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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - GLOOM

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Discipleship1, 260:and shining. In this task of dispelling the gloom, those of you who are working in my group ofDiscipleship1, 492:leads to your sense of physical ill and to the gloom and depression with which you greet the world?Discipleship2, 560:with life. Its radiation penetrates the outer gloom and dark; waiting aspirants, one by one, andDiscipleship2, 561:by his eye, penetrates in turn the outer gloom and is seen by those who wait. Within the Ashram IDiscipleship2, 632:With the left eye, a world of mist and fog, of gloom and shadowy forms is seen - a land of woe andDiscipleship2, 654:a radiant sun. Behind, a world of darkness, gloom and heavy rain - a rain of tears. There, in theDiscipleship2, 654:out of the light and warmth - into the world of gloom and mist and, as I turn, I hear a voiceDiscipleship2, 654:voice crying aloud: "Well done. Pass through the gloom; enter the mist; dry up the rain and tearsExternalisation, 82:that brings strength. This is not the time for gloom, despair or depression. If you give way toFire, 20:light. No light above, and all around the gloom enveloped. Pitchy the darkness that surrounded it.Fire, 20:the maya, and lo, the work is done. Gone is the gloom and the blackness; rent is the cavern 'sFire, 747:out from the flaming fire down to the circle of gloom, rideth the secret Avatar, bearing the swordFire, 748:maya back to the portals of gold, forth from the gloom and darkness back to the splendor of day,Glamour, 79:with joy and bliss and sometimes colored with gloom and depression as the disciple swings back andGlamour, 139:fails ever to penetrate into or to dissipate the gloom and the foggy miasmic conditions. The onlyHercules, 103:Hercules and the lion in the dark and the gloom of the cave taking part, both of them, in aInitiation, 209:of a stormy night. Beyond that sphere of utter gloom I see the ladder rise again, radiant andInitiation, 210:Where ends the ladder's length? What point of gloom is pierced by it and where projects its end? ItMagic, 615:to dissipate the fogs and mist and darkness and gloom which are produced by the union of the firesMeditation, 257:contact and to sink back again into the murky gloom that envelopes. But we know that outside and
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