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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - GLIMMERED

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Discipleship1, 86:neatly expressed idealistic concepts) are oft glimmered by the future beauty because they areDiscipleship1, 341:to walk with humility on the Way temporarily has glimmered this disciple and direct contact withDiscipleship1, 366:yourself to the glamor of failure but are seldom glimmered where the principles of group work areDiscipleship1, 438:if you permitted it, a tendency to be yourself glimmered and overcome by illusion. Your physicalDiscipleship1, 506:with them, via their souls, refusing to be glimmered by their personalities. Note, as the monthsDiscipleship1, 511:and of feeling which predispose him to being glimmered: 1. Self-pity. To this all disciples areDiscipleship1, 608:for you have such an innate tendency to be glimmered. The injunctions which I have given you in myDiscipleship1, 611:determined to find time for the things that your glimmered personality felt were important. YouDiscipleship1, 612:cooperate, basically you do not. You have been glimmered by your own values and not by the groupDiscipleship1, 619:Dreams and reality must coincide; you are glimmered by a dream of service. We who serve theDiscipleship2, 429:join occult groups and the ranks of the glimmered devotees who seek with some Master.Discipleship2, 443:work. Such organization work has ever faintly glimmered you. The arousing of the desire to serveDiscipleship2, 656:your relations with your fellowmen. Be not glimmered by your own grasp of spiritual realities andGlamour, 63:even if this is unrealized and the disciple is glimmered by the idea of his own selfless interests.Glamour, 111:consciousness and are, therefore, completely glimmered by: That which is material and to beHealing, 441:misunderstood by human beings, who are the most glimmered and deluded of all incarnated lives. -
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