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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - GLIMPSES

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Bethlehem, 156:do such moments come. Usually we see only faint glimpses of possibility, rare flashes ofExternalisation, 6:ends and prostituted to mundane objectives. The glimpses vouchsafed to the man of that which liesFire, VII:end A.A.B. often spoke of her amazement at the glimpses she obtained through contact with theFire, xviii:from the microcosm to the greater Whole, then glimpses will be caught of vast realms of realizationFire, 732:of the Logos as He works through the system. Glimpses They may get, and an idea of the generalGlamour, 39:the Gates of Life. Only when he can catch dim glimpses of the Portal of Initiation and anGlamour, 70:of their daily life. Others have caught faint glimpses of a clearer world wherein more perfectHercules, 68:with the universal soul, and this he suddenly glimpses through the medium of his own soul, his ownHercules, 78:the doe from place to place, catching swift glimpses of its form, only to find that in the fastnessInitiation, 5:We see but the ever changing forms, and catch glimpses of the steadily evolving life within thoseMeditation, 129:sounds of the inner planes. They catch fleeting glimpses of the unknown; occasionally and at rareMeditation, 257:darkly, but then face to face"; now we catch glimpses through the occasional windows we pass in ourPatanjali, 277:that the flashes of astral sight which reveal glimpses of the akashic film give that which pertainsPsychology1, 37:at a knowledge of his individual soul, and glimpses the quality and purpose of that soul. On thePsychology1, 37:the path of discipleship and of initiation, he glimpses the quality and purpose of his [38]Psychology1, 38:and energy. After the third initiation he glimpses the quality and purpose of the solar system; hePsychology2, 38:and as he swung pendent between them, fleeting glimpses of the goal shone forth. He swung inPsychology2, 220:which deals with human affairs, and catch faint glimpses of the other departments which work onRays, 391:which He must pass on to the seven Paths. He glimpses it and that is all, but between that
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