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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - GONE

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Externalisation, 84:or the spiritual values. Because many ages have gone by in the building up of the material values,Externalisation, 112:racial experiments in the renewal of form have gone on and have been registered by some groupExternalisation, 126:by environmental control and bias, the race has gone a long way towards its final emancipation.Externalisation, 142:inner union demonstrate and outer cleavages be gone. Let love prevail. Let all men love." TheseExternalisation, 183:of government. Races and nations have come and gone. Political regimes and religious forms haveExternalisation, 208:information. The recognition that the past has gone with all its evils, and that a future ofExternalisation, 343:significance in words. Two thousand years have gone since Gethsemane and since Christ made HisExternalisation, 355:It is right here that religion has, as a whole, gone astray. I refer to orthodox religion. It hasExternalisation, 441:and way of life is short indeed. The Christ has gone into retreat for a month and cannot be reachedExternalisation, 457:to crystallize, to cherish that which has gone (and gone forever, let us hope) and to over-estimateExternalisation, 457:crystallize, to cherish that which has gone (and gone forever, let us hope) and to over-estimateExternalisation, 482:gains of the past (a past which is dead and gone and of which little should again be restored) andExternalisation, 508:than has lately been the case. The call has gone out for them again to approach humanity, and withExternalisation, 515:the forms of religion exist but the life has gone, in which science is prostituted to the ends ofExternalisation, 568:move would take place. Preparations have gone steadily forward. A point to be remembered is thatExternalisation, 568:needed steps of preparation, and the work has gone steadily forward since. You might well ask whatExternalisation, 568:steps and along what lines has the preparation gone? The first steps concerned internalExternalisation, 594:(the Shamballa of the esotericist) the fiat has gone forth: "The hour has come." From the kingdomExternalisation, 654:clear-thinking men and women that the call has gone forth, and not for the fanatic or for theFire, 20:disintegrate the maya, and lo, the work is done. Gone is the gloom and the blackness; rent is theFire, 175:throughout Eternity. Each man of us has gone this ceaseless round, and will repeat it forever andFire, 334:His cycles are consequently soon run, and gone like a flash in the night. A planetary Logos, Who isFire, 492:as H. P. B. hinted, (S. D., I, 172, 607-611) had gone far along this path, and knew even more thanFire, 558:devitalized shell; the two other aspects have gone and only the third aspect, the inherent life ofFire, 588:not included in our enumeration, it is past and gone. Some explanation of this lies hid in theFire, 766:flame appear as one, and nearly all the smoke is gone, for flame is mostly seen. The cave itself isFire, 768:yet. This process of forming the egoic lotus has gone on silently from the moment that the lowerFire, 820:Word; the fire descends. The blaze bursts forth. Gone is the lower fire through the flame of solarFire, 820:lower fire through the flame of solar burning, gone is the middle fire through the intensity ofGlamour, 37:The group love protected them. I.B.S. has gone a long way in freeing herself from certain aspectsGlamour, 75:hold sway but the glamor of materiality will be gone. It is the first destined to disappear.Glamour, 104:the aspirants and disciples of the world have gone in their understanding and in their handling ofGlamour, 162:It is right here that religion has, as a whole, gone astray. I refer to orthodox religion. It hasHealing, 230:the growth of the sense of responsibility has gone steadily forward until it has culminated in ourHealing, 245:very night of time itself; forms have come and gone; death has overtaken plants and trees, animalsHealing, 368:on Cosmic Fire, though scientists have not gone far enough yet to recognize this fact; there theHealing, 444:of physical plane functioning; one has only "gone abroad" for a longer period. But the process ofHealing, 482:untried methods would bring about, but they have gone too far in this respect. The school ofHealing, 491:major conditioning factors in the life which has gone and which also hold the keys to his futureHealing, 518:- persists, but its separate life has gone. [519] If you will think clearly about this statement,Healing, 616:had been taken from Him and He said "virtue has gone out of me." I have called this to yourHealing, 621:alert power and aliveness. And the promise has gone forth that as He is, so may we be in thisHealing, 674:individualistic consciousness; all barriers have gone, and the initiate sees things as they are; heHercules, 7:behind humanity; aeons and aeons have come and gone; the wheel of existence turns continuously, andHercules, 54:Hesperides. The fame of these sweet fruits had gone to distant lands, and all the sons of men whoHercules, 71:as a flash of illumination, and lo! it is gone; as a sudden realization of truth, so elusive, soHercules, 96:are in deep distress. Word of your prowess has gone forth. They seek that you should kill the lionHercules, 113:whom all human life is truly turned. "Word has gone forth," said she, "that on his way there comesHercules, 182:Teacher said when Hercules drew nigh. "You have gone on by going back; you have come to the HouseHercules, 196:his face toward the Sacred City. Not far had he gone when he perceived a distant cloud of dust thatHercules, 197:over. We hear no more about him but he may have gone on to greater cosmic work. [198] Let us thinkHercules, 199:acts they have given a demonstration of service, gone about the world doing good, and their namesHercules, 209:has spoken and down the centuries the cry has gone forth: "Know thyself". This knowledge is theInitiation, 10:Hall of Ignorance during many ages, and having gone to school in the Hall of Learning, he is nowInitiation, 42:thousand years ago. Other Manus have come and gone and his place will be, in the relatively nearInitiation, 44:stayed with the sons of men; never has he really gone, but only in appearance, and in a physicalInitiation, 77:world of human endeavor has dissipated and gone, being [78] seen as naught; and that is based onInitiation, 117:he functioned (the egoic or causal body) has gone, and naught is left but love-wisdom and thatInitiation, 217:book it refers to mind an those Adepts who have gone on and taken the sixth initiation. Deva (orIntellect, 5:hygiene. After the era of the charlatans has gone by, and to some extent by their aid, thereIntellect, 142:moment of vision and of illumination and all has gone. The mind begins again to modify itself andIntellect, 170:has been withdrawn from them, and has apparently gone toward heightening the clearness ofIntellect, 231:you will find that five minutes [231] will have gone by without your attention wavering, so greatMagic, 30:disintegrates. The cohesive vitalizing force is gone and this produces a falling apart into itsMagic, 186:one life is but a short matter and soon gone and that by study, intelligent activity, lovingMagic, 304:misery on the astral plane - evil long past and gone; it is possible for them to read a tinyMagic, 451:disintegrates. The cohesive vitalizing force is gone, and this produces that falling apart into itsMagic, 495:of physical plane functioning; one has only "gone abroad" for a longer period. But the process ofMagic, 638:to the student that, having with steadfastness gone forward he will discover that the exoteric andMeditation, 62:that is the characteristic of so many will be gone and the lower vehicle will be relaxed. The eyesMeditation, 352:In this book it refers to those Adepts who have gone on and taken the sixth initiation. Patanjali, 52:student must remember that this process has gone on in the wheels and cycles preceding our planetPatanjali, 141:Long was our journeying thro' divers births. Gone is the cord of life when these are seen. No morePatanjali, 261:moment of vision and of illumination and all has gone. The mind begins again to modify itself andPatanjali, 423:of another step when the strength to do so seems gone, the holding steady when there seems nothingPatanjali, 425:and bliss, experienced in meditation, [425] have gone. The system now followed seems arid, dry andProblems, 29:of human expression. The world of the past has gone and gone forever, and the new world of formsProblems, 29:expression. The world of the past has gone and gone forever, and the new world of forms has not yetProblems, 40:ensure that our materialistic civilization has gone, never to return. A spiritual renaissance isProblems, 44:from one land to another; welfare workers have gone from country to country, serving the soldiers,Problems, 128:largely of men's ideas about truth. Men have gone far today in the rejection of dogmas and doctrinePsychology1, 89:of academic science. For ages the search has gone on, [90] with the objective of the search -Psychology1, 123:of crisis among the devas likewise. The call has gone forth for them to approach humanity, and withPsychology1, 186:of the Watchers on the inner side. The word has gone out to rally all the disciples and aspirantsPsychology1, 286:some of the schools of esoteric teaching have gone sadly astray. The false idea has crept intoPsychology1, 301:we may well forget it. Two thousand years have gone since the greatest expression of God's lovePsychology1, 346:transmuted, "only the four remains and force has gone." Note the detail of the numbering: F 0 R CPsychology2, 32:quality of life fades out. It flickers and is gone. Yet the Blessed Ones reveal at will thatPsychology2, 108:group integrity. More plans for service have gone astray and more workers have been hindered byPsychology2, 169:His world in ruins lay around. His friends were gone. Instead of harmony, there was dissonance.Psychology2, 180:formation. They will succeed. The word has gone forth with the request for this united activity,Psychology2, 219:understand, when present readers are dead and gone. I and you will pass on to other work, but therePsychology2, 230:which, when the life cycle on earth has come and gone and when the period of manifestation is over,Psychology2, 230:differentiations into a manifested trinity, has gone - never again to return in exactly the samePsychology2, 237:processes. Great Sons of God have come and gone and challenged us to follow the light, to seek thePsychology2, 248:a second as it essentially is. But the vision is gone and the fervor departs and the beauty fadesPsychology2, 331:separate in time and space from all that has gone before, and from all that surrounds him in thePsychology2, 334:be the case before so many decades have gone by: These four types of experts - educators,Psychology2, 374:of the point of view of others have all gone, but as yet nothing has taken their place. He is sweptPsychology2, 602:of the mystic and his devitalization have gone beyond a certain point, he arrives at a stage where
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