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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - GLAMORS

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Astrology, 207:of all instinctual tendencies, of all inherited glamors and of all phases of wrong mentalAstrology, 307:existence and, therefore, free from the ordinary glamors and illusions which color the reactionsBethlehem, 126:the forces of the physical nature nor the glamors which the emotional-feeling nature inevitablyDiscipleship1, 13:after alignment is that you can then avoid the glamors and the illusions of the astral planeDiscipleship1, 26:I will enumerate a few of the more general glamors for you, leaving you to make any neededDiscipleship1, 26:as a whole. Here are the names of some of these glamors: The glamor of destiny. This is a glamorDiscipleship1, 27:of personal ambition. There are many other glamors, both individual and worldwide, but these willDiscipleship1, 37:form of energy which will break up the existing glamors and illusions, and so dissipate the ancientDiscipleship1, 77:through your inability to see, by your personal glamors, by your individual problem or by your slowDiscipleship1, 79:critical group and a group subject to pronounced glamors - such is the material with which I mustDiscipleship1, 132:field are primarily those who can destroy those glamors to which humanity is prone. These are foundDiscipleship1, 188:is the result of loneliness. There are certain glamors which work out as the result of a too closeDiscipleship1, 224:is needed by you, for, are you not aware of two glamors which prevent the full expression of yourDiscipleship1, 224:of your soul. I will but give a name to your two glamors and will leave you to deal with them orDiscipleship1, 224:the needed lesson has been mastered. One of the glamors which controls you is that of the highestDiscipleship1, 233:Disciples - L.F.U. March 1939 MY BROTHER: Your glamors are not many or potent, for you are moreDiscipleship1, 234:you are more [234] subject to illusions than to glamors, being so predominantly a mental type ofDiscipleship1, 316:or are freeing themselves, from their personal glamors. In these instructions, I have pointed outDiscipleship1, 316:lives, for it will be the existence of personal glamors in the group members which - when theyDiscipleship1, 318:the power to drive away the veiling swirling glamors of that glamorous world. "They stand, theyDiscipleship1, 318:of your personal life. Most people have many glamors in their lives and link with facility with theDiscipleship1, 347:[347] purifying it and endeavoring to dispel its glamors. Let it sweep through the astral body.Discipleship1, 438:idealism, a dynamic will to pierce through all glamors and misconceptions and thus achieve truthDiscipleship1, 463:all, but not for you should there be the usual glamors and distresses. I would say to you, myDiscipleship1, 463:that which your soul can and will recognize. The glamors of one's own distress, the maya of theDiscipleship1, 468:is so abundantly yours. You have a few personal glamors, but they are not of the kind which hurtDiscipleship1, 468:T. S-K. to free himself from the rhythm of his glamors. Will you continue still a little while theDiscipleship1, 469:and leading you away from the more pronounced glamors of which it could be the tiny seed.Discipleship1, 526:But you have surrounded yourself with a myriad glamors of no great importance but, in theirDiscipleship1, 526:capacity to walk constantly in the light. Your glamors come to you from two sources. Your reactionsDiscipleship1, 526:(which is the result of numerous little glamors) controls your life expression on the physicalDiscipleship1, 613:which you cyclically wander? What are the major glamors into which you so easily penetrate andDiscipleship1, 614:only by those who are mastering their personal glamors. You are yet in the depths of glamor andDiscipleship1, 616:might (as it always has in the past) feed the glamors to which you so easily succumb. The danger isDiscipleship1, 616:me. You have struggled for years to overcome the glamors and illusions which overwhelm you withDiscipleship1, 619:of yourself. In the past you have succumbed to glamors of various kinds: Glamor about me, theDiscipleship1, 620:steadfast faith, in spite of continued recurrent glamors, brought about his reinstatementDiscipleship2, 33:of the group against his constantly recurring glamors and his innate glamor-making tendency; I,Discipleship2, 125:want your personality problems and your possible glamors to be interjected into the groupDiscipleship2, 599:to you along the line of revealing to you the glamors which hold your personality in thrall. TheseDiscipleship2, 599:and for this I commend you. But certain ancient glamors - racial and personal - still hold you, andDiscipleship2, 599:are. If perhaps I define or indicate to you two glamors which intrude into your soul expression andDiscipleship2, 600:[600] consciousness" is one of your dominant glamors, even if - in your own consciousness - youDiscipleship2, 643:thin air. That you still have a few personal glamors and are still taken in by your own high gradeDiscipleship2, 734:rain or storm. Glamor exists. It is. The higher glamors are goals towards which the lower psychicsDiscipleship2, 734:if you care to do so, list the higher and lower glamors and indicate how the lower can beDiscipleship2, 734:times, has a real relationship to the growth of glamors) and [735] in the elimination ofDiscipleship2, 735:in service with joy and with confidence. The glamors hold you not in truth but you need moreDiscipleship2, 751:you to preparedness, and for freedom from the glamors of the familiar, of the family and of yourExternalisation, 302:humanity as a whole and not in terms of national glamors, revenge or self-pity, then their voicesExternalisation, 571:ideas, and his constant warfare on conditioning glamors and illusions meet, in these early stages,Glamour, 37:of the group members. Their united personal glamors provide the open door through which groupGlamour, 44:glamor when it arises, and of being aware of the glamors which beset his path and the [45]Glamour, 45:good people today see this not; they deify their glamors and regard their illusions as their prizedGlamour, 45:mind which is just beginning to find itself. The glamors of an emotional nature can emerge andGlamour, 66:for the reflection of light and of truth. The glamors of the astral plane have no further hold overGlamour, 68:individuals, understand and master your personal glamors. Just as soon as you have begun to doGlamour, 71:a very ancient glamor or almost a series of glamors, of entrenched desires, potent aspirations ofGlamour, 72:dynamic, penetrating, clear cut and outlined. Glamors are smothering, vague, and enveloping. InGlamour, 72:between his own astral body and the glamors which affect and sway and submerge him. His problemGlamour, 73:desire life of the race, produces the major glamors of humanity, and can only be dissipated,Glamour, 73:energy of the mind, motivated by the soul. The glamors which hold humanity in thrall are: TheGlamour, 74:[74] The glamor of the pairs of opposites. The glamors of the Path. Glamour, 77:love. I am but touching with brevity upon these glamors for each of you can elaborate them forGlamour, 77:Piscean Age. It is today one of the potent glamors of the really devoted aspirant. They are devotedGlamour, 78:is just as hampering as any of the other glamors, and is even more dangerous because of theGlamour, 80:As the aspirant learns to free himself from the glamors upon which we have touched, he discoversGlamour, 80:he must penetrate and thus free himself from the Glamors of the Path. What are these glamors, myGlamour, 80:from the Glamors of the Path. What are these glamors, my brothers ? Study the three temptations ofGlamour, 80:in spiritual work - such are some of the glamors of the Path. Next, we will consider glamor on theGlamour, 83:correctly. When one is in the midst of fogs and glamors, however, it is much easier to sit down andGlamour, 98:disappears and he is lost in the fogs and glamors of the astral plane. This is the plight of manyGlamour, 100:glamor into light. The rules are well known: the glamors to which you are susceptible are equallyGlamour, 100:you are susceptible are equally familiar; the glamors to which humanity is prone are wellGlamour, 111:self-pity. Self-pity is one of the major glamors of the advanced and sensitive man. It is theGlamour, 112:of the mental plane are now added to the glamors of the astral plane. These illusions areGlamour, 112:race and period sees the synthesis of all the glamors and the emergence of the illusions of theGlamour, 114:are normally and naturally subject to world glamors, and to the glamors of humanity as well asGlamour, 114:naturally subject to world glamors, and to the glamors of humanity as well as illusion. When theGlamour, 115:third category of glamor into full play. These glamors are dependent upon the expression of theGlamour, 116:be well-advised so to study it. The individual glamors of which the disciple becomes aware areGlamour, 116:astral body and is, therefore, subject to the glamors produced by the interplay of the opposites,Glamour, 117:the Angel of the PRESENCE. The nature of these glamors differs with different people, for the rayGlamour, 117:have to learn to differentiate between: The glamors or glamor already existent in his environment,Glamour, 118:detailed particulars. I can indicate the major glamors (and under this term I include the variousGlamour, 119:equipment or resulting from sensitivity to the glamors of other people. In the mental body,Glamour, 120:the physical body in both its aspects, producing glamors of many kinds. It is also affected byGlamour, 120:in all the three bodies. They are evoking glamors in the emotional nature and illusions in theGlamour, 120:To return to the consideration of the many glamors which are produced by and related to certain rayGlamour, 125:The Contrasts between the Higher and the Lower Glamors In the preceding part of this section weGlamour, 125:three major predisposing subsidiary causes: The glamors induced by the planetary life and inherentGlamour, 125:life and inherent in substance itself. Those glamors which are initiated by humanity, as a whole,Glamour, 144:can be regarded as synonymous terms and many glamors can be dissipated and dispersed when subjectedGlamour, 151:the power to drive away the veiling, swirling glamors of that glamorous world. "They stand, theyGlamour, 153:glamor, fostering and feeding individual glamors and making the entire problem unmistakablyGlamour, 191:the task and effectively eliminates the various glamors which veil the truth from the aspirant. TheGlamour, 197:of ridding the astral plane of its significant glamors. They will work untidily on some major phaseGlamour, 198:to the astral plane and its all-encompassing glamors. These glamors embody the unreal and presentGlamour, 198:plane and its all-encompassing glamors. These glamors embody the unreal and present them to theGlamour, 199:be helped to leave behind the errors, the glamors and the failures of the past. It is this
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