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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - GOD

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Psychology1, 353:of the fact that matter is the outer garment of God. This will characterize the intellectualPsychology1, 353:achievement of the Aryan race. The plan of God that humanity should control matter on the physicalPsychology1, 356:sensitivity, producing increased awareness of God. It might be said that in Lemurian times thePsychology1, 356:universe; he became sensitive to the love of God, and registered an innate reaction to the heart ofPsychology1, 356:registered an innate reaction to the heart of God. Today, under the fifth ray influence, thePsychology1, 356:They evince capacity to sense the Plan of God and to cooperate; they see the broad general outlinesPsychology1, 357:be manifesting on earth, and that the kingdom of God (as the Christian calls it) will have arrived.Psychology1, 359:thinks no evil and harms naught is a citizen of God's world. The following relations between thePsychology1, 359:and see in this relation the working out of God's Plan and the coming salvation of the race: ThePsychology1, 369:through which the life will reveal the glory of God. Students would be well advised to pause herePsychology1, 373:work is consummated we shall see the Temple of God, the solar system, organized objectively andPsychology1, 375:solar system is the result of the meditation of God and the act of divine service, carried onPsychology1, 375:to the rhythm of the life, heart and mind of God Himself. From that tuning-in, automatically aPsychology1, 375:the differentiations of the manifested life of God into... [376] The septenary constitution of thePsychology1, 377:early manifestation of the incarnating sons of God. It is not a physical incarnation in the sensePsychology1, 377:the momentum set up by the desire of the sons of God to incarnate proved too strong for thePsychology1, 378:was ended, unless the conscious sons of God can build those bridges and develop that understandingPsychology1, 380:spirit, in the recognition of one world faith in God and in humanity as the major expression ofPsychology1, 395:[395] Symbolically speaking, some of the sons of God fell from their high estate, led, at one time,Psychology1, 396:the power to hold and gain and get. The sons of God, who train themselves to leave the world of menPsychology1, 396:through the gates of peace. "Some of the sons of God, waiting outside those gates, ready to enterPsychology1, 396:for the riches which they held. They loved their God, and Him they sought to dower with the fullestPsychology1, 397:gathered and to dedicate it to the service of God. Their unrecognized motive was love of riches andPsychology1, 397:to remember that one of the greatest sons of God Who has worked on earth, and Who epitomized inPsychology1, 417:Life, let the Soul realize the consciousness of God. Let the word go forth, reverberating throughPsychology1, 419:mind. Divine Principle: Higher knowledge. "God saw that it was good." [420] Element: Flame.Psychology1, 421:Power. 2. Touch 1st Ray Destroyer The Finger of God. 3. Sight 3rd Ray Vision The Eye of God. 4.Psychology1, 421:of God. 3. Sight 3rd Ray Vision The Eye of God. 4. Taste 6th Ray Idealism The Desire of Nations. 5.Psychology1, 421:6. The Intellect 5th Ray Mind The Knowledge of God. 7. The Intuition 2nd Ray Love-WisdomPsychology1, 421:Intuition 2nd Ray Love-Wisdom Understanding of God. The Rays of Aspect and of Attribute The fourPsychology1, 427:been a mistake, or serious error, on the part of God Himself, of our planetary Logos, and that thisPsychology2, 4:through that soul the inherent purpose of God. It is this that determines the quality. The soulPsychology2, 4:The soul embodies that purpose and will of God as it expresses itself in seven aspects. The monadPsychology2, 4:purpose as it exists, unified in the Mind of God Himself. This is a form of words conveyingPsychology2, 5:of the creative process becomes the story of God's realized purpose. In the first place, as thePsychology2, 5:that great all-encompassing Life, which we call God, for lack of a better term. We need to bear inPsychology2, 6:to cosmic purpose, - the brain reaction of God Himself. Psychology2, 6:is that all that the highest of the Sons of God on our manifested planetary world can grasp is aPsychology2, 7:not deal. With the consciousness of the life of God as it expresses itself in the three subhumanPsychology2, 8:He is the synthetic expression of the purpose of God, symbolized through revealed, divine qualityPsychology2, 9:has the objective of expressing the Will of God through developed love and a wise use of thePsychology2, 10:begins his preparation for group realization. A God walks on earth, veiled by the fleshly form, thePsychology2, 15:and time as is the case with the great Sons of God. One success, however, is the expression of thePsychology2, 17:by the soul ray. The disciple becomes a "man of God", - a person whose powers are controlled by thePsychology2, 21:incorrect. In individualization, the life of God which has been subjected to the processes ofPsychology2, 27:freely in the fifth kingdom, the kingdom of God. By that time, he has learnt that consciousness isPsychology2, 27:and environment, as does the life of God as it flows through the various kingdoms in nature fromPsychology2, 28:and subhuman; nor can we grasp the fabric of God's ideal as it underlies the sum total of thePsychology2, 29:subject, for instance, to what we call "acts of God", and before these he is helpless. He has noPsychology2, 34:of contact real, of light divine, the Way to God." Such is the true goal, as yet unrealizable byPsychology2, 35:Being is released, and the liberated Son of God can enter, at will, what are symbolically calledPsychology2, 35:City of Shamballa", - that city of the Most High God, which is ever swept by the Life of Those whoPsychology2, 35:of humanity seek to stimulate the Sons of God. According to the ray type or quality, so will be thePsychology2, 47:from the heart, the life that issues forth from God, have served the Plan. The mind that gathersPsychology2, 47:has reached the outer limits of the sphere of God's activity. That power informs my life. That lovePsychology2, 54:of a conscious response to the life of God. Psychology2, 60:used with equal facility by an incarnated Son of God, functioning as a World Savior or Christ, andPsychology2, 60:qualities of the second or building aspect of God, - magnetism, love, inclusiveness,Psychology2, 60:understanding, cooperation with the Plan of God, and many [61] other such qualitative phrases.Psychology2, 66:or stay in it as an incarnated Son of God, Whose consciousness is complete on the physical plane,Psychology2, 68:those realities which constitute the kingdom of God. Intellect must be unfolded before thePsychology2, 72:else than a vague and misty realization that God has a Plan and that we are included in it. It isPsychology2, 72:a hiding of oneself in the shadow of the will of God. It necessitates a wise differentiationPsychology2, 73:the old age and the new, between the kingdom of God and the kingdom of men, and thus to take theirPsychology2, 79:with all that is implied in that phrase. Love of God in contradistinction to love of self.Psychology2, 79:wherein the center of interest is the kingdom of God and of the soul. Reality. Formlessness. God.Psychology2, 79:of God and of the soul. Reality. Formlessness. God. It should be remembered, when considering thePsychology2, 84:Life, let the soul realize the consciousness of God. Let the word go forth, reverberating throughPsychology2, 88:human beings and of revealing Sons of God. Let us see if we can interpret or define the truePsychology2, 89:such a damnable doctrine as the elect of God, the chosen of the Lord, or the sole people to benefitPsychology2, 89:by the sacrifice and death of the great Son of God, and who pass, due to the merits of thatPsychology2, 93:progress possible. Herein lies Our service to God, through sacrifice and death; Our service toPsychology2, 93:involves the death and sacrifice of a Son of God, a solar angel, for, from the angle of Deity,Psychology2, 93:of the angels, the death of the Sons of God, the immolation of the mystic Christ, the crucifixionPsychology2, 94:historical romance of all those great Sons of God who down the ages, have arrived at anPsychology2, 94:of the significance of the divine purpose of God, of the Word incarnated through a planet, of thosePsychology2, 94:(to mention only two of the manifested Sons of God, the Christ and the Buddha), the theme remainsPsychology2, 96:determining impulse which impelled the Soul of God Himself to enter into form life; which impelsPsychology2, 96:into matter, producing thus the immanence of God. It is that also which drives humanity forwardPsychology2, 97:Such is the life story of all the [97] sons of God who came into incarnation, as given to us underPsychology2, 98:seek the light. We need the glory of an entering God. [I can find no other words except these lastPsychology2, 110:of what the Christians call "the Kingdom of God." Through a right understanding of this law, thePsychology2, 112:has to play in the great scheme or Plan of God, this is the law which will be the determining lawPsychology2, 121:the footsteps of the Christ, that great Son of God Who "went about doing good", leaving an examplePsychology2, 133:can go forward on all three planes. Thus has God, in His wisdom, chosen to [134] limit Himself, andPsychology2, 135:be the recognition, in the mind, of the Plan of God for the world at the particular time in [136]Psychology2, 140:might be called the imposition of the Will of God upon the minds of men. This they do through thePsychology2, 141:New Age ideas. These servers, therefore, work as God's destroying angels, destroying the old forms,Psychology2, 143:from the many discoveries in the ways of God with man and nature, from the inventions (which arePsychology2, 145:ideal which will embody as much of the idea of God as the period and humanity can evidence andPsychology2, 153:call the great law of Deity Itself, the law of God's synthetic purpose. The eighteen subplanesPsychology2, 158:interest of the wider life of humanity, and of God Himself. God is the Great Server and expressesPsychology2, 158:the wider life of humanity, and of God Himself. God is the Great Server and expresses His divinePsychology2, 166:colors riot to the blue of heaven... The wind of God, His breath divine, sweeps through thePsychology2, 168:out within the Sound and only the great chord of God was heard. [169] A flood of light poured in.Psychology2, 169:be seen, yet in the distance loomed the light of God. He stood between his nether darkness and thePsychology2, 169:were working. Outside the pyramid, the world of God established itself. The sky was blue; the windsPsychology2, 169:rest... In deep despair, he cried aloud unto the God he had forgot: 'Give me the key. I alone canPsychology2, 170:person or a truth, a bible or his picture of his God, an appetite, a dream, but only one! SometimesPsychology2, 171:words of surety and faith in life, and light and God, in love and understanding... His tunnel
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