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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - GOD

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Patanjali, 182:tie, the sutratma or link which relates him to God, or to his Father in Heaven. These two, the fivePatanjali, 184:upon the world of causes, upon the "things of God." He then, utilizing his controlled instrument,Patanjali, 185:with the formulation of a man's belief regarding God, people, things and forms through the mediumPatanjali, 190:to the service of the ego, the inner ruler, the God or Christ within. This will be triple in itsPatanjali, 204:with his brothers till the last of the sons of God has reached the portal of liberation. Patanjali, 207:of the Christ that "the pure in heart shall see God." He beholds the soul and henceforth his desirePatanjali, 209:Gate, and tread the Way of Fire." The breath of God is felt as the cleansing breeze also and is thePatanjali, 210:to be the symbol (or made in the image) of God; it is an objective [211] form veiling a divinePatanjali, 211:spiritual reading, 5. The one Existence, God devotion to Ishvara. Thus a "right attitude" to allPatanjali, 213:things as they are, contacts reality and "knows God." Following upon this comes the stage in whichPatanjali, 213:II. Only devotion to Ishvara or true love of God, with its accompanying qualities of service, lovePatanjali, 225:the sum total of the expression of any identity, God or man, and the appearance of any man inPatanjali, 227:is the receiver and container of the life of God. When the lower man is brought into properPatanjali, 228:so purified and clarified that the "Light of God" which they have hitherto hidden, can shine forthPatanjali, 245:of the fixing of the attention upon a form of God. "The incarnated form of the Exalted One leavesPatanjali, 254:brain those hidden things which only the sons of God on their own plane know. Hence the need forPatanjali, 262:the constant recognition that one is a Son of God [263] incarnate upon the physical plane, and thePatanjali, 264:aspects and hence is made truly in the image of God with all divine potentialities. In the humanPatanjali, 266:of the one life. The manifestation of the Son of God leads to a knowledge of the Father. ThePatanjali, 266:or a tree, an animal or the "form of the Son of God" the jewel of the first aspect will be foundPatanjali, 267:or of the seven Spirits before the Throne of God, is not uniform and the atoms in Their bodies, orPatanjali, 273:was the Word and the Word [273] was with God and the Word was God. All things were made by Him..."Patanjali, 273:and the Word [273] was with God and the Word was God. All things were made by Him..." (John I, 1,Patanjali, 290:the energy of matter itself and therefore of God the Holy Ghost or of Brahma, is aroused andPatanjali, 292:periodical vehicles" which the divine Son of God discovers and utilizes in the course of his longPatanjali, 293:of the heart opens and reveals the love of God, through meditation a synchronous unfoldment takesPatanjali, 295:being turned upwards, illumines the path to God, but is not the Path, except in the sense that asPatanjali, 296:light seen around the heads of all the sons of God who have come or are coming into their heritage.Patanjali, 298:aspect. 6. Monadic Plane Tapas Divine world. God-consciousness. World of the second aspect. 5.Patanjali, 300:period, [300] Goodly to behold, for the sons of God are luminous, radiant and full of beauty,Patanjali, 300:the characteristic of the soul, and all sons of God, or sons of Mind reveal the love of the Father,Patanjali, 301:kinds. Our worlds are but the reflection of God's thought and they are the sum total of the mind ofPatanjali, 301:and they are the sum total of the mind of God. The ancient commentator sums up by making two basicPatanjali, 306:In the final race of the illuminated sons of God, the seventh, we shall have as the centers throughPatanjali, 307:are the expression of the life and love of God, and in their totality and perfection express thePatanjali, 313:the Creator or Brahma aspect of divinity, of God, the Holy Ghost, with His function as thePatanjali, 313:upward into those realms wherein the saints of God, the great "Cloud of Witnesses" walk. He can,Patanjali, 316:the question of choice comes in. The light of God is cast upon either side of the razor edged pathPatanjali, 317:waking consciousness to the incarnated son of God, the man on the physical plane. Another side ofPatanjali, 318:the home of the soul, an outpost of the life of God, a spark of pure spiritual fire. This is thePatanjali, 319:down into the physical vehicle. This life of God is triple and combines the energy of the Father,Patanjali, 319:intelligent principle which makes a man a son of God, is gained. Through the development of thePatanjali, 320:is similarly brought into use and the love of God is seen working out in a man's life and work. ForPatanjali, 320:out in a man's life and work. For the mind of God is love, and the love of God is intelligence, andPatanjali, 320:For the mind of God is love, and the love of God is intelligence, and these two aspects of onePatanjali, 321:and thus demonstrate as a fully conscious son of God. Through the form, experience is gained,Patanjali, 332:of Holies is the head where is the throne of God, the Mercy Seat, and the over-shadowing glory.Patanjali, 333:that "all things were made by the word of God." The oriental believer holds that sound was thePatanjali, 334:second Person of the cosmic Trinity, the Son of God, the Macrocosm. This process eventuated in thePatanjali, 334:our normal experience. These two triplicities of God and man are connected by the middle plane ofPatanjali, 334:the middle plane of at-one-ment or union whereon God and man are made one. This is the Christ planePatanjali, 334:Planes Plane I. Logoic or divine The Sea of Fire God the Father Will. Plane II. Monadic The AkashaPatanjali, 334:the Father Will. Plane II. Monadic The Akasha God the Son Love-Wisdom. Plane III. Spiritual ThePatanjali, 334:Son Love-Wisdom. Plane III. Spiritual The Ether God the Holy-Ghost Active Intelligence. Plane ofPatanjali, 337:to hear it. This is the voice of his own inner God, the Christ, [338] The AUM, the Word of thePatanjali, 338:when heard, put him in touch with the Word of God, incarnate in all nature. When speech is rightlyPatanjali, 339:through certain gateways into the Kingdom of God. Patanjali, 340:they are transmuted and transcended the light of God (the second divine aspect) can flood the lowerPatanjali, 341:tell, or whether out of the body I cannot tell; God knoweth); such an one caught up to the thirdPatanjali, 345:of the vision and the inner realization of God; then the complete subjugation of the lower naturePatanjali, 349:of the body of manifestation of any son of God who has entered into his kingdom. Then the fourthPatanjali, 349:Father in Heaven, being "made in the image of God." Two words are used by translators to conveyPatanjali, 350:of electrical force. All that we can know of God or of man is the quality of his energy as itPatanjali, 351:the center of all things, back to the heart of God, Into close communication with his fellow man,Patanjali, 352:there is naught else but vibrating energy, God in active motion. These five methods put him enPatanjali, 352:allied to, or correspondences of the nature of God as shown in the macrocosm. Patanjali, 353:be said in degree as is said of the Creator: "God meditated, visualized, spoke, and the worlds werePatanjali, 358:group [358] consciousness can be developed into God consciousness. The first step towards this isPatanjali, 358:of his soul with all other souls. He has to find God in his own heart and in every form of life.Patanjali, 360:spiritual aspects which constitute the life of God Himself. Even the realm of the soul itself, andPatanjali, 360:achieved and the powers developed, the Son of God, the Christ in manifestation, again pressesPatanjali, 362:the great illusion, and with these the sons of God have no concern. It is evil where they arePatanjali, 362:and this is true of an atom, a man or a God. It is this truth which underlies the great systems ofPatanjali, 364:is to be known as: 1. Life. The life of God emanates from its source in seven streams, emanationsPatanjali, 366:form, color and number speak aloud the word of God." Patanjali, 368:has been rendered pure, and thus the light of God streams forth. That which proved a hindrance andPatanjali, 368:of the bodies has been achieved and the Son of God can function freely on earth. Thus has the greatPatanjali, 369:life) is hid with Christ (the soul life) in God (the spirit.) (Col., III, 3) Patanjali, 385:evolutionary process which carries the life of God within all forms onward into ever fullerPatanjali, 386:covers in one short phrase the state of being of God, man and atom. Behind all forms is found thePatanjali, 387:significance of the words "made in the image of God." His "consciousness is one and yet hasPatanjali, 387:the Grand Man of the Heavens, the solar Logos, God in manifestation through the solar system. [388]Patanjali, 392:harm to any form through which the life of God is expressing itself. The final type of karma isPatanjali, 406:and answered truthfully, as in the presence of God and of the Master. Patanjali, 406:Every form in manifestation is the result of God's thought; every objective vehicle through whichPatanjali, 407:to unify what knowledge he has of the life of God as it works through the kingdoms of nature, andPatanjali, 407:the nature of consciousness grows, the will of God (based on loving activity) will become apparent.Patanjali, 407:of his own mental activities. An appreciation of God's great thought form, a solar system and itsPatanjali, 407:appropriated for his own use. The solar Logos, God, let it be remembered, is the sum total of everyPatanjali, 407:the atom (recognized by science) to the mind of God Himself, through all grades of thinkers andPatanjali, 408:for all the subhuman kingdom. The form of God, a solar system, the macrocosm for man and all thePatanjali, 410:on the physical plane. As each son of God brings the active mind stuff for which he is responsiblePatanjali, 416:which is the real [416] man, the Son of God, eternal in the Heavens, is known by many and variedPatanjali, 416:revealing to him the fact that the Sons of God, revealed or unrevealed, are everywhere to be found.Patanjali, 416:The second Person. The Thinker. The Christ. God in incarnation. The Observer, Perceiver. The Self.Patanjali, 416:Self. The divine Manasaputra. Force. The Son of God. The Agnishvattva. The Dweller in the body.Patanjali, 417:which the soul knows concerning the Kingdom of God, the realm of spiritual truth. He can also enterPatanjali, 417:the vehicle through which the life and love of God may manifest. [418] Patanjali, 418:he sees the vision of the kingdom of God as it will be in the latter days, and all that he has andPatanjali, 419:to him in the "secret place upon the Mount of God," and he cooperates with it intelligently upon
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