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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - GLORIOUS

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Autobiography, 124:of tragedy and cataclysm and of reality and glorious opportunity that this generation has no timeBethlehem, 22:which are our universal heritage and the glorious (and for many) the immediate opportunity. TheseBethlehem, 30:Evans-Wentz, p. 12. Such is our goal. Such our glorious objective. How can we progress towards thisBethlehem, 102:of the messianic age which was to reveal his glorious dignity, he was to labor for the Kingdom asBethlehem, 140:higher and the lower aspects of divinity, is the glorious heritage of mankind today. This is whatBethlehem, 147:of My manifold forms. Whatever being is glorious, gracious or powerful, thou shalt recognize that,Bethlehem, 164:Gita, wherein Arjuna has had revealed to him the glorious form of the Lord. At the close of theBethlehem, 276:greater things" than He had done. Such is the glorious future towards which man is oriented today,Discipleship1, 25:of unity through the power of thought is the glorious consummation of the work of the BrotherhoodDiscipleship1, 390:them all looms - immanent, stupendous, and glorious - that of which these dualities are but theDiscipleship1, 529:pampas grasses), looks down on seraphs' wings of glorious roses, shaded from faintest rose toExternalisation, 5:- will lead mankind on the way to a still more glorious future. But there is, at the same time, noExternalisation, 9:and men can go safely forward to their new and glorious heritage? [10] How can esoteric schools orExternalisation, 262:If this can be done, the evil past and the glorious future may perhaps be brought into contact inExternalisation, 375:and who look back upon what they call "a glorious past," resting upon the recollection of nationalExternalisation, 401:glory of all past revelations and the still more glorious promise of the future, we can begin toExternalisation, 656:of the sad and sorry past of humanity into the glorious prospect of the New Era. This is, as youFire, 673:sun of thought eternal poureth forth its most glorious waves." They are representatives for us (theFire, 912:whilst on the atomic subplane they are of a glorious translucent lavender. Some of the groups ofFire, 1194:of going into Nirvana, he remains in that glorious body he has woven for himself, invisible toHealing, 22:to get a fleeting and inadequate glance at a glorious reality. Uncontrolled minds and unreleasedHealing, 363:held steadily before us in the history of the "glorious resurrection of the Christ" and His afterHealing, 441:the hours spent on the death bed may be but a glorious prelude to a conscious exit? When the factHercules, 6:the one Life guides all creation onward to a glorious consummation. Such is the goal towards whichHercules, 17:mastery of the imprisoning form which was the glorious consummation of all the undertakings ofHercules, 69:another the "shining one," and the third, "the glorious", all of them phrases emphasizing theHercules, 70:we have portrayed our future and a consummation, glorious beyond all present realization. Were allInitiation, 188:goes this way, and the prospect holds out glorious possibilities. The seven stars of the PleiadesIntellect, 192:for the adept, departure from lofty stations and glorious states and exalted miracles; andMagic, 12:is sweeping him and all God's creatures on to a glorious consummation. Magic, 35:after another, towards an eventual goal and a glorious consummation. The soul is the force ofMagic, 391:and which will enable man to go forward to that glorious heritage which is his and into which heMagic, 499:the hours spent on the death bed may be but a glorious prelude to a conscious exit? When the factMeditation, 347:No magnificent dreams of martyrdom and the glorious yet ephemeral chimeras of spectacular servicePsychology1, 314:but the pangs and the travail which precede this glorious birthing. We are now in the process ofPsychology1, 372:life and that which embodies its final and glorious consummation. This response is fostered by the
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