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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - GOAT

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Astrology, 86:Aries, the Ram Leo, the Lion Capricorn, the Goat Mars Sun Saturn Mercury Sun Saturn II. Love-WisdomAstrology, 86:the Crab Libra, the Scales Capricorn, the Goat Moon Venus Saturn Neptune Uranus Saturn IV. HarmonyAstrology, 86:Aries, the Ram Cancer, the Crab Capricorn, the Goat Mars Moon Saturn Mercury Neptune Saturn It willAstrology, 153:of the Zodiacal Constellations Capricorn, the Goat This is one of the most difficult signs aboutAstrology, 153:sign of all the twelve. It is the sign of the Goat which seeks its sustenance in the most rocky andAstrology, 153:particular time) to be his major need. As the Goat, he is man, the earthly, human, greedy seekerAstrology, 154:brow instead of the two horns of the scavenging goat. It is interesting to study the three signs inAstrology, 154:body to be full of light." Then Capricorn, the Goat, related particularly and closely to Aries, butAstrology, 155:"The Ram, the Scapegoat and the sacred Goat are Three in One and One in Three. The Ram becomes theAstrology, 156:the wilderness, redeems that all; the sacred Goat that merges in the Unicorn and lifts impaled uponAstrology, 156:climbed the mountain top in the semblance of the Goat - changes its shape into the Unicorn. GreatAstrology, 157:into the golden light of illumination. The Goat leads us into arid ways in search of food andAstrology, 157:and water. This is the "need for green," but the Goat is equal also to climbing to the mountainAstrology, 157:the earlier cycle is lightened by the Bull. The Goat becomes the Unicorn, and leads to victory. TheAstrology, 157:and leads to victory. The Crocodile, the Goat and the Unicorn depict three stages of man'sAstrology, 229:Ram or Lamb) and those ruled by Capricorn, the Goat. It really marks the distinction between theAstrology, 590:Aries, the Ram Leo, the Lion Capricorn, the Goat Mars The Sun Saturn Mercury The Sun Saturn IIAstrology, 590:the Crab Libra, the Scales Capricorn, the Goat The Moon Venus Saturn Neptune Uranus Saturn IVAstrology, 590:Aries, the Ram Cancer, the Crab Capricorn, the Goat Mars The Moon Saturn Mercury Neptune Saturn Astrology, 677:communicated on this matter. The mystery of the goat lies hidden here. This avatar makes HisBethlehem, 20:in religious symbology the emphasis of the goat or ram, and how in our present age of Pisces, theDiscipleship1, 462:hare upon its path. With joy I climb as doth the goat which scales the precipice and stands uponEducation, 121:the earlier period governed by Aries, the Ram or Goat. Upon these steadily emerging influencesFire, 727:communicated on this matter. "The mystery of the goat" lies hidden here. This avatar makes HisFire, 743:multitude. Over all this deva host the mystic Goat presideth. Makara is, and is not, yet the linkFire, 1220:The Law of Elevation. The Mountain and the Goat. Progressive energy 7th Ray. Evolving factor. 6.Fire, 1221:5. The symbol for this is the mountain with a goat standing on the summit, and again anFire, 1221:and the summit reached by the "Divine Goat," symbol of the group, viewed as a unit. Law 6. TheHercules, 82:going straight for his goal; now he can be the goat in Capricorn, scaling the mount of initiation;Hercules, 91:of us the consummation in Capricorn, wherein the goat scales the mountain top. We also have theHercules, 161:we are freed and we climb the mountain like the goat in Capricorn. It has been asked: "Must weHercules, 171:of God". At the foot of the mountain the goat, the materialist, seeks for nourishment in aridHercules, 171:At the top of the mountain the sacred goat sees the vision and the initiate appears. In other [172]Hercules, 172:In other [172] writings the symbols are the goat, the crocodile and the unicorn. One myth puts theHercules, 173:Meanings of the Sign This is the sign of the goat; it is a superhuman sign, a universal andHercules, 182:went to hell. It is the other way round. The goat in Capricorn is the initiate and from a certainHercules, 214:and then I see another". [214] Capricorn, the Goat Element: Earth sign (as are also Taurus andHercules, 223:that Scorpio follows fast after. Capricorn, the Goat Benjamin In the Egyptian mysteries CapricornHercules, 228:In Capricorn (December 23 - January 20, the Goat), he becomes an initiate and appears before theInitiation, 166:sphere and the point. Eight animal forms, the goat, the bull, the elephant, the man, the dragon,Psychology1, 394:first. Hence also the constant appearance of the goat in their history, and their teaching aboutPsychology2, 174:The Law of Elevation The Mountain and the Goat Progressive Energy Seventh Ray Factor of Evolution
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