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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - GOAL

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Healing, 305:planets along with our Earth, has a different goal, and the second divine aspect, that of love, hasHealing, 325:suggest, at personality integration and at the goal of being a pure channel for the soul. Such anHealing, 358:non-critical and steadfast, be your goal and the quality of your group life. Then, when there isHealing, 366:weakness, never achieve in this life their goal, and so are swept by an overwhelming sense ofHealing, 372:to your attention the need for achieving the goal you set yourself when you started to work, IHealing, 375:and separated entity, and no such group is our goal. It is the synthesis of the life and of theHealing, 387:in the physical body is not the highest possible goal. It may be so if the service to be renderedHealing, 426:learn that thou hast taken that which is not the goal of soul endeavor. And when that moment comesHealing, 434:final synthesis of spirit and soul, which is the goal of the evolutionary process where humanity isHealing, 528:Such a study will serve to set a needed goal for all healers in the New Age. It will also explainHealing, 578:disciplines, thus gaining the needed purity. The goal, as you know, of hierarchical effort in thoseHealing, 579:Magnetic purity became a possibility and a goal, but was dependent upon emotional [580] control andHealing, 612:previous solar system. It was then the divine goal of the entire evolutionary process. This is notHealing, 612:planet, the Earth, the physical body is not a goal, but simply something which exists and must beHealing, 613:not a principle because it is not in any way a goal; it is not the seed or germ of anything. AnyHealing, 613:in the physical body are secondary to the goal of conscious response to the revelation of anHealing, 620:that essential alignment which is the immediate goal of directed relationships, carried forward inHealing, 624:by the astral body, and later by the mind. The goal of the evolutionary cycle is to bring aboutHealing, 636:but is progressing towards a specific goal which will be attained when the evolutionary arc ofHealing, 636:Gods" as yet, from the point of view of the goal set before all planetary Logoi. His body ofHealing, 665:This has necessitated the presentation of a goal to man by the working aspirants and disciples,Healing, 665:of the techniques of the Path whereby that goal can be reached. This has not been accomplished byHealing, 691:"Lunar Lord" of the personality has achieved his goal, and those elements which have composed hisHercules, 3:It must indicate the inclusiveness of the goal, once those problems have been surmounted, and mustHercules, 4:who strove, centuries ago, towards the same goal as we do. Through a reading of his story, freshHercules, 6:onward to a glorious consummation. Such is the goal towards which Hercules worked, and such is theHercules, 6:towards which Hercules worked, and such is the goal before humanity as a whole, whose ultimateHercules, 7:a returning force towards a newer aspect of the goal, and a wider vision and realization.Hercules, 9:the identical labors; each of us has the same goal to achieve and the same circle of the zodiac toHercules, 25:symbolizing the capacity to go straight to the goal; symbol, too, of that piercing illumination,Hercules, 47:the Archer on the Horse, going straight for his goal, and in Pisces we find the King. The moreHercules, 60:problems of life, and to the attainment of the goal. In this labor, Hercules is faced with theHercules, 63:who shoots straight and rides unhindered to the goal. no deviations, no failure! There is only aHercules, 68:the five stages in this test, and visions the goal which ultimately he must achieve. Hercules, 70:the history of man, recover the knowledge of our goal and learn the mode of its achievement. Hercules, 70:aspiration and with the vision of the heavenly goal. They have wrought out in the crucible of lifeHercules, 70:realm and they know not how to make their goal! So they, as Hercules did start on the fivefoldHercules, 72:is carrying, that he forgets all about the goal and his search for the golden apples and endeavorsHercules, 75:but try and have endurance and patience, the goal will surely be yours." But Hercules freedHercules, 82:grow increasingly more brilliant as he nears his goal. In Gemini, he not only appreciates the twoHercules, 82:archer in Sagittarius, going straight for his goal; now he can be the goat in Capricorn, scalingHercules, 92:he takes incarnation until he has reached his goal. We use the word "ship" quite frequently in aHercules, 102:zodiac as conscious individuals with a spiritual goal. Through our own will and in full knowledgeHercules, 115:says: "The symbology of Virgo concerns the whole goal of the evolutionary process, which is toHercules, 132:the gap between the end envisioned and the goal achieved; and yet, the web glows luminously andHercules, 134:peace in a sea of clashing forces. That is the goal, but not always the achievement. However, thisHercules, 137:evolution, not involving any treachery to the goal, so we read the following by Rudhyar: "This typeHercules, 137:detours, yet not lose the direction of the goal; to be understandable and acceptable to those whoHercules, 157:on the horse, going straight as an arrow to his goal. It is interesting that the United States'Hercules, 157:prophecy in the United States standard, of the goal of this race when it is grown up, for it isHercules, 159:the great illusion and stands free with the goal clear in front of him. Gemini is the opposite ofHercules, 160:moment we enter into Sagittarius and we see the goal. We have never really seen it before, becauseHercules, 160:seen it before, because between us and the goal there is always to be found that cloud of thoughtHercules, 160:about our aspirations, that we do not see the goal. I am not cutting away the ground under yourHercules, 164:it is the sign of one-pointedness and the goal is seen for the first time clearly; potent becauseHercules, 199:the idea of treading the Path and attaining the goal has been the underlying spiritual revelationHercules, 200:himself forward, loses sight of himself in the goal and silently serves. Then we come to the thirdHercules, 208:who strove, centuries ago, towards the same goal as we are striving. Through the reading of thisHercules, 209:trod the Path of Discipleship and attained his goal. The oracle has spoken and down the centuriesHercules, 213:of desire; in later stages aspiration for the goal of initiation. Polar Opposite: Gemini. An airHercules, 213:be sought"; from the angle of soul, "I see the goal. I reach that goal and then I see another".Hercules, 213:the angle of soul, "I see the goal. I reach that goal and then I see another". [214] Capricorn, theHercules, 223:Sagittarius The aspirant, speeding towards the goal. Pisces Death. Consummation. The World Savior.Initiation, vii:To those who do not believe that such a goal is possible this book is offered for what it may beInitiation, viii:in the West are pressing onwards towards this goal. and in the unity of the one ideal, in theirInitiation, viii:otherwise have drifted slowly towards their goal. They will then become givers, and not theInitiation, 22:wisdom, even though as yet they may be but the goal of his endeavor; and he has that embryonic,Initiation, 24:triumphed over matter, and who have achieved the goal by the very selfsame steps that individualsInitiation, 35:of the pairs of opposites, to reach his goal, and to find his way back to the source from whence heInitiation, 66:encyclopedic knowledge. When he has attained the goal, he may not know every single thing thatInitiation, 72:by a demonstration in his own life as to his goal, his object, and his center of consciousness.Initiation, 74:There is no moment of the [74] day that that goal may not be visioned, and the work of preparationInitiation, 75:at length fruition, and the attainment of the goal. A SERVER of the race stands forth. He is aInitiation, 75:work out the plans of his superiors. Such is the goal, but the intermediate stages are fraught withInitiation, 78:things but naught if they may but achieve the goal, and who steer a steady course throughInitiation, 82:counts all things but loss if he may but win the goal, and who, in the struggle for the mastery ofInitiation, 85:The sacrifice and death of desire has been the goal of endeavor. Desire itself has been dominatedInitiation, 103:to swing him away from, instead of towards the goal he is interested in; whilst ordinary goodInitiation, 121:energy is working towards a clearly defined goal. Initiation, 140:of the one self in all selves, which is the goal of endeavor. A burning away of the etheric web,Initiation, 188:The seven stars of the Pleiades are the goal for the seven types, and this is hinted at in the BookInitiation, 222:through them to man and thence to the final goal. Intellect, 24:to define education, to express to ourselves its goal and so clarify our ideas as to the objectivesIntellect, 28:apparent, and the questions arise as to the real goal and the true objectives. Dr. Randall realizesIntellect, 28:of life as we never have before... Is the goal of education knowledge? Assuredly yes, but knowledgeIntellect, 28:Assuredly yes, but knowledge for what? Is its goal power? Again yes, but power to what end? Is itsIntellect, 28:power? Again yes, but power to what end? Is its goal social adjustment? The modern age repliesIntellect, 31:of us feel also that there exists an even wider goal than an ethical revelation; and that it isIntellect, 31:line with evolutionary development that the real goal of education is to lead humanity out of theIntellect, 32:there is no direct way leading from one goal to the other. One may know everything without at theIntellect, 33:unit who [33] is capable of desiring this larger goal. If that desire can take a clear and rationalIntellect, 37:paths lead to God - viewing God as the ultimate goal, the symbol of man's search for Reality. It isIntellect, 43:so will be his character and disposition. The goal of the educational process, applied wholesaleIntellect, 50:in Dr. Winslow Hall's Illuminanda point the goal: "In all men lurks The Light; yet, in how few HasIntellect, 50:M.D., Illuminanda, page 218. This is the goal of the meditation process - to lead men forth intoIntellect, 55:32. It is this revelation of Deity that is the goal of the mystical endeavor and the object of theIntellect, 59:fact of the indwelling Son of God becomes the goal, of all endeavor. This method is not that of theIntellect, 65:if we were to state clearly toward what definite goal the educated man aims as he enters on the wayIntellect, 71:happiness, he will need a clear vision of his goal and a lucid understanding of the resultsIntellect, 71:should be also an equally balanced view of the goal and an understanding of [72] the wonder of the
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