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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - GOOD

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Autobiography, 27:the feudalism of Great Britain but it had its good points. It may be a good thing that it hasAutobiography, 27:Britain but it had its good points. It may be a good thing that it has disappeared - personally IAutobiography, 28:even then of beauty; she must have been very good looking in her day, as a portrait of her, paintedAutobiography, 28:my sister's health nor mine was considered very good, and we spent several winters abroad on theAutobiography, 31:It made me furiously [31] to think, which was good for my soul. For the first time I began toAutobiography, 31:not, and primarily because people are so lovely, good and understanding. I want to go on recordAutobiography, 31:not think I was a great success at school; I was good at history and literature, really very good.Autobiography, 31:was good at history and literature, really very good. I had been given a good classical educationAutobiography, 31:literature, really very good. I had been given a good classical education and there is something toAutobiography, 31:training acquired if a child is taught by a good and cultured private teacher. But when it came toAutobiography, 32:shining mechanism. We rode everywhere and had a good time. We explored the district which was thenAutobiography, 33:noise and much friendship. Maybe I did lasting good; I do not know: I do know that I kept them outAutobiography, 33:Also, I was very young, very silly, very good looking and well dressed and - in spite of myAutobiography, 33:aspiration and my determination to be straight good? That this determination took coloring from myAutobiography, 34:and I was jealous of my sister, her brains and good looks. I had been taught the narrowest kind ofAutobiography, 37:tongue and for some time became so objectionably good that my family got disturbed; they wonderedAutobiography, 41:discredited mystic and occultist. I have a good standing as an intelligent, normal woman, anAutobiography, 41:down the ages. All this time, I was given to good works. I was an ardent Y.W.C.A. worker. I wasAutobiography, 41:in order to get them saved. I was very good at saving souls, but I wonder now - from the angle ofAutobiography, 42:and really known, Who truly loved all beings - good and bad - and Who understood them and theirAutobiography, 43:and I had not married in spite of opportunity, a good stage setting and wide personal contacts. IAutobiography, 43:know exactly what to do. I had an exceedingly good classical education; I spoke fluent French andAutobiography, 43:I had a really deep knowledge of the Bible, good taste in clothes, really good looks and a mostAutobiography, 43:of the Bible, good taste in clothes, really good looks and a most profound and complete ignoranceAutobiography, 44:a very well-known man - charming, fascinating, good looking but with none too good a reputation -Autobiography, 44:fascinating, good looking but with none too good a reputation - asked to speak to me. We went intoAutobiography, 46:and the security that this entailed. I had a good time; I had met many people; I had traveled aAutobiography, 46:this urge in terms of "Jesus went about doing good," and I, as His follower, must do the same. So IAutobiography, 46:So I began, furiously and fanatically, to "do good." I became an evangelist in connection with theAutobiography, 53:want to be a missionary. I was dedicated to good works, but what particular good works? I owe muchAutobiography, 53:was dedicated to good works, but what particular good works? I owe much to a clergyman at that timeAutobiography, 53:hair seemed to need brushing; they were too good to be well-groomed. I could not picture myselfAutobiography, 56:attention and, what is more, hold it. I became a good speaker and learnt to like speaking, so thatAutobiography, 57:of swelled head. I decided that I must be really good if intelligent men like that came SundayAutobiography, 57:me laugh till tears ran down my face. Like many good speakers who use only brief notes and whoAutobiography, 57:said it like this?" I am sure that the secret of good speaking, provided you have a flair forAutobiography, 58:quite a flair for saving souls and I made such a good record that Miss Sandes sent for me to joinAutobiography, 61:home." I know that all things work together for good to those who love God, and this means that weAutobiography, 61:time. I had never been in Ireland before and a good deal of my time was spent in Dublin and at theAutobiography, 63:position and would have felt that what was good for the goose was not always good for the gosling.Autobiography, 63:that what was good for the goose was not always good for the gosling. My work was varied: keepingAutobiography, 63:my Bible assiduously and being very, very good. I bought every kind of book which might help me toAutobiography, 64:the money because "even if you aren't [64] much good, you would probably be better than no one atAutobiography, 64:emphasizing that I was not, of course, much good but that she had no one else at that moment toAutobiography, 65:we will stick to you and we will try hard to be good." I had the most delightful voyage. Those menAutobiography, 66:voyage. Those men were unbelievably [66] good to me and I remember them with affection andAutobiography, 66:I had some experience. Whether these men had a good time is another matter, but they wereAutobiography, 66:I fled to the Y.W.C.A. where they were very good to me and attended to all the business details.Autobiography, 66:prig, even if well-intentioned. I was almost too good to live and certainly holy enough to beAutobiography, 76:as we call it in England) and became very good at the game, not because I play it Scientifically,Autobiography, 76:these I could almost play by heart. I had a very good mezzo soprano voice in those days with a wideAutobiography, 78:to Plain People" and I always wondered why the good looking ones were exempt. I got fairly wellAutobiography, 79:it in spite of the fact that my health was never good and I suffered from quite appalling migraineAutobiography, 80:sea voyage of three weeks each way was believed good for my health. I am a first-class sailor andAutobiography, 81:bed and we would talk and talk. She was a very good Christian. She loved me and watched me grow upAutobiography, 83:necessary both for my peace of mind and the good of the soldiers that I give a talk on hell. In allAutobiography, 87:until I met Walter Evans. He was exceedingly good looking. He had a brilliant mind and was highlyAutobiography, 89:debunking and which has misled a lot of very good people. We learn to be Masters by mastering ourAutobiography, 90:that I would never see him again and that it was good bye for once and all. He accepted my decisionAutobiography, 90:life I must never fail Him and that I must make good. How I failed in the past does not matter, butAutobiography, 92:life and tried to go on with the work. My good intentions, however, did not suffice to keep meAutobiography, 92:and, as far as I knew, the accounts were in good order. I had tried to take the usual GospelAutobiography, 96:which I had made for her. I was an exceedingly good lace maker. I had learned to make IrishAutobiography, 99:subject and the victims were usually people of good mental balance and brain power. He was wiseAutobiography, 102:to half of England took me aside when I said good bye and said, "Now, Alice, you've married thisAutobiography, 102:people who believe that only the proletarian are good and right and that the middle classes are theAutobiography, 104:more dreadful time. They [104] were nice, kind, good and worthy, but I had never before eaten withAutobiography, 104:love and married him. All the indications were good except his social setting and lack of money,Autobiography, 105:money to go and buy his lunch. He was not even good enough to eat with all the rest of us, thoughAutobiography, 107:who was not colored but not a particularly good doctor, so I did not get the skilled care I shouldAutobiography, 108:if she had learnt it off by heart and she was as good as her word. Today there is nothing aboutAutobiography, 111:nose up in the air and decided there was nobody good enough for me to associate with. Of course, IAutobiography, 112:figure in his surplice and stole. He was a very good preacher. I honestly do not think I was tooAutobiography, 112:disappeared about his parochial duties. I had a good little Jewish nurse who was getting frightenedAutobiography, 113:and I had two serious hemorrhages. Thanks to good nursing I pulled through. Word had gone around asAutobiography, 113:had gone around as to my predicament and so many good things were sent in and so many kind thingsAutobiography, 113:and read him the riot act. It did not do any good but it made her suspicious and she began to watchAutobiography, 114:I was so ill and tired and she was so kind and good that I admitted to her that my husband hadAutobiography, 114:Walter was offered another opportunity to make good. We moved immediately to another parish. ThisAutobiography, 115:she would fetch me. I went and we all had a very good time. When I got back, however, I foundAutobiography, 116:had expert skill on the doctor's part and I am a good nurse. That doctor was a wise man; he knewAutobiography, 120:All this is understandable but does not make for good relations. Autobiography, 125:I cared to talk. I was surrounded by kind and good friends, however, but none of them were in aAutobiography, 126:to wonder if my interpretations were not as good as somebody else's. I remember pondering one dayAutobiography, 128:and I knew that I was quick and I hoped to earn good money and I did. I went down each morning at 7Autobiography, 129:I didn't belong, apparently. I was obviously too good and, of course, exceedingly proper and theyAutobiography, 129:by little I won them, so that I really had a good time. I never lacked for fish to pack. A cleanAutobiography, 129:kindness in my life, but they were just straight good to me and I have never forgotten it. I learntAutobiography, 129:learnt to like them very much and we grew to be good friends. I never, however, learnt to like theAutobiography, 130:to watch me and then I paid the price of my good work and had to listen to comments such as,Autobiography, 130:this doing in a factory?" and "She looks too good for her job, but is probably no good." "She mustAutobiography, 130:looks too good for her job, but is probably no good." "She must have done something to have broughtAutobiography, 141:of God. Why should I have been born in such good circumstances with money, good looks, opportunity,Autobiography, 141:been born in such good circumstances with money, good looks, opportunity, and all the manyAutobiography, 142:worked with me, see to it that what I sowed was good and find my place in Christ's work. I couldAutobiography, 143:and above all for her friendship. It would be so good if mothers and daughters, fathers and sons,Autobiography, 145:sets and organizations. There are outstandingly good people also and people of a dead levelAutobiography, 145:have not enough development to be either very good or very bad. Autobiography, 146:the middle ages must again be restored for the good of Europe, has to be overcome. Every nation hasAutobiography, 146:without deliberate intent, I would make out a good case for myself. I have good points; I cannot be
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