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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - GOD

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Rays, 768:radiation cry out within themselves: "Behold, a God is here." Forth from the chalice rosy redRays, 768:causes the worlds to stand and cry: "Behold, a God is here." Ever the flames mount higher, ever theReappearance, 6:the [6] Mediator Who will plead their cause with God and bring about a rescue. They look for aReappearance, 6:is regarded as an intermediary between man and God; Christ is believed by countless millions to actReappearance, 6:aspect of divine manifestation to another - from God in the "secret Place of the Most High" to theReappearance, 7:the ages, great and divine Representatives of God embody divine purpose, and affect the entireReappearance, 7:express two basic incentives: the need of God to contact humanity and to have relationship with menReappearance, 8:and more suitable forms for the evolving life of God Immanent in Nature. They come when evil isReappearance, 9:the first to reveal to men the true nature of God. The invocative cry of humanity (the second ofReappearance, 10:humanity to a new and wider vision, the Heart of God - impelled by the Law of Compassion - sendsReappearance, 10:gone forth from "the center where the will of God is known" that the Avatar should come again; itReappearance, 11:divine aspect, that of Love-Wisdom, the Love of God. He will manifest as the Savior, the Builder,Reappearance, 11:an Avatar Who would express the dynamic will of God. For us as yet (and this is our limitation) anReappearance, 12:an aspect and a potency of the nature of God Himself, the love Principle of Deity. Light,Reappearance, 12:Deity. Light, aspiration, and the recognition of God Transcendent had been the flickeringReappearance, 12:flickering expression of the human attitude to God, prior to the advent of the Buddha, the AvatarReappearance, 12:and demonstrated in His Own life the fact of God Immanent as well as God Transcendent, of God inReappearance, 12:His Own life the fact of God Immanent as well as God Transcendent, of God in the universe and ofReappearance, 12:of God Immanent as well as God Transcendent, of God in the universe and of God within humanity. TheReappearance, 12:God Transcendent, of God in the universe and of God within humanity. The Selfhood of Deity and theReappearance, 12:there had been very little emphasis upon God as Love in any of the world Scriptures. After He hadReappearance, 12:After He had come as the Avatar of Love, then God became known as love supernal, love as the goalReappearance, 13:at this time by senior Members of the Kingdom of God, the Church Invisible, the spiritual HierarchyReappearance, 13:Christians like to call "the inscrutable Will of God," that unrecognized purpose of the Lord of theReappearance, 13:high Place within the center where the Will of God is known." When the Christ, the Avatar of Love,Reappearance, 13:will the "Sons of men who are now the Sons of God withdraw Their faces from the shining light andReappearance, 13:of men who know not yet they are the Sons of God. Then shall the Coming One appear, His footstepsReappearance, 15:of divine intention or of the will of God, plus a consideration of the World situation, may leadReappearance, 16:and one which no salvaging, energizing Son of God has ever before had to face. The sensitivity ofReappearance, 19:is today known and taught about the Kingdom of God, or the Spiritual Hierarchy of the planet.Reappearance, 19:will not be surprised when this group of Sons of God, surrounding their great Leader, the Christ,Reappearance, 19:the public with the phrase "the Kingdom of God"; the esotericists and occultists everywhere haveReappearance, 20:the Path of right relations - right relations to God, and right relations to your fellow men - andReappearance, 21:human relations are an expression of the love of God; they will constitute man's major and nextReappearance, 25:said that "if any [25] man will do the will of God, he shall know"; that was how the Christ HimselfReappearance, 25:the dawning of this significance of the will of God upon the consciousness of the Christ which ledReappearance, 25:be no opposition between His will and that of God. Suddenly, He received a vision of the emerging,Reappearance, 25:who engineered the emergence of the Kingdom of God and established Him as the Master of all theReappearance, 25:and its goal of establishing the Kingdom of God and the appearance of the fifth kingdom in natureReappearance, 26:of identification with the divine intention of God Himself, the Father, the Lord of the World uponReappearance, 26:knew, in a sense hitherto unknown to Him, what God intended and what human destiny meant, and theReappearance, 27:to the widespread universal influence a Son of God can exert makes itself felt in the consciousnessReappearance, 27:felt in the life of the progressing Son of God; He knows the meaning of intelligence; He realizesReappearance, 27:the twelve labors of Hercules, another Son of God. The symbolism of His twelve years is nowReappearance, 28:"Jerusalem") is the "center where the will of God is known." The spiritual Hierarchy of our planetReappearance, 29:uniquely possible only to those Sons of God Who have reached His rare point in evolution; it had noReappearance, 29:His divine will (at-one now with the will of God) to inform and pervade continuously the world ofReappearance, 30:which will be declarative of the Kingdom of God. Reappearance, 31:From the point of Light within the Mind of God Let light stream forth into the minds of men. LetReappearance, 31:From the point of Love within the Heart of God Let love stream forth into the hearts of men. MayReappearance, 31:to Earth. From the center where the Will of God is known Let purpose guide the little wills of menReappearance, 32:the general public will regard it as a prayer to God Transcendent. They will not recognize Him yetReappearance, 32:as a demand for the working out of the will of God - a will of which they can know nothing andReappearance, 33:own personal development, by his ability to see God immanent in all faiths and not just in his ownReappearance, 34:Intelligence to Whom we vaguely give the name of God, the truth that, behind all outer seeming, theReappearance, 34:are effects of what is called the will of God, and finally the self-evident truth that only throughReappearance, 35:for the future and that the day will come when God's original idea and His initial intention willReappearance, 35:is answered and always has been; great Sons of God have ever come on humanity's demand and alwaysReappearance, 36:Reappearance of the Christ - World Expectancy God Transcendent, greater, vaster and more inclusiveReappearance, 36:faiths can say with Shri Krishna (speaking as God, the Creator) that "having pervaded the wholeReappearance, 36:with a fragment of Myself, I remain." This God Transcendent has dominated the religious thinking ofReappearance, 36:of humanity, the great paralleling truth of God Immanent - divinely "pervading" all forms,Reappearance, 37:of the Wisdom, and all Those liberated Sons of God Who, down the ages, have passed from darkness toReappearance, 37:solve the world crisis, that they are not alone. God Transcendent is working through the Christ andReappearance, 37:and the Spiritual Hierarchy to bring relief; God Immanent in all men is standing on the verge ofReappearance, 37:The great Apostolic Succession of the Knowers of God is poised today for renewed activity - aReappearance, 38:Who have lived on Earth, accepted the fact of God Transcendent, discovered the reality of GodReappearance, 38:of God Transcendent, discovered the reality of God Immanent, portrayed in Their own lives theReappearance, 38:are functioning consciously in the Kingdom of God aware of His Plans, but those great spiritualReappearance, 38:House," in the "center where the will of God is known," are also mobilized and organized to assistReappearance, 38:through the spiritual succession of the Sons of God, there is naught to be seen and felt butReappearance, 39:Father's House (the "center where the will of God is known" or Shamballa of the esotericist) theReappearance, 39:forth: The hour has come. From the Kingdom of God where reigns the Christ, the answer has beenReappearance, 39:centers: the Father's House, the Kingdom of God, and awakening Humanity, there is but one purpose,Reappearance, 39:concerning the "center where the will of God is known." The public should possess someReappearance, 40:House. These will result in the glory of God, in the transformation of the divine will-to-good intoReappearance, 41:Christ Himself Who embodied the perfection of God Immanent, plus awareness of God Transcendent;Reappearance, 41:perfection of God Immanent, plus awareness of God Transcendent; recognition of those majorReappearance, 41:response to his voiced demand, a divine Son of God has come forth and under many different names.Reappearance, 42:them) is general and complete and a turning to God is to be seen on every hand. Finally, these twoReappearance, 43:but it will most certainly take them back to God. Religion is the name, surely, which we give toReappearance, 43:leads to the evocative response of the Spirit of God. This Spirit works in every human heart and inReappearance, 43:most familiar one, and the concept of the Son of God returning in response to human need has itsReappearance, 45:which will embody more rapidly the Purposes of God. For the first time in human history, the demandReappearance, 45:of the Eastern and Western approaches to God. Both the Christ and the Buddha are present. To form aReappearance, 45:and represent the Father's House, the Kingdom of God and Humanity. [46] To demonstrate the natureReappearance, 46:of the factual existence of the Kingdom of God here and now. Perhaps one of the major messages forReappearance, 46:demonstrated includes not only the Kingdom of God but also the Father and the Father's Home. ThereReappearance, 46:the seven Spirits Who are before the throne of God; the Buddha, the spiritual leader of the East,Reappearance, 48:working to bring into visibility the Kingdom of God on Earth. No denial of these facts is possible,Reappearance, 49:For the first time in human history, the love of God was embodied in a man and Christ inauguratedReappearance, 50:scale? Those are the things which the love of God in Christ expressed and those are the thingsReappearance, 50:2. Christ taught also that the Kingdom of God was on Earth and told us to seek that Kingdom firstReappearance, 50:guides the destiny of the world. The Kingdom of God is not something which will descend on EarthReappearance, 50:those people who do seek first the Kingdom of God, and discover thereby that the Kingdom they seekReappearance, 52:of evil. To be a citizen of the Kingdom of God does not mean that one must necessarily be a memberReappearance, 53:into the understanding custody of the Kingdom of God and, through the medium of the Christ, wasReappearance, 53:the instrumentality of certain great Sons of God, the three divine aspects or characteristics ofReappearance, 53:House can become the goodwill of the Kingdom of God and be transformed into right human relationsReappearance, 53:humanity. Thus the direct line or thread of God's will reaches now from the highest place to the
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