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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - GOAL

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Rays, 473:indicated much of interest; I have pointed out a goal and indicated a Way. I have related (inRays, 479:line "reaching from Heaven to Hell." The goal of the initiate (between the fourth and the seventhRays, 481:This is his highest point of focus, the goal of the exertions of all initiates of the higherRays, 484:humanity will. The two-thirds who will make the goal of evolution in this world cycle are alreadyRays, 486:and bringing man nearer to his ultimate goal. Disciples must always remember that soulRays, 492:and when the will-to-good is the crowning goal of his daily life, then he can begin to evoke theRays, 494:not a contact between soul and personality (the goal of the average aspirant), but a contactRays, 495:energy of Shamballa. Such, my brothers, is the goal of the disciple as he begins to work at theRays, 497:the antahkarana. It might be said that the whole goal of normal evolution is to bring humanity toRays, 507:first ray; the attainment of positively is the goal of the initiate of the second ray. He who worksRays, 507:undue concern. These four attainments mark the goal for men and sway them all upon the lower pointRays, 518:two obvious thoughts emerge; first, that the goal of all activity is the complete fusion of theRays, 521:the Christ-consciousness became the emphasized goal of humanity." The activity of all previousRays, 523:appeal is needed by the masses, and their goal - some way ahead - is soul consciousness and soulRays, 523:and that path have brought him to a specific goal. Then the light which he has generated fromRays, 523:Higher Evolution, the fact of a still greater goal further on ahead - called by the Christ "theRays, 523:a hiatus or gap separating him from his distant goal. This constituted the major part of the agonyRays, 528:and embody in Himself the required vision or goal. You will note here that I have carried theRays, 529:When these stages have been passed, then the goal of all the evolutionary processes has beenRays, 536:little realizing the attitude to the universal goal which it sets; the second aspect we vaguelyRays, 537:But he is still, however, a long way from his goal, and a long way from being accepted by a MasterRays, 582:sea and with safety proceed onward towards his goal." Rays, 602:food for thought; it indicates the personality goal and the mode whereby it is attained. After theRays, 605:incarnation. Once humanity has decided upon the goal and the method of reconstruction and ofRays, 613:of men; the real good of humanity is not the goal of the average politician in either group, forRays, 613:ideology which has put him into power are the goal of his efforts. [614] The Principle of ConflictRays, 644:upon our planet. This gives us a clue to the goal of the planetary Logos. All life, from the firstRays, 649:comfort, plus material possessions, as the true goal of all human effort. It is upon thisRays, 650:has been raging for millennia of years and whose goal has ever been revelation. Just as a cameraRays, 651:of financial gain or power. Having achieved that goal, it frequently happens that, on the way toRays, 663:of the Path, they will eventually attain their goal. Those in preparation for some specificRays, 666:The first initiation might be regarded as the goal and the reward of the mystical experience; it isRays, 677:to think on causal levels. What is the basic goal of the initiate who has taken the secondRays, 687:subplanes of the cosmic physical plane. This goal of freedom is in reality the main incentive toRays, 703:Hierarchy. My prayer and wish is that your goal may be clear to your vision and that the "strengthRays, 715:by means of which Sanat Kumara arrives at His goal. On a tiny scale, it is the use of one of theRays, 717:and this divine planetary "secret" which is the goal of all the work being done by the Black Lodge.Rays, 719:the aspirant as embodying for him some immediate goal, but the concept is only preparatory in itsRays, 720:and of future ascension which are the sevenfold goal set before the Master when the sixthRays, 727:might be said that (from one definite angle) the goal of all experience has been revelation - eachRays, 737:the Initiate on other paths we know not, but the goal of all endeavor upon our planet is rightRays, 743:active, but not so well organized. The basic goal is the freedom and the liberation of mankind, butRays, 757:however, to remember that They have achieved a goal towards which all true disciples and initiatesRays, 761:by the blending of pain with pleasure, that the goal is reached, that goal that lies ahead, like aRays, 761:with pleasure, that the goal is reached, that goal that lies ahead, like a point of light seen inRays, 762:the right to serve. Look on, O Pilgrim, to the goal. See shining far ahead [763] the glory thatReappearance, 12:God became known as love supernal, love as the goal and objective of creation, love as the basicReappearance, 25:divine Plan; its application on Earth and its goal of establishing the Kingdom of God and theReappearance, 25:life was and had been geared. The Plan, its goal, its techniques and its laws, its energy (that ofReappearance, 30:will inaugurate after His reappearance, the goal of all the religious teaching in the world will beReappearance, 104:of struggle and difficulty. He pointed to a goal toward which men must make their way, no matterReappearance, 115:this has negated the driving effort to achieve a goal. The average Christian confuses the Law ofReappearance, 116:been more generally accepted in the West. If the goal of right human relations will be taughtReappearance, 132:(Rom., XIV, 7.) and no nation either; the goal of all human effort is loving understanding,Reappearance, 146:destiny. We know that we have set ourselves a goal and that the goal is "Life more abundantly" -Reappearance, 146:that we have set ourselves a goal and that the goal is "Life more abundantly" - somewhere, here,Reappearance, 158:the Christ-consciousness became the emphasized goal of humanity. Today, slowly, the concept of aSoul, 156:for the life of leisure that he proposes as the goal of a liberal education... The energy of soulSoul, 157:the force is raised to the center which is its goal, and reaches the throat. The whole conditionTelepathy, 13:order to reach humanity and lift it nearer the goal. This concerns the new science of groupTelepathy, 17:This embryo thought winged its way to its goal, and the powerful "feeling" apparatus of the solarTelepathy, 22:should be noted because they constitute the goal for humanity. Telepathic work between a MasterTelepathy, 54:be said that consciousness itself, which is the goal - on this planet - of all the evolutionaryTelepathy, 54:of the Science of Contact. It is likewise the goal in some form or other and at some stage or otherTelepathy, 62:of the lower kingdoms in nature. This is the goal of all human service. What I have said up to thisTelepathy, 83:then the processes of evolution and the goal of the spirit of man (which is in reality the SpiritTelepathy, 92:with all its implications of a new vision, a new goal, a wider field of service - leads to theTelepathy, 101:the registration is acute and accurate; the goal, nevertheless, is conscious registration; this isTelepathy, 126:the World is HUMANITY for it is the basis, the goal and the essential inner structure of all being.Telepathy, 127:lives that compose the human family present the goal to the subhuman kingdoms and can, and do,Telepathy, 195:of men and his eyes are fastened upon the inner goal and not upon the outer service; they remainTelepathy, 197:aspiration and thus bring humanity nearer to its goal. The intent of the Hierarchy is to increase
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