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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - GOD

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Psychology1, 35:Self, whose quality is love. I am the life of God Himself. The Mother-Father-Son am I. "BehindPsychology1, 35:I. "Behind these three there stands the unknown God. That God am I." Let us be perfectly clear evenPsychology1, 35:these three there stands the unknown God. That God am I." Let us be perfectly clear even at thePsychology1, 36:synthesis of all these in manifestation we call God, the Isolated, the All-pervading, the DetachedPsychology1, 36:and is therefore the embodied life of God, coming into incarnation in order to reveal the qualityPsychology1, 36:in order to reveal the quality of the nature of God, which is essential love. This life, takingPsychology1, 36:that he arrives at a knowledge of the quality of God's consciousness and at the purpose which it isPsychology1, 39:it is equally true of the cosmic Christ, of God incarnate in the solar system. In the system aPsychology1, 40:Lord of Love. Seven the aspects of the love of God; seven the colors of that manifesting One;Psychology1, 40:time endeavored to express only the quality of God's love. The Plan was the great mystery. ThePsychology1, 40:of the soul. The soul is therefore the son of God, the product of the marriage of spirit andPsychology1, 40:matter. The soul is an expression of the mind of God, for mind and intellect are terms expressingPsychology1, 41:is conscious or aware in three directions. It is God-conscious; it is group-conscious; it isPsychology1, 41:quality, of spirit in its relationships; it is God-conscious only potentially, and in thatPsychology1, 42:Let me again repeat: The soul is the son of God, the product of the union of spirit and matter. ThePsychology1, 42:through the power of creative love. Each son of God can say: I am born of the love of the FatherPsychology1, 42:the love and the magnetic attractiveness of the God nature, and the responsiveness of the formPsychology1, 43:altogether. It is the all-pervading energy of God which informs with a fraction of itself the solarPsychology1, 44:the center formed by the impact of the will of God on divine substance, and divided into sevenPsychology1, 47:to further the divine plan and bring the will of God to fruition. The field of knowledge is soPsychology1, 47:of growth until such time as the will of God has evidenced itself as power, has attracted to itselfPsychology1, 48:is the persistent directed one-pointed will of God, embodied in a Life which is that of the Lord ofPsychology1, 50:and the prime manipulator of the energies of God in such a way that the Temple of the Lord isPsychology1, 51:literally the shifting of the evolving life of God into a new sphere of awareness. This particularPsychology1, 53:all forms, and constituting the consciousness of God Himself. When the soul, immersed in substance,Psychology1, 55:entity, a conscious psychical being, a son of God, possessing life, quality and [56] appearance - aPsychology1, 57:goal. This solar system is an appearance, but God remains transcendent. Within all forms God isPsychology1, 57:but God remains transcendent. Within all forms God is immanent, yet persists aloof and withdrawn.Psychology1, 57:consciousness or in his emotional processes, so God dwells withdrawn in His mind nature; the worldPsychology1, 58:and psychic) is part of the outer garment of God. Man's self-conscious soul is en rapport with thePsychology1, 58:can intelligently cooperate with the will of God, and thus work with the plan of Evolution. Man'sPsychology1, 58:Evolution. Man's spirit is one with the life of God and is within him, deep seated in his soul, asPsychology1, 58:time put him en rapport with that aspect of God which is transcendent, and thus each son of GodPsychology1, 58:God which is transcendent, and thus each son of God will eventually find his way to that center -Psychology1, 59:center - withdrawn [59] and abstracted - where God dwells beyond the confines of the solar system.Psychology1, 60:that man himself (being made in the image of God) is a sevenfold being, capable of seven states ofPsychology1, 60:those qualities which will carry the will of God to completion. They are therefore the sum total ofPsychology1, 61:types. Thus the human being emerges, a son of God, incarnate in form, with one hand (as the OldPsychology1, 61:on earth and flowers before the Throne of God." The purpose of Deity, as it is known to thePsychology1, 63:It burns all forms, yet touches not the life of God incarnate. From the One who is the seven goesPsychology1, 63:the power to hold? Why death, Oh Mighty Son of God? Faintly the answer comes: I hold the keys ofPsychology1, 64:the Garden The Ravisher of Souls The Finger of God The Breath that blasts The Lightning whichPsychology1, 65:The Word is issuing from the heart of God, emerging from a central point of love. That Word is lovePsychology1, 65:was. The Word hath dwelt and dwells with God. In Him was light. In Him was life. Within His lightPsychology1, 66:The Cosmic Mystery The Light Bringer The Son of God Incarnate The Cosmic Christ The legend tells usPsychology1, 66:forth the Word and speak the radiant love of God. Make all men hear. Quality - love divine. Let thePsychology1, 66:light, and love, with the magnetic power of God, produce the word of wisdom. Send forth that word,Psychology1, 67:- wisdom. [67] Within the radius of the love of God, within the circle of the solar system, allPsychology1, 67:all souls, all lives revolve. Let each son of God enter into this wisdom. Reveal to each thePsychology1, 67:wisely place it in the north, under the eye of God Himself, and subject to the balance of thePsychology1, 67:Researcher of the past uncover the thought of God, hidden deep within the mind of the Kumaras ofPsychology1, 67:seen, and so illumine all the spheres whereon God works. I would call attention to the fact thatPsychology1, 69:form appear, and prove itself divine. All is of God. Quality - the power to manifest. Conform thePsychology1, 69:shining of the sun of life reveal the mind of God, and set the shining one upon his way. Then leadPsychology1, 69:light supernal. Quality - mental illumination. God and His form are one. Reveal this fact, OhPsychology1, 69:Reveal this fact, Oh sovereign Lord of form. God and His form are one. Negate the dual concept.Psychology1, 69:many folds. Take off the veiling sheaths. Let God be seen. Take Christ from off the cross. QualityPsychology1, 70:[70] and let the path appear between the two. God and the Path and man are one. Quality - balance.Psychology1, 71:and Three The Divine Intermediary The Hand of God The Hidden One The Seed, that is the Flower ThePsychology1, 72:Lower the thread. Unfold the Way. Link man with God. Arise. Quality - power to reveal the path. AllPsychology1, 74:inflow of energy from the center in the Body of God which is symbolically spoken of as "the heartPsychology1, 75:the form; the hidden now appears. Knowledge of God and how He veils Himself finds consummation inPsychology1, 75:on itself. The great scroll can now be read. God's purpose and His plans are fixed, and man canPsychology1, 75:Its purpose is the revelation of the mind of God. The past reveals the form, but the presentPsychology1, 77:of the Chaff The Fifth great Judge The Rose of God The Heavenly One The Door into the Mind of GodPsychology1, 77:God The Heavenly One The Door into the Mind of God The Initiating Energy The Ruler of the ThirdPsychology1, 78:were brought into a scintillating interchange. God and His Angels now arise and see. Let thePsychology1, 78:Quality - emergence into form and out of form. God and His Angels now arise and hear. Let a deepPsychology1, 78:- power to make the Voice of the Silence heard. God and His Angels now arise and touch. Bring forthPsychology1, 78:Bring forth. Quality - initiating activity. God and His Angels now arise and taste. Let allPsychology1, 78:ways are one. Quality - revelation of the way. God and His Angels now arise and sense the odorPsychology1, 78:the fire burn. Quality - purification with fire. God and His Angels now arise and fuse the many inPsychology1, 79:up and out of darkness into the pure light of God's day. I mention this as I am exceedingly anxiousPsychology1, 80:own technique with himself to the technique of God with His world; but he does nothing knowinglyPsychology1, 81:desire red? Why red as blood? Tell us, Oh Son of God, why thy way is red with blood? Quality -Psychology1, 81:- endurance and fearlessness. See you not God in all, the life in all, and love in all? WhyPsychology1, 83:south, the west and east, seven great sons of God moved with measured pace and took their seats.Psychology1, 84:the work is ready; the craftsmen are prepared. God has created in the light. His sons can nowPsychology1, 84:Seven. "Let the work proceed. Let the sons of God create." These words will be noted by many as ofPsychology1, 85:Word The Temple Guardian The Representative of God The One Who lifts to Life The Lord of Death ThePsychology1, 86:shalt build. Blend all together in the will of God. Quality - power to cooperate. Sit in the centerPsychology1, 87:Use care. Quality - revelation of the beauty of God. Watch well thy thought. Enter at will into thePsychology1, 87:well thy thought. Enter at will into the mind of God. Pluck thence the power, the plan, the part toPsychology1, 87:the plan, the part to play. Reveal the mind of God. Quality - mental power. Stay in the east. ThePsychology1, 92:of his deeply hidden thought life. Belief in God and Heaven and in an immortal future have grownPsychology1, 93:good or bad according to the reactions of this God to his deeds. Thus we have the origin of thePsychology1, 93:could enjoy heaven or suffer hell at the will of God and as the result of actions done whilst inPsychology1, 93:richer and made its impress, so that ideas of God grew, and likewise ideas of the soul and of thePsychology1, 96:He made to the effect that we were all sons of God and own one universal Father will, in thePsychology1, 118:will be mental types, channels for the love of God, and group conscious. There will be nothing inPsychology1, 131:is the body of light in which the true son of God consciously dwells. After the third initiation,Psychology1, 133:Power. 2. Touch 1st Ray Destroyer The Finger of God. 3. Sight 3rd Ray Vision The Eye of God. 4.Psychology1, 133:of God. 3. Sight 3rd Ray Vision The Eye of God. 4. Taste 6th Ray Idealism The Desire of Nations. 5.Psychology1, 133:6. The Intellect 5th Ray Mind The Knowledge of God. 7. The Intuition 2nd Ray Love-WisdomPsychology1, 133:Intuition 2nd Ray Love-Wisdom Understanding of God. Through the Words of Power the worlds came intoPsychology1, 133:Through the application of the Finger of God in its directing and forceful work, we have the cyclicPsychology1, 133:bringing beauty into being and the revelation of God's will and His beneficent purpose. By means ofPsychology1, 133:His beneficent purpose. By means of the Eye of God light shines forth upon the way of the sun, thePsychology1, 134:wandering and searching. When the Knowledge of God shall shine forth universally (and this is notPsychology1, 142:treatise deals, is an expression of the life of God, and every human being has come forth along one
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