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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - GOOD

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Statement:Law of Correspondences, then that is well and good. But should this not be so, let not the studentAstrology, 118:it is through a desire for popularity. This is a good expression of the individual SagittarianAstrology, 118:of the soul to turn all evil eventually into good. The lessons of life are being learned andAstrology, 123:the obvious and visible qualities of the man. A good deal of symbolism connected with the latentAstrology, 136:itself, losing his personal identity in the good of the whole yet retaining his spiritual Identity.Astrology, 171:to itself that which is desired - this time the good of the whole. In Capricorn, therefore, JupiterAstrology, 191:developed and always consecrated to the good of the whole and not to the satisfaction of theAstrology, 264:and the men of goodwill who are desirous of the good of the whole. When the human Hierarchy isAstrology, 289:and the control of the personality (for either a good motive or a selfish one), and it is also theAstrology, 339:of the individual are submerged in the good of the whole. Selfish individual man becomes the worldAstrology, 356:link, becomes the Hierarchy, the bestower of all good. Then all the Sons of God rejoice." A slightAstrology, 371:that the will of God must be all that is good, both in the individual and in the whole. Now, as theAstrology, 372:the great, divine will and this for the greater good of the whole. For this desirable attitudeAstrology, 372:through the gradual fomentation of the will-to-good everywhere and the demand, so universallyAstrology, 375:the Will of God which is the divine will-to-good, to peace through understanding, and to rightAstrology, 394:much self-love, self-esteem, self-respect and a good deal of selfish centralization or personalityAstrology, 404:must and will without fail carry forward the good undertaken under the inspiration of The GreatAstrology, 415:to you and at the same time constitutes a good illustration of a basic law. Astrology, 443:the lines of least resistance to the emerging good and the developing crises which inevitably lieAstrology, 443:in the period of reconstruction. But one potent good can emerge even at this time from a study ofAstrology, 443:basically conditioned by the will-to-good which is the primary quality of the energies and forcesAstrology, 443:and Their plans?) is to all eternity the good of the whole and naught can arrest this happening;Astrology, 445:energy from Shamballa (embodying the will-to-good) is fused and blended with the organizing energyAstrology, 445:the transmutation of karma into active present good are clearly grasped. 3.Humanity and cosmicAstrology, 452:of Whom we only know that love and the will-to-good, expressed through the Universal Mind, are theAstrology, 459:the result of the energy impact will be good and will lead toward the working out of the divineAstrology, 459:force can and does finally work towards good, for the trend of the evolutionary force isAstrology, 485:values and an unalterable adherence to the good of humanity. Aquarius is - with equal potency -Astrology, 486:gradually their integrated personalities to the good of the group. The influence of Virgo appearsAstrology, 520:Later this will aspect will evoke the will-to-good and the will-to-build and to this humanity willAstrology, 520:of the men and women of goodwill to work for the good of the whole and not for any one part. ItAstrology, 525:him in such a manner that only constructive good can eventuate. He can misuse energy or employ itAstrology, 532:of the situation emerge more clearly. Be of good cheer for there is no true defeat of the humanAstrology, 537:in 1925, will reach its highest expression (for good or evil) in 1945 and will then decline slowlyAstrology, 539:responsible for the steadily mounting will-to-good of the awakening many. A close analysis of theseAstrology, 540:mutual effort and of aspiration (either towards good or evil). The forces of this ray work out onAstrology, 542:on the ideal of brotherhood, on the will-to-good and on the freedom of the whole. One expresses aAstrology, 543:of Light recognize and work for the spiritual good of all people, irrespective of their nationalAstrology, 570:and met with a full response from those good and well-meaning people whose focus is predominantlyAstrology, 572:whole and of the evocation of the will-to-good (which is not the will-to-peace) was exceedinglyAstrology, 572:is something greater than peace and that is the good of the whole, and not just individual,Astrology, 572:people who are animated primarily by the will-to-good (which is of more importance in this worldAstrology, 573:of those men and women whose aim is the will-to-good, who think in terms of world service and whoAstrology, 574:(through right invocation) of the will-to-good of the world thinkers and aspirants, and also theAstrology, 574:will, affecting humanity and evoking its will-to-good; he blends this into the Hierarchy as far asAstrology, 575:increasingly to express it in the will-to-good. I would have you deeply realize that if theAstrology, 575:distribution to the masses. If it is the will-to-good which influences and directs you, then to theAstrology, 580:and the inevitability of the ultimate triumph of good. This is not determination; it is notAstrology, 582:has been the impulse lying behind much of the good work done in the fields of philanthropy andAstrology, 586:when the terms of goodwill and of the will-to-good were discussed. All the time, I had in myAstrology, 586:time, I had in my thoughts not just kindness and good intention, but the focused will-to-good whichAstrology, 586:and good intention, but the focused will-to-good which can and must evoke the Shamballa energy andAstrology, 588:Lodge, aided by the men and women whose will-to-good is strong enough to safeguard them fromAstrology, 612:of the seven Rays which embody the will-to-good. [613] Ray I - Will or Power: Aries - Leo -Astrology, 613:goal and a determination to follow the will-to-good has effected in his life. Beyond thisAstrology, 614:Dynamic Purpose in control. The will-to-good. The Monad functions. Astrology, 615:focused purpose which expresses only the will-to-good and also that sustained effort which bringsAstrology, 617:action of the constant incentive of the will-to-good. Yet at the same time it is not identified inAstrology, 618:brought about by the sustaining will-to-good of the transcending, transmitting, transforming will.Astrology, 618:to be agents for the transmission of the will-to-good of the Transcendent One. They should nextAstrology, 619:that which will express the will-to-good. It is the monadic ray of our planetary Logos, Whose SoulAstrology, 619:be seen how truly through conflict the will-to-good can be wrought out. 2. Leo This is theAstrology, 620:integrated and basically at-one. This will-to-good (achieved through fulfilment) works out inAstrology, 620:the medium of three climaxes: The will-to-good, demonstrated by the achieving ofAstrology, 620:the expression of the third aspect. The will-to-good, demonstrated at the third initiation whenAstrology, 620:the expression of the second aspect. The will-to-good, demonstrated in the higher initiations whenAstrology, 621:They are Themselves expressions of the will-to-good and, therefore, constitute the line of leastAstrology, 631:goodwill to men" - glory, peace and the will-to-good being the effects of the transmitted life ofAstrology, 632:mass consciousness) will emerge the mass will-to-good, inherent in every individual; for thisAstrology, 638:There is white and black astrology... the good or bad results obtained do not depend upon theAstrology, 638:other signs, has an occult influence, either for good or evil." (S.D. Vol. I, 440) [639] 2. "Enoch,Atom, 20:as "force center," the concept still holds good, and the response of the center to stimulation isAtom, 22:perfection out of temporary imperfection; good out of seeming evil; and out of darkness andAtom, 26:perfection by the sacrifice of the unit to the good of the many, and of the atom to the group inAtom, 64:and thus carry out his plan, whether for good or evil. This is succeeded by the stage in which heAtom, 93:which fade Before the unmeasured thirst for good: while peace Rises within them ever more and more.Atom, 106:own pleasure getting, desirous only of having a good time, and only incidentally occupied withAtom, 112:some aspect of the truth, and may be doing much good, but they may not embody that which is bestAtom, 127:anything so very different in Him from the other good and unselfish people whom we know. We haveAtom, 129:something we should like to see realized. It is good to remember that the more we think along suchAutobiography, 4:and of the social order. And that is very good. Looking back, I can imagine nothing more appallingAutobiography, 6:in spite of it all. I have found life very, very good even when having what most people regarded asAutobiography, 7:to other workers and disciples that will be good. You can see, therefore, that as a life story mineAutobiography, 8:decentralized. It will come by recognizing the good life and the good in all peoples, by happinessAutobiography, 8:will come by recognizing the good life and the good in all peoples, by happiness and an intelligentAutobiography, 10:the things of sorrow and difficulty. The good, as well as the bad, are a total which matters andAutobiography, 11:it by and large, there is far more general good karma than evil; I say this in spite of the worldAutobiography, 11:and better world. This is true because God is good, life and experience are good, and theAutobiography, 11:because God is good, life and experience are good, and the will-to-good is eternally present.Autobiography, 11:life and experience are good, and the will-to-good is eternally present. Always we are profferedAutobiography, 13:she apologized to her cook for rudeness. To me, good manners and not God should have beenAutobiography, 14:things. I was the plainest of an exceedingly good looking family and I am not plain. I was alwaysAutobiography, 16:sat among their cabbages for centuries." It was good, clean and cultured stock but none of theAutobiography, 18:the exact truth. She was beautiful, lovely and good. Her influence was widespread throughout theAutobiography, 19:children have been, many of them, notable men or good looking women. My father did not care for meAutobiography, 22:phase of my life and out of it emerged much good that I later found. Thus I began consciously theAutobiography, 22:is rooted in the mystical consciousness. A good occultist must be, first of all, a practicingAutobiography, 25:austerity of the family faith, I think it is a good habit. There sat the head of the household withAutobiography, 25:life. The sum total of the effect, however was good and we could do with a little more recollectionAutobiography, 25:room but were not permitted to speak and our good behavior and silence were under the anxious eyes
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