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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - GOLDEN

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Hercules, 61:the Soul, now sets him the task of fetching the golden apples from the garden of the Hesperides.Hercules, 61:isolation. Hercules had to hunt for the golden apples in another garden, and in the garden of theHercules, 61:was a garden containing a tree whereon grew the golden apples; that the tree was guarded by theHercules, Known:he was invincible.] In his search for the golden apples on the physical plane, Hercules had toHercules, 63:the world, that he gives up his search for the golden apples. He forgets what he himself has setHercules, 63:goes to the garden of the Hesperides, plucks the golden apples without any let or hindrance fromHercules, 63:to arrive at wisdom, Hercules does obtain the golden apples. Note that the opposite, orHercules, 64:- Labor III - Part 2 LABOR III Gathering the Golden Apples of the Hesperides - Part 2 (Gemini, MayHercules, 66:starts to concentrate upon the search for the golden apples of instruction and wisdom. So we haveHercules, 72:all about the goal and his search for the golden apples and endeavors to lift the burden off theHercules, 75:went for him to the garden and handed to him the golden [76] apples, bringing him in touch with theHercules, 76:she gives to Hercules an apple marked with the golden word Service. Hesperis, the evening star, theHercules, 78:Too young until today, it now can be of use. The golden antlered hind is mine, not yours, and mineHercules, 81:of men, who are the sons of God, seek for the golden antlered fawn and bear it to the holy place;Hercules, 83:therefore, sent Hercules to capture the golden horned Keryneian doe or hind. The word "hind" comesHercules, 92:of a vast crowd of pilgrims in search of golden treasure or a new and freer home. The pilgrims areHercules, 132:waits. Looking above, he sees the vision, the golden dawn gilding a snow-capped mountain-top;Hercules, 140:said but a single word. The Teacher heard the golden command, and summoned Hercules, the son of GodHercules, 153:divine life. In Gemini, in the gathering of the golden apples, Hercules also wrestled with Antares.Hercules, 195:and then a favor was bestowed on him. A golden chalice fell upon the ground before his feet. HeHercules, 195:And so it was. Within the safe protection of the golden chalice, he sailed across the tossing seasHercules, 197:sacred city. Hercules sailed to the island in a golden cup and when he arrived there he climbed toHercules, 197:story: Hercules placed all of the cattle in the golden cup, in which he had sailed over to theHercules, 198:shepherd and the cattle were raised up in the golden cup. Here you have the Holy Grail; and so theHercules, 219:in the wilderness. We read that they made a golden calf and fell down and worshipped it, thusHercules, 225:of himself as a personality and gathers the golden apples of knowledge, subordinating to hisHercules, 229:captured the Red Cattle, placed them in a golden bowl (the Holy Grail), and flew them to theInitiation, 13:a vision of the pageant of the races with the golden thread of pedigree carried through the manyInitiation, 13:carried through the many types; a vision of the golden sphere that holds in unison all the manyIntellect, 5:Richard, and Jung, Dr. C.G., The Secret of the Golden Flower, page 136. Dr. Hocking of Harvard alsoIntellect, 7:Richard, and Jung, Dr. C.G., The Secret of the Golden Flower, page 78. Intellect, 79:the race. Through all methods employed runs the golden thread of divine purpose, and the way byIntellect, 148:Richard, and Jung, C.G., The Secret of the Golden Flower, Page 57). These characteristics ofIntellect, 171:Richard, and Jung, C. G., The Secret of the Golden Flower, pages 104-105). Intellect, 171:light" referred to above) and from this a golden pathway of light leads out. This has sometimesIntellect, 237:which the secret science depicts; these are the golden stairs up the steps of which the learner mayMagic, 49:body, the spiritual body. It [49] is called the "golden bowl" in the Bible and is distinguished by:Magic, 59:of the true spiritual sun, hidden by a disk of golden light, That we may know the truth and do ourMagic, 60:behind the lower manifestation. The "disk of golden light" pierced; the true sun is seen; the pathMagic, 105:body, the vehicle of prana which is the body of golden light, or rather the flame colored vehicle.Magic, 105:light of the Solar Angel is fused with the golden light of the cosmic intermediary, it awakens fromMagic, 229:land of rebirth, and the other leads through the golden gate to the city of free souls. One isMagic, 290:in its entirety is called "the web" or the "golden bowl". If this is clear of impediments and ofMagic, 406:student of history the delineation of the golden thread of their spiritual work as they raised theMagic, 431:coordinated personalities. Its symbol is a golden triangle enclosing an even-armed cross with oneMagic, 473:meaning of illusion, and in its midst locate the golden thread of truth. Control the body ofMagic, 520:the faculty to find what has been called "the golden path which leads to the clear pool and fromMagic, 572:web which separates center from center on the "Golden Rod of Power." Third, learn to study theMeditation, 78:The heart center. Twelve petals. Color glowing golden. The throat center. Sixteen petals. ColorMeditation, 84:meditating in the heart center, picture it as a golden lotus closed. When the Sacred Word isMeditation, 84:whirlpool of electric light, more blue than golden. Build there the picture of the Master, inPatanjali, 141:extract from the Secret Doctrine (I. 95): "The Golden Egg was surrounded by seven natural Elements,Patanjali, 387:appreciate more intelligently if he follows the golden rule which reveals the mystery of creationProblems, 57:into those that will more fully express the Golden Rule will come about and right relations betweenProblems, 82:a dreaded word which will be meaningless in the golden age which lies ahead. The masses will thenPsychology1, 61:the right hand of the man of matter grasps the golden lotus of the soul, the left descends seekingPsychology1, 61:for selfish ends. "When the right hand holds the golden lotus firm and the left hand grasps thePsychology1, 63:past, destroy the form that is, and open up the golden door. This door reveals the way which leadsPsychology1, 180:deception of the unthinking. The man who has a golden tongue, the man who has the gift of playingPsychology1, 239:[239] The kingdom of souls - The secret of the golden rose of light. The symbolic forms in whichPsychology1, 239:over a funeral urn. The human secret - A twisted golden cord, with seven knots. The egoic secret -Psychology1, 259:by treading which they stand at last before the golden door. This final door ushers them upon thatPsychology1, 272:truly, and I may thus help him to find the golden thread of light which will lead him to hisPsychology2, 37:right will render to the Blessed One that golden thread which will provide release from all thePsychology2, 38:Presence. Lift up thine eyes. Enter through that golden door. Thus will the Angel, who is thePsychology2, 87:into which we must perforce enter, is the golden one of group love, group understanding, groupPsychology2, 87:of those who choose to die A rosy Cross with a golden bird Outpouring fourth ray, at-one-ing energyPsychology2, 97:principle of life itself, and runs like a golden pattern of beauty through the dark materials ofPsychology2, 197:then becomes "linked by a [197] triple thread of golden light" to the New Group of World Servers,Rays, 534:by their falling down and worshipping the golden calf), so today modern Masonry is in line to doRays, 756:of the true spiritual Sun, hidden by a disk of golden light, that we may know the truth and do ourReappearance, 6:and of Avatars can be found running like a golden thread through all the world faiths andReappearance, 51:exists but is not a place of disciplines or golden harps, peopled by unintelligent fanatics, but aReappearance, 79:called. They fell down and worshipped the golden calf and forgot the new teaching of the age ofReappearance, 81:for the Taurian worship of the Bull in the golden calf, that, the Jewish dispensation used theReappearance, 106:Children of Israel fell down and worshipped the golden calf, the symbol of Taurus, the Bull; thisSoul, 145:Frazer, in the conclusion of his great work, The Golden Bough, bids farewell to his readers with
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