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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - GOALS

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Psychology2, 631:and the evils perpetrated in the name of the new goals, have produced a condition of such anRays, 45:how far ahead of present attitudes and goals this teaching is. Identification with the soul andRays, 108:power is bent. Having exhausted all tangible goals, the inner life forces the man on towards theRays, 118:aspirant a new vision, set for him new goals, enhanced all qualities present in his equipment, andRays, 186:or hierarchical planning, thus creating false goals and standards, building a barrier between theRays, 203:has no faintest idea; we are touching upon goals and objectives which confront the advanced MembersRays, 207:saying for humanity to accept. It is these great goals which slowly dawn on the consciousness ofRays, 207:Initiation is in fact the recognition of the goals which are implemented from Shamballa. It is notRays, 223:aspirant or disciple. But groups must have their goals and must strive towards the vision, just asRays, 225:will dim and throw into the shade all previous goals and visions. Rays, 245:end as they attain certain spiritual initiatory goals. This fifth purpose is therefore closelyRays, 297:and ultimate illumination. Such are the goals for the mystic, the aspirant and the pledgedRays, 325:and have come to regard the initiations as goals and have then taken the necessary steps to proveRays, 325:is, therefore, a certain familiarity about these goals, the service they could entail and theRays, 327:or are succeeding in attaining the indicated goals. There must be a spiritual future indicated. ItRays, 327:is required now, for many are attaining the goals proposed by the Hierarchy, and others are workingRays, 328:part of the Goal of God Himself. What the goals are upon the Higher Way is as yet utterly unknownRays, 334:recognition of the peculiar destiny and unique goals of other kingdoms in nature, including theRays, 335:The Hierarchy has its own life and its own goals and objectives, its own evolutionary rhythm andRays, 335:the same as those of the human kingdom. These goals and rhythms will become more familiar toRays, 350:and see their way clearly ahead; but their goals emerge as widely different; one treads the broadRays, 416:do they signify cleavage or differing aims and goals. The whole subject is reflected in such minorRays, 420:of "isolated intention with a multiplicity of goals." I know not how else to translate the archaicRays, 424:vision of their varying intermediate, individual goals. Hence the name of the fifth initiation isRays, 459:in its various branches and with its differing goals and objectives. The distinction (I said notRays, 579:excesses, but indicating new and better goals. These goals will assume clearer and more desirableRays, 579:but indicating new and better goals. These goals will assume clearer and more desirable [580]Rays, 612:that basic changes in man's attitude and goals must be brought about if humanity is to survive;Rays, 644:of its revealing power, new loyalties arise, new goals are seen, and that which shall be and theRays, 678:creativity and a new focus become his immediate goals, and for him life can never again be theRays, 760:point in the thinking of humanity, in human goals and human affairs. For implementing this I wouldReappearance, 12:emphasized and thus altered all human living, goals and values. The reason He has not come again isReappearance, 23:living, the relinquishing of its materialistic goals and its damning selfishness, and its movingReappearance, 35:will then, through the changed hearts and goals of humanity, be achieved. This is the obvious andReappearance, 50:those who down the ages, have sought spiritual goals, liberated themselves from the limitations ofTelepathy, 55:frustrated in the long run. In this knowledge of goals already achieved in the three worlds lies
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