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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - GOD

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Externalisation, 161:the influence of the Hierarchy, to the will of God which has for basic intent the bringing of peaceExternalisation, 161:illumined, loving understanding of the will of God as it affects humanity and works out divineExternalisation, 162:through His ability to express the will of God in love and as world salvage, established the firstExternalisation, 162:the embodiment of the love and the will of God and the agent of the Spirit of Peace, can also beExternalisation, 163:Agent - The Christ Expression - The will of God as love and peace. Sentient response. Planes ofExternalisation, 165:a simultaneous activity in line with the will of God. Externalisation, 165:the underlying impulse behind the loving will of God is sensed and understood, accompanied as thisExternalisation, 166:process and is the basic meaning of the phrase, "God is Love," for love signifies giving andExternalisation, 170:process becomes possible. The kingdom of God, which is the kingdom of souls, and the human kingdomExternalisation, 170:they will blend and synthesize and the glory of God will appear on earth. The second great ApproachExternalisation, 185:guiding Purpose. Some may call it the Will of God; others, the inevitable trends of theExternalisation, 186:to unfold into intuition. The significance of God, the registering of man's divine potentialities,Externalisation, 187:these distinctions, it is surely apparent that God is on the side of the allied nations, for itExternalisation, 189:of the spiritual values involved, on a belief in God, and on a common sense which is determined toExternalisation, 189:German is as dear to the heart of humanity, to God, to Christ and to all right thinking people asExternalisation, 193:a sense of divinity and of relationship to God, yet with no emphasis upon racial theologies andExternalisation, 201:of a universal divine Intelligence or of God (by whatever name the all-embracing Life may beExternalisation, 202:is found that which responds instinctively to God, and that the hope of ultimate glory lies hid inExternalisation, 202:the revelation of the divine nature and quality. God is now known as Intelligence and Love. ThatExternalisation, 210:of humanity, with an exalted recognition of God, with an acknowledgement of the fundamental valuesExternalisation, 212:knowing as I do that all roads lead to God and that the sense of divinity is so dominant andExternalisation, 212:lead all men finally back into the light of God. I can and do, therefore, love all men,Externalisation, 222:appearance of an Avatar Who will transmit from God the needed world message or new type of energy.Externalisation, 227:and the Hierarchy, between the purpose of God (still unidentified by man, owing to his relativelyExternalisation, 227:comprehension at present) and the method of God, which is love; it provides also the link betweenExternalisation, 233:the forces of good to fight your battle and for God to do the work? I tell you that your prayersExternalisation, 233:prayers and petitions may reach the throne of God, symbolically speaking, but then the reply comesExternalisation, 240:and leaving the work to other men, forces or God, is the easy way, satisfying the emotional nature,Externalisation, 241:and upon the fundamental realization that "God hath made of one blood all the peoples upon theExternalisation, 251:theological, analytical minds have distorted God's revelation, and I would like to do something toExternalisation, 252:and constitute part of the inscrutable will of God, and that with them man has naught to do. WhenExternalisation, 253:of men and who seek to wrest from them their God-given goal of freedom must be driven back fromExternalisation, 254:and who understand the purpose of the will of God; it will be wrought out in spite of, and notExternalisation, 260:been over-shadowed by divinity and inspired by God to accept positive leadership, and so makeExternalisation, 261:response, or appearing of great Sons of God Who dwell in sources far removed from our planetaryExternalisation, 264:When all else seems to fail, men look to God. Again and again in the history of the race, theExternalisation, 264:of powerful desire and demand. Again and again, God has revealed and sent His Messengers andExternalisation, 264:of the concept that the Presence of the Son of God can be evoked and that He must come to theExternalisation, 264:into manifestation of some great Son of God Who will embody perhaps another and unknown aspect ofExternalisation, 264:embody perhaps another and unknown aspect of God's life and quality? Will it perhaps produce theExternalisation, 264:and - just as the Buddha expressed the Wisdom of God and Christ revealed to us the Love of God - isExternalisation, 264:of God and Christ revealed to us the Love of God - is it not possible that He Who may come willExternalisation, 264:to us the nature of the Will or Purpose of God, thus presenting that will-to-good which must beExternalisation, 269:Expression, through some manifesting Son of God. The point to bear in mind is that this Rider onExternalisation, 269:as Christ was informed with the Love of God and carried the revelation of love to man. The Rider isExternalisation, 269:highest spiritual center wherein the Will of God is held in solution or custody, for gradualExternalisation, 270:comes forth (from the center wherein the Love of God is held for distribution) as the human centerExternalisation, 270:of the planet, and the "place where the will of God lies hidden" (called in the ancient scripturesExternalisation, 270:They will enable Him to carry out the will of God in such a manner that humanity can grasp [271]Externalisation, 271:the Love which animates the Will and Power of God. The true significance of liberty will then beExternalisation, 272:given to man of the nature of the Will of God and of the quality of Shamballa. "Equality" is thatExternalisation, 273:men) to the spiritual Hierarchy (the kingdom of God). When these two are more closely aligned andExternalisation, 275:to the Hierarchy energy from the center where God's Will is known and furthered. The Rider willExternalisation, 275:plus the motivating energy from the center where God's Love is expressed. The Lord of CivilizationExternalisation, 275:in touch with each other. The Will of God, the Love of God and the Intelligence of God will thusExternalisation, 275:with each other. The Will of God, the Love of God and the Intelligence of God will thus fuse andExternalisation, 275:of God, the Love of God and the Intelligence of God will thus fuse and blend on Earth and inExternalisation, 275:Lives (the appearance of the kingdom of God on Earth) which we call the planetary Hierarchy, so theExternalisation, 276:in the words of St. Paul: "Let the love of God be shed abroad in our hearts." Today the need is forExternalisation, 286:- that (at major moments of world need) God reveals Himself through Appearances, through a ComingExternalisation, 286:undying belief of mankind in the loving Heart of God, Who ever meets man's need. The witness ofExternalisation, 286:of Deity itself. The Christian statement that "God is Love" is founded on that deepest, recognized,Externalisation, 287:returns. For a brief minute He reminds us that God exists and ever loves; that He is not unmindfulExternalisation, 288:in the divine nature, reveal the soul of God. They are: The Law of Compassion. This is the truth ofExternalisation, 289:expression of the inner unity. [289] The Fact of God. This is the truth that Being is God ImmanentExternalisation, 289:The Fact of God. This is the truth that Being is God Immanent and God Transcendent; it involves theExternalisation, 289:This is the truth that Being is God Immanent and God Transcendent; it involves the recognition ofExternalisation, 289:of origin. It is the revelation of the life of God, pervading all that is (God Immanent), and ofExternalisation, 289:of the life of God, pervading all that is (God Immanent), and of that same life, providing thatExternalisation, 289:providing that still greater cosmic relation (God Transcendent) which is the final guarantee of allExternalisation, 289:of science and to the whole world problem. God is here, present among us and in all forms ofExternalisation, 289:humanity to a new and wider vision, the Heart of God - impelled by the law of compassion - sendsExternalisation, 290:There is that in [290] mankind which is akin to God and which recognizes its own when it appears.Externalisation, 290:the response of the human heart to the Heart of God, leading to the mystical beatitude, and to theExternalisation, 293:the aspirant. Revelation confronts humanity. God is known within the human heart. God is known byExternalisation, 293:humanity. God is known within the human heart. God is known by mankind. This recognition ofExternalisation, 299:the planetary life - from the very Heart of God to the heart of man. The Buddha, because HeExternalisation, 299:an aspect and a potency of the nature of God Himself, the Love principle of the Deity. Prior to theExternalisation, 299:light, aspiration, and the recognition of God Transcendent had been the flickering expression ofExternalisation, 299:flickering expression of the human attitude to God. Then the Buddha came and demonstrated in HisExternalisation, 299:and demonstrated in His Own life the fact of God Immanent as well as God Transcendent; the idea ofExternalisation, 299:His Own life the fact of God Immanent as well as God Transcendent; the idea of God in the universeExternalisation, 299:as well as God Transcendent; the idea of God in the universe and of God in humanity evolved. TheExternalisation, 299:the idea of God in the universe and of God in humanity evolved. The Selfhood of Deity [300] and theExternalisation, 300:love, there had been very little emphasis upon God as Love in any of the world Scriptures. After HeExternalisation, 300:After He appeared as the Avatar of Love, then God became known as Love supernal, love as the goalExternalisation, 301:of form. These Avatars express the Will of God, the energy of Shamballa, and the impulse lyingExternalisation, 302:call Them forth. Time alone can determine that. God grant that the aspirants and disciples of theExternalisation, 302:among the German people in their unhappy land. God grant, therefore, that those Germans who haveExternalisation, 313:leave you to make your decision. May the love of God and of your fellowmen inspire you; the lightExternalisation, 317:the beauty of the human spirit, in the love of God, in the victory of the Forces of Light and inExternalisation, 319:The second is freedom of every person to worship God in his own way - everywhere in the world. TheExternalisation, 320:yet decided. There is a widespread feeling that God (as we call the Central Power of Life itself)Externalisation, 339:has enabled men to recognize that the Kingdom of God must function on Earth; that it must beExternalisation, 339:factor of importance. The underlying purposes of God are working out, and with this note I seek toExternalisation, 342:and understood only by those whose "eyes are on God," will be the goal and the desire of untoldExternalisation, 345:refuse to consider the techniques of the Will of God in operation. According to them, that Will isExternalisation, 345:have naught to do; they refuse to recognize that God works out His Will through men, just as He isExternalisation, 345:of that evil. They cannot believe that a God of Love could possibly employ the first divine aspectExternalisation, 346:true effort, murmuring, [346] "Let us love God and each other," but doing nothing but murmur
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