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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - GLOBES

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Astrology, 641:- producing interchange of force between the globes of a chain. Inter-sectional - affecting theAstrology, 682:has seven chains; that each chain has seven globes, making a totality of forty-nine globes; thatAstrology, 682:seven globes, making a totality of forty-nine globes; that each globe is again in turn occupied byAutobiography, 260:figures of the angels or Devas of the seven globes of the Earth chain, which later may beFire, 172:the Path. At the close, the centers are seen as globes of radiant fire with the spokes of the wheelFire, 175:motions and effects) remain statu quo as well as globes and everything else in the process ofFire, 175:alive to see it, but there will be the earths or globes with their mineral kingdoms; and all theseFire, 183:Law of Correspondences easier; similarly, the globes Of any chain are called by planetary names, asFire, 205:In the Heavenly Man and His body, a chain of globes 87 likewise can be seen and we need here toFire, 207:principles. He is fire by friction - The seven globes. Each Heavenly Man has seven principles. AFire, 207:Heavenly Men manifests through a chain of seven globes. All the seven Logoi influence a chain, butFire, 214:with manifestation through the seven schemes or globes, but has to do with certain aspects of theFire, 225:schemes? The seven sacred planets? The seven globes in a chain? The seven rounds in a globe? TheFire, 255:into one. This covers the obscuration of the globes, and the blending into unity of the sevenFire, 277:of the Heavenly Man cycles through all the seven globes. In connection with the solar Logos it isFire, 288:The seven chains in a scheme ? The seven globes in a chain? The seven rounds on a globe? The sevenFire, 298:of the method whereby the names of the globes in a chain, just as the names of a chain in a scheme,Fire, 299:of the correspondence between a chain of globes and a scheme of analogous number. The connectionFire, 349:out - by a peculiar juxtaposition of chains, globes and schemes, and caused such a stimulation ofFire, 352:force through three principal vehicles or globes in atmic, buddhic, and manasic matter, dispersingFire, 356:and the remainder of the active substance of the globes, and all contained therein, go to theFire, 359:sense), so in a planetary scheme with its seven globes each is astrologically under the influenceFire, 366:and thinkers, though several have confused the globes of their own chain with the scheme of theFire, 366:has seven chains; that each chain has seven globes, making a totality of forty-nine globes; [367]Fire, 366:seven globes, making a totality of forty-nine globes; [367] that each globe is again in turnFire, 374:incarnation, or the pouring through the seven globes of a chain, of kundalini. Fire, 376:He demonstrates through His seven centers or globes manas on three globes, and utilizes it forFire, 376:His seven centers or globes manas on three globes, and utilizes it for specific purposes on theFire, 376:and serve their own specific ends, so do the globes serve an analogous function. Globe 1, is thatFire, 377:sheath in which a Heavenly Man embodies Himself. Globes 3, 4, 5, are those through which HeFire, 377:the possession of the manasic principle. Globes 6 and 7, are the ones through which He manifestsFire, 381:corporate with its seven centers and forty-nine globes, and with the triangle formed between them.Fire, 382:narrowed down to the contemplation of the seven globes of the chain of which he is a component,Fire, 382:microscopic, part. He has for investigation the globes as seen in time, with their mutualFire, 383:with a man, incarnate or discarnate, for all globes are not on physical levels. A physical globe,Fire, 383:turning sweeps into objectivity one of its seven globes, or brings into manifestation on theFire, 386:triple cosmic Path. 37 Chain - a series of seven globes or worlds which form the field of evolutionFire, 386:cycle or manvantara. The first three of these globes - generally known as A., B. and C. form aFire, 389:are simply names, affixed to the chains and globes for the sake of clarity. As this subject is moreFire, 403:process of transmutation in one or other of the globes at this time and Vulcan has very nearly twoFire, 413:Each chain corresponds to one center, and the globes are but the lesser wheels within anyFire, 413:and beginning to stimulate a fourth, hence four globes are involved and the three Kumaras (soFire, 413:abeyance and one is beginning to function. The globes correspond to the chains. This fourth KumaraFire, 415:it is during this process that entire chains and globes, and eventually schemes, will apparentlyFire, 415:appearance of the more subtle chains or globes as the manasic principle enables man to see them.Fire, 417:no importance to the names of the chains and globes, and the necessity of a numerical enumeration;Fire, 417:the student decide to number the chains, and globes, he must carefully bear in mind that theFire, 432:influence in different rounds, planes, chains, globes, races, and subraces according to theirFire, 434:that acted via certain schemes, chains, and globes, and produced results in the cells and groups ofFire, 435:Their numerical correspondence in the chains and globes. In the fifth round, for instance, theFire, 435:out the enumeration of the schemes, chains, and globes, or to discover whether they are countedFire, 439:The idea can be extended likewise to chains, globes, races, and rounds. Duality always will beFire, 439:particular Ray will take form elsewhere on other globes, and in other chains, and not so much onFire, 459:in this connection of a round through a chain of globes, and not the life force of a planetaryFire, 459:refers to a planetary round through a chain of globes. 4. In the fourth root-race the "door" (as itFire, 477:as entified spheres. All planets, chains and globes within the solar system. All monads on theirFire, 485:hierarchical efforts in all schemes and on all globes, for the unity of effort is universal. InFire, 497:out in connection with the other kingdoms, globes and other forms and accounts somewhat for theFire, 533:physical and the astral. The seven Lords of the globes in every chain. The forty-nine Root Manus.Fire, 535:in its diversity of manifestation in different globes, chains and schemes. Through six permanentFire, 558:force from certain of His lower centers and globes; He will cease to be interested in physicalFire, 558:will die and pass out of objectivity, and other globes will temporarily hold His life, though notFire, 648:Again the same can be predicated of one of the globes in a chain. In this fourth round, therefore,Fire, 743:the following periods of quiescence: Between Two Globes in a Chain. This covers the period ofFire, 775:chains of a scheme. Microcosmically - the seven globes of a chain. Note and meditate upon: "...theFire, 990:evil, lies hid in the relation between the globes in any particular scheme, two of them ever beingFire, 993:the solar system, The planetary schemes, Three globes in the scheme. It should be remembered thatFire, 1029:or producing an interchange of force between the globes of the chains. Inter-sectional, orFire, 1058:done) of the various great lives who inform the globes and kingdoms of nature, with ascertainingFire, 1069:to include entire kingdoms of nature, the globes of a chain, the chains themselves, a planetaryFire, 1092:an entire chain, and its passage through all the globes and kingdoms. The consideration of this isFire, 1093:time between incarnations on other and subtler globes, which are the correspondence to theFire, 1165:and again within the chain are the seven globes which are the chain centers, but students would doFire, 1165:but students would do well not to study the globes from the point of view of centers until theirFire, 1177:found in the three major chains, and three major globes in a planetary scheme. The Rulers of theseFire, 1177:scheme. The Rulers of these planets, chains and globes are called the "Divine Examiners," and TheirFire, 1191:of the planet as it pours through the chains and globes and rounds in a sevenfold differentiation.Initiation, 30:scheme, with its dense globe and inner subtler globes, is to the Planetary Logos what the physicalInitiation, 181:of a Heavenly Man taken on one or other of the globes, and herein again complication lies, and muchMagic, 100:with their searchlights and fields of blazing globes; our oceans, dotted with their lighted ships,Magic, 379:the real names of the four Avatars on the four globes of our earth chain who have embodied four ofMeditation, 229:sacred planets. The seven chains. The seven globes. The seven rounds. The seven root-races and
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