men werePsychology2, 360:is apt to waste much energy in perpetuating the glamorous forms with which he persistentlyPsychology2, 402:evade no issue, to paint no silly optimistic and glamorous situation, or to portray no easy way ofPsychology2, 484:and to the holding out to the neophyte of this glamorous hope. In view of this, I cannot tooRays, 576:chaos of emotional reactions and of conditioning glamorous. He slowly begins [577] to realize thatRays, 692:Again you see that I am presenting you with no glamorous picture of the initiatory process but onlyTelepathy, 89:for they are lost in the threads of their own glamorous manipulations and their devious thinking,
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