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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - GOAL

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Destiny, 95:I am pointing out an immediate and possible goal; I am giving a clue to a scientific process whichDestiny, 101:taking place today and will understand the goal and the method of its attainment more clearly.Destiny, 106:prevent the advance of man towards his destined goal and no combination of powers can hold himDestiny, 111:because he expressed for them the highest goal towards which they could possibly strive. All theDestiny, 111:the sons of men as their possible and immediate goal. In these manifestations - as I have earlierDestiny, 114:all evolutionary unfoldment and peculiarly the goal of all disciples. The methods whereby theDestiny, 132:so the same road will be followed, the same goal achieved but there may be different procedures,Destiny, 138:state of expressed brotherhood which it is the goal of the Aquarian Age to bring into being. ThisDiscipleship1, XII:of human sufferings. This is the determined goal of all whose instructions are found in this book -Discipleship1, XII:whose instructions are found in this book - a goal which they have not yet attained and a mode ofDiscipleship1, 25:of your consecration, be your glory and your goal also if you hold the thought of oneness, ofDiscipleship1, 25:Second: the power of the intuition, which is the goal of much of the work which disciples must do,Discipleship1, 46:instruction. I indicate [46] the way to the goal and to the field of service. I point out to youDiscipleship1, 46:fresh enlightenment and enable me to achieve my goal? Few of you in this particular group in myDiscipleship1, 56:purity of outline as may be possible, is the goal. It should be remembered that when the discipleDiscipleship1, 65:is a thing of the past and that unity is the goal of the immediate future; that hatred isDiscipleship1, 68:[68] will be working towards one objective or goal and all will work with the same divine energy,Discipleship1, 82:begin to approximate this seemingly impossible goal. I would reply: By the steady practice ofDiscipleship1, 83:need and not a sensitive reaction to a distant goal. Has accepted the Plan, as indicated by theDiscipleship1, 84:been taken towards group initiation which is the goal of the new discipleship. Group initiationDiscipleship1, 87:- reality, synthesis, relation - indicate the goal and the problem of the disciple, plus theDiscipleship1, 91:utmost of work and of purpose is desired. The goal of initiation is held out by the Masters to allDiscipleship1, 110:recognition is for you the immediate goal. Reveal yourself to yourself on paper, not as regardsDiscipleship1, 113:The fluidity of the true disciple must be your goal and that outgoing spirit which produces theDiscipleship1, 120:and one that will land you eventually at your goal. Your major [121] difficulty, at this time, isDiscipleship1, 122:sufficed to carry you a long way towards the goal and this I think you are beginning to realize -Discipleship1, 123:self-forgetfulness (forgetfulness of the soul's goal as well as of all personality goals) will beDiscipleship1, 124:glory and reward for the immediate duty and goal and to learn the spiritual values of the immediateDiscipleship1, 128:to tread the Path and to go forward towards your goal. That is for you an unalterable andDiscipleship1, 136:synchronized activity which is the announced goal of all groups of disciples. Frequently the innerDiscipleship1, 148:the development of the equipment is the major goal. Then come other lives in which the preparedDiscipleship1, 149:the person upon this ray to "agonize towards the goal, carrying the burden of the world, learning -Discipleship1, 153:adjustments which have been your inner realized goal for some long time and which can be moreDiscipleship1, 155:this out, brother of old, go forward towards the goal and the vision with confidence, sure judgmentDiscipleship1, 161:has educational objectives which have for their goal the dissemination of those principles whichDiscipleship1, 171:exists. When it is consummated, the mental goal of harmony through conflict will be superseded byDiscipleship1, 174:tendency has been directly oriented towards your goal; but your rhythm, or rather, you spiritualDiscipleship1, 177:walk more securely in the way which leads to the goal for any particular incarnation. It was,Discipleship1, 181:which should embody for you your personality goal. You have so much study, and life today is soDiscipleship1, 187:The utmost impartial impersonality is our goal, for such an attitude sets us free for deepenedDiscipleship1, 191:service. Egoic or soul magnetism should be your goal, and from that point of soul influence you canDiscipleship1, 194:these also are a part of the great illusion. The goal is to develop the powers of observation whichDiscipleship1, 196:the keynote. And you can radiate. For you, the goal is to be a channel and no more and no less.Discipleship1, 196:to react to soul illumination is yours. The goal of your meditation should be light. I would pointDiscipleship1, 198:you will make rapid progress towards that goal you have set yourself in this life - the integrationDiscipleship1, 199:that there is an archetype, a pattern, a ray, a goal and a light which shines from the Path.Discipleship1, 206:find that assurance is held before you as the goal of your spiritual endeavor. You have made muchDiscipleship1, 206:You have made much progress towards this goal lately and your first ray soul can anchor itselfDiscipleship1, 216:An attached detachment is for you the goal. It is in order to aid you in learning this lesson thatDiscipleship1, 218:of "true insight" and this is becoming a nearer goal for you. You will know within yourself to whatDiscipleship1, 234:with sentiment or with emotion) is your life goal and this must be achieved not by stifling theDiscipleship1, 238:in spiritual being; to be is for you the goal. It is not the function of the true teacher ever toDiscipleship1, 245:ambition. Then you can win through to your goal. Leave people free and seek not to influence themDiscipleship1, 249:as pilgrims on the Path; discovery of the goal and a consequent pledging of yourself to that goal;Discipleship1, 249:and a consequent pledging of yourself to that goal; discovery of the work to be done and discoveryDiscipleship1, 265:is as follows: "I know the Law and towards the goal I strive. Naught shall arrest my progress onDiscipleship1, 283:For you the occult achievement must be the goal, and the revelation of ordered beauty in time andDiscipleship1, 287:done is for you to decide. I but indicate your goal. As one gets older, the method of activeDiscipleship1, 287:Of this I feel the need of reminding you. The goal is intensification of the potent life at theDiscipleship1, 295:developed. A conscious approach to the goal must be induced in you so that you are ever aware ofDiscipleship1, 297:"lucidity" of the mind which must constitute the goal for all of you during the next few months,Discipleship1, 310:that you are making real progress towards your goal. One thing, my brother, I feel you need toDiscipleship1, 310:required and would further aid you towards your goal. Your problems are, however, known to me andDiscipleship1, 324:life is now one-pointedly directed towards your goal. Naught can cause you to step aside. TheDiscipleship1, 343:themselves with the subjective aspiration and goal of the group, but not with the organizationDiscipleship1, 348:you are definitely faced towards your goal, and nothing is able to deter you. Your progress may beDiscipleship1, 388:your training, spiritual effectiveness is your goal and towards this all your effort should beDiscipleship1, 389:and with understanding of the process - is the goal for the remainder of your life experience inDiscipleship1, 399:that there is an archetype, a pattern, a way, a goal, and a light which shines upon the Path. But,Discipleship1, 424:They realize much more clearly the ultimate goal and ideal, but the intermediate steps remainDiscipleship1, 425:to repudiate them. Humble love is for you the goal this year together with the expression of aDiscipleship1, 427:of a loving understanding heart" was the goal that you must set yourself. Has this lovingDiscipleship1, 427:Forget not what you have been told of the goal which you may set yourself and pass on. Let me tellDiscipleship1, 431:are told that self-realization is our immediate goal; in view of this, what do I know about: TheDiscipleship1, 431:that there is an archetype, a pattern, a way, a goal, a light upon the Path. Which of these wordsDiscipleship1, 433:of your fellowmen, and are drawing closer to the goal which has been set you. One of the problemsDiscipleship1, 445:that there is an archetype, a pattern, a ray, a goal and a light which reveals these higherDiscipleship1, 447:attributes of those qualities should be your goal. [448] You have a seventh ray physical body. YouDiscipleship1, 448:the path of discipleship with the inevitable goal of initiation sometime, some immediate livingDiscipleship1, 494:yourself; the Master can point out to you the goal, indicate the hindrances and suggest solutions.Discipleship1, 506:the steady work of restoration, remembering the goal of this exercise is to focus your attention inDiscipleship1, 540:in that you have preserved your sense of the goal and succeeded in fulfiling your group tasks inDiscipleship1, 552:not. Growth, deep rooted and established, is the goal, and growth, if sound and good, is slow. InDiscipleship1, 557:sense) is wearing out, which is the approaching goal. For long cycles, the soul has been negativeDiscipleship1, 557:elsewhere pointed out, that: Happiness is the goal of personality desire and its most desiredDiscipleship1, 576:quiet. This will in no way affect or change the goal of your work; it will not negate in any wayDiscipleship1, 582:to your attention the need for achieving the goal you set yourself when you started to work withDiscipleship1, 596:your fiery devotion and persistence towards the goal. This dual activity must be brought to an endDiscipleship1, 624:be magnetic and in that word "magnetic" lies the goal of your personality experience. The first rayDiscipleship1, 640:interest in music, ritual, psychoanalysis. The goal of all these three methods of expression is toDiscipleship1, 648:instructions. The reason is that it connotes the goal held before all disciples who are beingDiscipleship1, 655:affirmations: I press forward towards the goal of fuller service; I am the soul, whose nature isDiscipleship1, 702:definitely transmitted to him by the Master. The goal for all work done by disciples, either inDiscipleship1, 708:light of the soul from shining [708] forth. The goal of all work done in the Ashram of any of theDiscipleship1, 759:understanding. The neophyte knows that the goal of the occultist is to work with forces. He fails,Discipleship1, 759:and an unimpeded distributor is the first goal and it takes a long time. The force usuallyDiscipleship1, 760:and particular direction. He realizes his goal is to be a channel for a long time through purity ofDiscipleship1, 766:schemes, macrocosmically understood. But the goal for the majority of aspirants is not to limitDiscipleship1, 769:a realization of the Plan and the glory of the goal - and not a sense of self-depreciation overDiscipleship1, 789:progress towards an intelligent spiritual goal; that humanity is not alone but that the Hierarchy
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