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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - GOD

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Magic, 22:or persons, calling the whole by the name of God? Yet where this differentiation of God into aMagic, 22:name of God? Yet where this differentiation of God into a trinity is universal and agelong in use,Magic, 22:the phrases in which man has sought to explain God Himself. "God is Spirit, and they that worshipMagic, 22:in which man has sought to explain God Himself. "God is Spirit, and they that worship Him mustMagic, 23:in another place in the same scripture." I pray God your whole spirit and soul and body may beMagic, 26:life, consciousness and form which we designate God. These initiates of high degree then begin toMagic, 29:of that which is the sum total that we call God. This is a truism and an occult platitude but whenMagic, 29:to a revelation which makes the present 'Unknown God' a recognized reality. Let me illustrate. Magic, 30:so makes of him a living being, so the life of God - as the Christian calls it, - performs the sameMagic, 31:of accomplishment, nor is the definition of God. When one says that spirit is the inexpressible,Magic, 32:forth on one of the seven emanations from God. Therefore, even their monads or spiritual aspectsMagic, 35:it is the middle principle, the link between God and His form. Therefore the soul is another nameMagic, 35:holds all forms together so that the life of God may manifest or express itself through them.Magic, 35:the indwelling life, and which drives all God's creatures forward along the path of evolution,Magic, 36:oversoul which is revealing the character of God. Therefore the soul, through these qualities andMagic, 38:defines man accurately as "an animal plus a God". Later it is more strictly human, neither purelyMagic, 50:symbolizing the unity and homogeneity [50] of God. There are no separated organisms in it, but itMagic, 56:mind. Therefore, all workers and knowers of God in or out of fleshly bodies, and working in anyMagic, 63:He knows and feels himself to be a son of God. Later, however, the clouds seem to descend and he isMagic, 71:to the macrocosm as it is symbolized for us in God, the manifesting light of the solar system. TheMagic, 71:with the "greater light". The light and life of God Himself may emanate from the central SpiritualMagic, 71:will come the eventual shining forth of a son of God. [74] In these instructions, however, we areMagic, 75:enunciates a word which drowns the triple sound. God speaks. A quivering and a shaking in the formMagic, 83:of inhibition. Science has said, There is no God and no spirit within man. Religion has said, ThereMagic, 83:within man. Religion has said, There must be a God, but where may He be found? The masses say, WeMagic, 83:may He be found? The masses say, We desire not a God constructed by the brains of theologians.Magic, 90:aspect. When that contact is made the Kingdom of God will come on earth; the physical plane willMagic, 90:the term millennium, will come. The Knowers of God in that era will preponderate over those who areMagic, 90:goal of their meditation work. The Sons of God will triumph on earth in full incarnated expression,Magic, 99:waiting for the manifestation of the sons of God." [100] 2. The bringing of light. Humanity is theMagic, 108:of the Masters in these words: "Then the Bull of God carries the light in his forehead, and his eyeMagic, 108:Being, producing a living fire. The Bull of God sees the Solar Angel, and knows that Angel to beMagic, 109:not to serve because they know rather than love God, Who, after all, is but their innermost selves.Magic, 110:mental and for him the path of the Love of God would be unsuited. The Love of God is shed abroad inMagic, 110:the Love of God would be unsuited. The Love of God is shed abroad in his heart and to aMagic, 110:of past lives. For him the problem is to know God, with the view of interpreting that knowledge inMagic, 111:will follow on a more developed knowledge of God, but this will be part of his development inMagic, 130:calm which is based upon the rule of the inner God and which, therefore, makes a man an instrumentMagic, 142:of the emotions will the clear note of the God of the waters be heard. People seldom realize theMagic, 142:"In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was God. Without Him was not anything made that wasMagic, 142:process when, through the medium of sound, God spoke and the worlds were made. It has been saidMagic, 145:the many wheels, and thus the many forms of God, the diverse aspects of his radiant robe blazedMagic, 145:the life moved on. "Mankind, hiding the Son of God, the Word incarnate, broke forth into the lightMagic, 145:force, a wisdom and a love that we call a Son of God. "Through the many Sons of God, who in theirMagic, 145:we call a Son of God. "Through the many Sons of God, who in their inmost center are but one, God inMagic, 145:of God, who in their inmost center are but one, God in his Fatherhood is known. Yet still thatMagic, 146:the phenomenal world, the outer garment of God, is known, and communication between the Self andMagic, 149:a man into tune with the pulsating life of God Himself, and this through detachment andMagic, 152:work and of the evolutionary unfoldment of God in nature covered. It is the process whereby theMagic, 153:Elder Brothers are back of every aspiring Son of God, e'en though apparently (and wisely) he isMagic, 188:a man's being what he truly is, a divine Son of God, and not by the studied effect of his words orMagic, 195:- a realization of unity with his own indwelling God, with all humanity, with all souls in allMagic, 196:purposes of the presiding intelligence - God or man, human or divine. This also proceeds from theMagic, 200:and forty-four thousand who can stand before God, for the three ciphers which are found indicateMagic, 200:point of attainment, then he can stand before God - standing now not only before the Angel of theMagic, 211:work and of pure thought. This is the Kingdom of God, the world of heavenly Being. It is the stateMagic, 228:less highly evolved and the liberated sons of God. Students are therefore begged to dealMagic, 232:vision of the divine form which veils the Son of God Who is Himself. When this battle has beenMagic, 238:control and by the revelation of the form of God. By distinguishing between the soul and the form,Magic, 238:which can radiate from the forms "indwelt by God", he learns to choose the way of light and to seeMagic, 246:divine manifestation which carries the love of God to all forms on the physical plane. Again heMagic, 264:consciousness, the temple of the indwelling God, which seems of a beauty so rare and of a stabilityMagic, 265:of process and of the forms is equally true of God and His cosmic creative work; of the soul, as itMagic, 267:of the Holy Ghost" but not the way of the Son of God. I express this truth in these words as itMagic, 285:man. The lowest aspect of the vital life of God is the perpetuation of the species, and this is theMagic, 288:Life, let the soul realize the consciousness of God. Let the word go forth, reverberating throughMagic, 321:in its pure essence. We call it the "love of God". It is indeed that free flowing, outgoing,Magic, 325:time when religion or the thoughts of men about God, about the infinite, and about the Life whichMagic, 326:aspects: In their teaching as to the nature of God and of man. In their symbolism. In certainMagic, 326:and that unified though not uniform approach to God, which will demonstrate the truth of St. Paul'sMagic, 326:words "One Lord, one faith, one baptism, one God and Father of all, who is above all and throughMagic, 326:Theologies will disappear into the knowledge of God; doctrines and dogmas will no longer beMagic, 327:the origin of ideas and the growth of the God idea are being subjected to research and study. ThisMagic, 327:to the rejection of old established ideas as to God, the soul, man and his destiny. Schools ofMagic, 328:they are gifted. Their devotion, their love of God, their strict but misguided conscience, theirMagic, 328:growing one. It is that inner group of lovers of God, the intellectual mystics, the knowers ofMagic, 329:In the past we have had world Saviors - Sons of God who have enunciated a world message and broughtMagic, 329:outpouring of the love, knowledge and harmony of God Himself. Religions in the past have beenMagic, 329:the potency of the work of a group of knowers of God, enunciating truth and banded togetherMagic, 329:Saviors, not as Christs, but all knowers of God in some degree, who supplement each other'sMagic, 339:has been the formulation of ideas concerning God and His relation to man, concerning divinity,Magic, 341:follow their personalities, and not the inner God within their own heart. Thirdly, bear in mind,Magic, 356:of an eternal future, the innate belief in God, the revelation of the light, the achieving of aMagic, 356:the lips of the illiterate, and a knowledge of God and a belief in the soul's immortality areMagic, 356:from them as not to deserve the name of Sons of God. They regard all not working in mental energyMagic, 359:fade out in the clear light of the Will of God. Through right understanding and right use andMagic, 359:man can penetrate into the very heart of God Himself and know past all controversy that all isMagic, 359:of the intellect, man can enter into the mind of God and know that all is well, for all is planned,Magic, 359:upon the world consciousness the fact that God is Love. This is a symbolic expression of the truthMagic, 359:of the truth as is the use of the word God. The work of the Aryan Adepts is to impress upon theMagic, 359:is to impress upon the world consciousness that God is Will. To do [360] this for the human family,Magic, 366:truth at its source. He enters into the mind of God Himself. He intuits as well as idealizes and isMagic, 366:will enable him to tap the divine mind, wrest God's thought out of the divine consciousness and toMagic, 379:mysticism and the stimulating of the kingdom of God within the human atom. The nature of Their workMagic, 379:to bring about a realization of the kingdom of God within, and little attention was paid (in TheirMagic, 379:to the bringing about of the realization of God in nature or in other units. It was necessary inMagic, 381:be organized which would reveal the nature of God in all that is seen, and not only in man. ManMagic, 382:so that the man may indeed be what he is, a God walking on earth, his lower nature (physical,Magic, 382:out that which is true and spiritual, but the God will use the three bodies as vehicles of serviceMagic, 386:"I stand between the Heavens and Earth! I vision God; I see the forms God took. I hate them both.
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