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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - GODS

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Astrology, 100:and the personality, being the Messenger of the Gods. This mediatorship, in the first instance,Astrology, 169:obvious. Esoterically, all world Saviors and Sun Gods are born in Capricorn but also the very worstAstrology, 181:the winged feet of Mercury, the messenger of the Gods) and becomes, in his own personality, himselfAstrology, 277:me? He is nowhere to be seen and all other gods have gone. I stand alone, bereft yet unafraid. IAstrology, 281:experience. Mercury, being the Messenger of the Gods and the Agent of Their applied control, isAstrology, 353:ruler is Mercury who, as the Messenger of the Gods or the "divine Intermediary, carries messagesAstrology, 402:problem, whilst Mercury, the Messenger of the Gods, reminds the struggling man that he must becomeAstrology, 423:of cosmic Prototype. The seven [423] planetary Gods manifest through the medium of the seven sacredAstrology, 430:day His purpose and His plan. The seven supreme Gods bent to this purpose and with united willAstrology, 523:the United States her share in the "gifts of the gods in the coming age of peace which will succeedAstrology, 546:but the effort [546] to evoke the ancient gods, to deify the forms of matter and to make the stateAstrology, 549:rapid revolution. Mercury, the Messenger of the Gods, carries to humanity a certain type of forceAstrology, 619:the activity of Mercury as the messenger of the Gods, it can be seen how truly through conflict theAstrology, 635:into being... Hence: The incessant fights of the Gods in all the Old Scriptures. The war in HeavenAstrology, 642:Pythagoras the forces were Spiritual Entities, Gods, independent of planets and Matter as we seeAstrology, 643:is produced." (S.D. Vol. I, 735) 10. "The seven Gods were divided into two triads and the sun.Astrology, 644:sacred because ruled by the highest Regents or Gods) a septenary"... (S.D. Vol. I, 176) 20.Astrology, 660:through which the prayers of mortals reach the Gods." (Vol. II, 49, Note) Jupiter is regarded asAstrology, 662:"Mercury is called the first of the celestial Gods, the God which God is attributed theAstrology, 667:on Cosmic Fire "Saturn, the father of the Gods, has been transformed from Eternal Duration into theAstrology, 667:became reviled by those who worshipped other Gods." (S.D. Vol. I, 631) "Saturn was connected withAstrology, 669:in the vehicle of a God or of a host of Gods, like milliards of other suns." (S.D. Vol. I, 319)Astrology, 677:principle being called to life by the Informing Gods, thus connecting the Monad with this Earth.Astrology, 678:References in The Secret Doctrine "All the Sun-Gods... have been mystically connected with theAutobiography, 154:out that the human kingdom is "the food of the gods" and in that statement the great "chain ofBethlehem, 61:are reproduced in the lives of the various Solar Gods, and antiquity teems with illustrations ofBethlehem, 164:thou hast seen is hard indeed to see! Even the Gods ever desire a sight of this form! Nor can I beBethlehem, 171:fear; show me, Lord, the former form; Lord of Gods, be gracious, upholder of worlds." - TheBethlehem, 177:There were Temples without end dedicated to gods like Apollo or Dionysus among the Greeks, HerculesBethlehem, 195:teaching that we must die in order to live as Gods, and therefore He died. He did sum up in HimselfBethlehem, 195:of early Christianity. In Him a dozen shadowy Gods were condensed into a proximate reality; and inBethlehem, 255:given moment of life must choose between two gods, psychologically incompatible. On the one hand,Destiny, 97:the United States her share in the "gifts of the Gods in the coming age of peace which will succeedDestiny, 139:manifestation. Mercury, the Messenger of the Gods (that is, of the Hierarchy of souls), carriesDestiny, 147:did), along with all world Saviors and Sun-Gods, that He was [148] the Light of the worlds, HeDiscipleship2, 591:and sport yourself within the playground of the Gods. Externalisation, 286:Compassion the cyclic appearance of the Sun Gods of the ancient myths, the World Saviors and theExternalisation, 287:than our planetary Life, a Messenger of the Gods. The Christ, the Son of the Father, the WorldExternalisation, 423:nature, the immediate overthrow of false Gods and standards, and the destruction of outworn andFire, 263:I, 45. III, 374. Note also the function of the Gods in furnishing man with his principles. - S. D.,Fire, 288:Ritual. - Religion. Worship of the devas or Gods. The Vedanta school - Has to do with non-duality.Fire, 345:features of all individualized entities from Gods to men. Man is beginning to arrive partially atFire, 397:that form itself. Such is the process for Gods and for men, and in it is hidden the mystery of mindFire, 530:everywhere. The involutionary and evolutionary Gods. Every atom of substance on every plane. AllFire, 602:aspect, or with Agni, the sumtotal of the Gods. He is Vishnu and the Sun in His glory; He is theFire, 613:known. 93 The Earth gives man his body; the Gods give him his five inner principles... Spirit isFire, 613:The Earth gives the dense physical. The Lunar Gods give him three lower principles: Etheric bodyFire, 613:Etheric body Prana Kama - manas The Solar Gods give him two principles: Lower mind Higher mind TheFire, 627:the Veda; the oldest and the most revered of the Gods in India. He is the triple aspect of Fire andFire, 653:at the expense of the material. This is true of Gods and of men. See S. D., II, 88. Man isFire, 667:the course of the mahamanvantara the imperfect Gods become perfect. These broad and generalFire, 675:Buddha. See S. D., III, 376-588. The Imperfect Gods are referred to in S. D., I, 214, 449; II, 223;Fire, 679:of purifications. The melting elements. The gods of incense. It is impossible to enumerate moreFire, 775:Spiritual Triad and the lower self? The fivefold Gods of the intelligence. The fifth principle ofFire, 784:are the effects of activity. This is true of Gods, of men, and of atoms. 3. The Fiery. The internalFire, 810:and the Biblical words: "I have said, Ye are Gods." "Know ye not that ye are the Temple of the HolyFire, 816:of the dual vibration of the fivefold Dhyanis or Gods in conjunction with the fourfold Quaternary,Fire, 877:the natures of all the manifesting entities - Gods, men and devas. From the standpoint of theFire, 882:Religion - Ritual. Worship of the devas or Gods. The Vedanta school - Has to do with non-duality.Fire, 918:is the most important. This is equally true of gods, of men and of atoms. Much time is spent inFire, 932:work of evolution carried on by the "imperfect gods" (as H. P. B. expresses it) working inFire, 950:and force their conflict with the lunar gods. This is the true war in heaven. As the solar Gods 87Fire, 950:This is the true war in heaven. As the solar Gods 87 descend ever [951] nearer to the physicalFire, 953:has served to hinder no longer is." 87 The Solar Gods are the "Fallen Angels" - S. D., II, 287.Fire, 966:- S. D., II, 312. To the inner spiritual eye the Gods are no more abstractions than our soul andFire, 981:told in the Secret Doctrine, in addressing the Gods in Their own language; therefore, the speech ofFire, 989:6, page 67.) upon the subject of "the imperfect Gods," and in these words lies the key to planetaryFire, 989:will become possible, and the "imperfect Gods" will have achieved a relative perfection. Thus willFire, 1010:the revealer of the love-wisdom nature of gods and man, and it is therefore the sign of the whiteFire, 1018:The analogy in all form building holds good for gods, men and atoms. The solar system is (from theFire, 1052:with the stage in evolution of the "imperfect gods" and the objective of the planetary deities.Fire, 1125:possible the dense physical manifestation of Gods and men. In making this statement, it isFire, 1141:animals and vegetables, kingdoms and groups, Gods and ants are specified in terms of energyFire, 1166:therefore is Brahma named the first of the gods; by action is manifestation, and he is the actor;Fire, 1236:process of evolution; all are as yet "imperfect Gods," each in their degree and therefore unable toFire, 1256:the "stars sing together," as the "chant of the Gods" peals forth in the great choir of theGlamour, 22:far back in the consciousness of the "imperfect Gods." Does that sentence really mean aught to you?Glamour, 106:of human experience) He is among the "imperfect Gods." These imperfections, hindering unfoldment orGlamour, 243:but the background [243] or the plaything of the Gods. It is this cosmic indifference which has ledHealing, 10:which is that of [10] certain of the "imperfect Gods." Given the initial premise that Deity itselfHealing, 10:it may be inferred that there may exist for the Gods Themselves and for God (as the Life of theHealing, 235:Who is still numbered among "the imperfect Gods." The outer form of the planet through which HeHealing, 292:limitations of these same great Beings; They are Gods, from our point of view, but in reality, GodsHealing, 292:Gods, from our point of view, but in reality, Gods in the making, even though much nearer solarHealing, 292:to planetary divinity. They are the "imperfect Gods" spoken of in The Secret Doctrine [293] and areHealing, 297:infused with the life energy of the "imperfect Gods." [298] The seven Spirits, we are told in theHealing, 610:is, as you know, one of the "imperfect Gods" of The Secret Doctrine, although perfect past ourHealing, 636:and have our being, is one of the "imperfect Gods" as yet, from the point of view of the goal setHercules, 15:Lord, spoke to the Teacher and bade him call the gods to witness the endeavor and start the newHercules, 15:new disciple on the Way. The Teacher called. The gods replied. They came and gave to Hercules theirHercules, 16:as yet unproven. And thus he stood equipped. The gods stood round his Teacher, and watched hisHercules, 16:his antics and his joy. He played before the gods, and showed his prowess, boasting of hisHercules, 16:running, disappeared into the nearby wood. The gods awaited his return, wondering and puzzled overHercules, 16:gave it to me. This I can use with power. O gods, watch my high deeds." And then, and only then,Hercules, 17:labors, he should be translated to the gods." So he started off upon his career and, as theHercules, 24:necessary for his mission, we read that the gods and goddesses did their utmost to equip him forHercules, 25:that came from Mercury, the messenger of the gods, is of profound significance, for the sword isHercules, 30:he will be translated into the kingdom of the gods. He has been equipped with all divine powers,Hercules, 31:to make the transition into the kingdom of the gods. Such is the promise made to Hercules and suchHercules, 32:from incarnating and attain the kingdom of the gods; he has learned from experience something of
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