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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - GOD

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Psychology2, 281:not used upon our planet. He carries the will of God into manifestation, and of that will we, asPsychology2, 282:descent of life and the ascent of the sons of God, and we have carried the thought forward to thePsychology2, 284:Logos at the dawn of the creative activity of God. Seeking to impress, impel and motivate thisPsychology2, 284:turn are animated or impelled by the life of God Himself, thus making the seven energies now inPsychology2, 286:of deity. They embody as much of the mind of God as a human being can embrace in time and space,Psychology2, 286:are The energy of intelligent life, coming from God the Father. [287] The energy of intelligentPsychology2, 287:intelligent soul or consciousness, coming from God the Son. The energy of intelligent matter comingPsychology2, 287:The energy of intelligent matter coming from God the Holy Spirit. 5. The disciples of the world arePsychology2, 291:plan, or to respond to the recognized will of God. The principle of immortality. Perseverance orPsychology2, 293:who knows the Plan, the purpose and the will of God. The one whose intelligence is being transmutedPsychology2, 295:the contribution of the earlier manifestation of God, in which the third aspect was dominant. ThePsychology2, 312:Dweller is "one who stands before the gate of God", who dwells in the shadow of the portal ofPsychology2, 312:the soul and to the service of the Hierarchy, of God, and of humanity. The Dweller on the ThresholdPsychology2, 317:all that we have inherited of truth (the idea of God, the concept of a future heaven, the ancientPsychology2, 320:outgoing tendency. The fall of man. The "sons of God came in unto the daughters of men". (ThePsychology2, 325:the vehicles through which a manifesting Son of God can express himself, it is impossible to avoidPsychology2, 328:soul or the conscious thinker (the divine son of God, or manasaputra) doing three things:Psychology2, 329:event - the coming into incarnation of a son of God. [330] This involves the taking of a densePsychology2, 330:men whom we regard as the revealed sons of God. The crisis of approach is one of the most importantPsychology2, 333:the focused, vital approach to the kingdom of God. We see the appearance on the physical plane ofPsychology2, 333:into the full freedom of the Mind of God. We see the activity of the conscious mind of man slowlyPsychology2, 333:and finally into the expression of the Will of God or of the Monad, in the initiate. Thus the threePsychology2, 333:fully developed consciousness, that of a Son of God. From the conscious appropriation of form backPsychology2, 337:of [337] duality, and his reaching out after God, plus an intense devotion to an ideal of some kindPsychology2, 338:of those who are awake within the kingdom of God. Paralleling this development of the consciousnessPsychology2, 339:states of awareness which reveal the kingdom of God. The fifth kingdom in nature becomes creativelyPsychology2, 344:values, and of the existence of the kingdom of God. On this path he senses his duality in an almostPsychology2, 346:of the Hierarchy of Souls, or of the Kingdom of God. In the fourth kingdom, the human, thePsychology2, 346:factor is that of divine purpose or the will of God. Then we find this purpose, though free fromPsychology2, 350:conscious activity which we call the Kingdom of God. The progress of humanity is from one realizedPsychology2, 351:to enter as we become members of the Kingdom of God. Upon the Probationary Path, though only duringPsychology2, 351:the process of integration into the Kingdom of God, the Kingdom of Souls, proceeds until the thirdPsychology2, 352:when the first ray man can be trusted to be God's Destroying Angel - the Angel who brings lifePsychology2, 368:Ray Five " 'Towards me I draw the garment of my God. I see and know His form. I take that garment,Psychology2, 368:but not the Mystery. I see the garment of my God. I see naught else.' Love of the form is good butPsychology2, 369:the veils of life, revealing all the radiance of God, His power and magnetism; revealing all therePsychology2, 371:of the soul for the working out of the plans of God. These plans are at-one with the intention ofPsychology2, 372:reality, my limited ideal, my finite thought of God; - for these I struggle, fight and die.' LovePsychology2, 372:are on leads to the outer circle of the life of God; the line goes forward to the outer rim. StandPsychology2, 372:every side. Die not for outer forms. Forget not God, Who dwells behind the vision. Love more yourPsychology2, 372:disciple which is a reflection of the love of God. He is all the time occupied with himself, withPsychology2, 373:dreams of reality, and find behind them all - God and his fellow men. Then and only then can he bePsychology2, 374:crisis, though in His case - being attuned to God and to all God's children - there swept over HimPsychology2, 374:in His case - being attuned to God and to all God's children - there swept over Him the sum totalPsychology2, 374:voicing itself in the agonizing words: "My God, My God, why hast Thou forsaken Me." But by facingPsychology2, 374:itself in the agonizing words: "My God, My God, why hast Thou forsaken Me." But by facing futilityPsychology2, 375:Hierarchy, which is the loving working out of God's Plan. It is free from hatred, from intensePsychology2, 375:Can I relate these and fashion thus a form for God? Where shall I send my thought, my power thePsychology2, 375:shall I work? 'Love not the work. Let love of God's eternal Plan control [376] your life, yourPsychology2, 376:forms on earth which will embody the spirit of God (and in our particular time, this necessitatesPsychology2, 377:the creator, bringing into outer manifestation God's Plan. He begins, however, with himself, andPsychology2, 381:of the lesser minds) of the Kingdom of God. It will be seen, therefore, that we are dealing herePsychology2, 383:mind (thus revealing the soul and the kingdom of God); it brings increased imagination (creativePsychology2, 388:of Kurukshetra, Arjuna suddenly sees the form of God wherein all forms constitute the One Form. ThePsychology2, 388:equipment of the phenomenal man. "The spirit of God moves upon the face of the waters." From thencePsychology2, 390:which is that on which the creative ideas of God emerge in form to be recognized by the humanPsychology2, 390:or some thought which emanates from the Mind of God, and which demands immediate precipitation uponPsychology2, 392:with the Universal Mind and all the ways of God and the plans of God will stand revealed to him.Psychology2, 392:Mind and all the ways of God and the plans of God will stand revealed to him. The creativePsychology2, 393:intensest reflection of the man, isolated in God Who is the negation of isolation and isPsychology2, 394:internal life of the organized creation of God wherein the consciousness (released from allPsychology2, 395:the plans, purposes and materialized ideas of God. This is but a feeble effort in my attempt toPsychology2, 398:have even a beginner's grasp of what the love of God really is. Psychology2, 404:has served to stultify the human approach to God and to reality. Its over-emphasis upon thePsychology2, 409:and this is the second great step on the way to God consciousness. The difficulty today is that wePsychology2, 409:and the loved, the seeker and the sought, upon God and His child. The Problems of Integration,Psychology2, 410:is present with me. For I delight in the law of God after the inward man: But I see another law inPsychology2, 422:comes also when the man fails to use his God-given intellect and so is unable to choose between thePsychology2, 480:an innate instinctive recognition of the fact of God and of God's Plan. This inherent, instinctual,Psychology2, 480:recognition of the fact of God and of God's Plan. This inherent, instinctual, spiritual reaction isPsychology2, 481:indication [481] of lines of activity which "God" is proposing to the attentive, negative,Psychology2, 481:the origin of the guidance is vaguely called "God", is regarded as divine, is spoken of as thePsychology2, 482:choice, and the intelligent comprehension of God's plan. it might be of profit if I indicated anewPsychology2, 482:always with a sense of the guiding Presence of God, coupled to a blind acquiescence in what isPsychology2, 482:in what is generalized as the "will of God". The practice of the Presence of God is most definitelyPsychology2, 482:"will of God". The practice of the Presence of God is most definitely a desirable and needed stepPsychology2, 482:into the sense of identification. The will of God can take the form of the imposition of lifePsychology2, 482:in which they find themselves an expression of God's will they are enabled to bear it all. In somePsychology2, 482:that the voice is his own. He regards it as God's voice. For them, the way of [483] understanding,Psychology2, 483:of an undesirable lot because it is the will of God and that Will therefore must be good and right,Psychology2, 484:exponent of his own innate divinity, of the God within. Again, schools of esotericists,Psychology2, 486:of the alternative possibilities to the voice of God. Mystics of all kinds, with a naturalPsychology2, 486:and obeying impulses which they claim come from God. Groups everywhere are occupied with the taskPsychology2, 486:or with the task of ascertaining the Plan of God or of cooperating with it in some way or another.Psychology2, 488:such a way that they become to him the Voice of God. 3. The recovery of old spiritual aspirationsPsychology2, 488:regards them as divine injunctions coming from God. They have, however, always been present (thoughPsychology2, 489:and interpreted by the neophyte as the voice of God, giving guidance. 5. The guidance can also bePsychology2, 490:of illusion. But they are not the voice of God, or of any Member in the Hierarchy, nor are theyPsychology2, 492:infallible guidance, and the voice of the inner God can then speak with clarity to its instrument,Psychology2, 492:for instance, a man becomes aware of the Plan of God, he may regard that Plan as being imparted toPsychology2, 505:which produce eventually the materializing of God's Plan. They are also the great symbols of man'sPsychology2, 508:world of souls. The "things of the kingdom of God" are opening up before them and the phenomena,Psychology2, 509:occurrence. The realities of the kingdom of God may for a time seep through into the brainPsychology2, 517:to be found in the world. Thus the kingdom of God and the kingdom of men will be fusing rapidlyPsychology2, 526:satisfaction has been satiated and the "son of God is ready to arise and enter the Father's house".Psychology2, 543:recognize the fact of the mystical approach to God and the mystical life of the soul, but whoPsychology2, 543:divine existence, the recognition of a vision of God which will suffice to meet individual need andPsychology2, 543:of the man to some extraneous Factor called God, or the Self, or the Christ. This attitude isPsychology2, 543:that the man becomes what he is - a God and, eventually, God in manifestation. This is not the samePsychology2, 543:man becomes what he is - a God and, eventually, God in manifestation. This is not the same thing as
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