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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - GOOD

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Discipleship1, 691:does not train a group of men and women to be good and obedient disciples, carrying out his wishesDiscipleship1, 708:recognition that he shares all human tendencies, good and bad, and hence is able to serve. TheDiscipleship1, 720:the ability to do that which is needed for the good of the group in the right way and with theDiscipleship1, 726:here like to point out that I am referring to good karma as well as bad. It is the task of theDiscipleship1, 739:self-centeredness, lethargy and sometimes [739] good intentions - and endeavor to resign from theDiscipleship1, 744:intentions and activities which are for the good of the group. He will not sacrifice any individualDiscipleship1, 744:will not sacrifice any individual to the group good until after due effort to help that individualDiscipleship1, 749:then be depended upon always to substitute the good of the whole for individual good, as theDiscipleship1, 749:substitute the good of the whole for individual good, as the personality might see it. [750] TheDiscipleship1, 751:only when, the Master so desires and it would be good and helpful to the entire group. He realizesDiscipleship1, 769:they can be used by the Hierarchy to do good and efficiently [770] selfless work. They areDiscipleship1, 778:thus and so. Those who obeyed were regarded as good members; those who refused to be interested andDiscipleship1, 782:soul and still remain a member of the school in good standing. No loyalty is expected or asked,Discipleship1, 784:"saving force" and an expression of the will-to-good which animates the New Group of World Servers.Discipleship1, 784:of brotherhood and were willing to sacrifice the good of the whole of humanity to a sentimentalDiscipleship1, 784:a position of complete neutrality, where both good and evil are concerned, was demanded ofDiscipleship1, 786:The sumtotal of all these activities has been good; the misunderstandings have been few and haveDiscipleship1, 787:Society faintly resemble the reality; much good has been done by this testimony to their existence,Discipleship2, 4:is rapidly disappearing from among you. That is good. The growth of impersonality must be steadyDiscipleship2, 12:of the delicate sequence of ideas and the good choice of words; through this, she has made my booksDiscipleship2, 17:will test and tax your powers but will be good training in active esoteric work. Regard this alwaysDiscipleship2, 31:will if (and only if) "the energy of the will-to good is the emanating principle and the actuatingDiscipleship2, 38:dynamically to "force" the energy of the will-to-good into the world; the average man and woman,Discipleship2, 41:where they can accomplish the greatest good. Ponder on this. I have given you much in thisDiscipleship2, 41:But we are seeing the slow domination of the good. Humanity has been the battleground for a majorDiscipleship2, 42:your aspiration and your desire for the will-to-good; I know that naught will turn you for anyDiscipleship2, 46:masses can and often do grasp, and the will-to-good which is the goal of the disciple. Goodwill isDiscipleship2, 46:of expression in all men. But the will-to-good is far more difficult to express, for it involvesDiscipleship2, 47:but to know somewhat the nature of [47] the "good." The will-to-good is the basic quality of divineDiscipleship2, 47:the nature of [47] the "good." The will-to-good is the basic quality of divine Purpose, involvingDiscipleship2, 49:thinking; the rules then laid down will hold good for all future years, though their fulfilment isDiscipleship2, 67:expression of all his inherent qualities, both good and bad. Everything in his nature isDiscipleship2, 90:clarity of the Hierarchy and its functions; much good may come of sending forth its teachings and aDiscipleship2, 91:soul, fostered the emergence of that which was good but also of that which could not be takenDiscipleship2, 98:will require a truthful consideration of your good and bad qualities, of your assets as well asDiscipleship2, 107:and often what there is based on expediency or good manners. Discipleship2, 110:aid so that one of the newest Ashrams may play a good part in the group of Ashrams, gathered aroundDiscipleship2, 129:the greatest and most rapid results. It is good for you to have in mind that the better you do thisDiscipleship2, 156:thing, to the ordinary man, and that meaning is good, powerful and useful; they mean another thingDiscipleship2, 160:full expression in time and space of the will-to-good - the Will of God. Average instinctualDiscipleship2, 163:surface in such a manner that the issues between good and evil became apparent in a clearer lightDiscipleship2, 165:from the Earth. This is, for them, entirely good and helpful and all that is immediately possible.Discipleship2, 168:is the love of God and basically, the will-to-good, can also stream forth in fuller livingness intoDiscipleship2, 168:the expected results, for the eternal law holds good. The illumination of men's [169] minds, soDiscipleship2, 169:plan will be more widely sensed and the will-to-good will be more widely desired and invoked. Discipleship2, 172:expression in hierarchical terms as the will-to-good and in human terms as [173] goodwill, asDiscipleship2, 174:and to a worldwide expression of the will-to-good. As these qualities supersede the old andDiscipleship2, 189:exigencies are inescapable. Curiously enough, a good deal of this recognition is based upon anDiscipleship2, 189:worked off a very great deal of his karma, both good and bad, and is now ready to build his ownDiscipleship2, 190:which is a growing potency as the will-to-good (which he contacts indirectly in the Ashramic life)Discipleship2, 194:- an ever more inclusive awareness. This is good to bear in mind, for eventually all this symbolicDiscipleship2, 206:"the karmic era cannot yet demand that demanded good become accomplished good." The members of thisDiscipleship2, 206:demand that demanded good become accomplished good." The members of this group are alsoDiscipleship2, 209:Logos) the ultimate result of the divine Will-to-Good. 3. Shamballa, with its life and intentionDiscipleship2, 209:to be found the guarantee of the divine Will-to-Good. [210] 4. The Nirmanakayas, the divineDiscipleship2, 270:everything may be held in trust and used for the good of all; the will-to-good then dominates.Discipleship2, 270:trust and used for the good of all; the will-to-good then dominates. Hence the necessity for theDiscipleship2, 270:distinction between goodwill and the will-to-good. Again I would ask you to reflect upon thisDiscipleship2, 278:the outgrown and unnecessary - no matter how good it may appear to be. In these three hints lieDiscipleship2, 288:the Hierarchy for the extension of the will-to-good among men, and therefore among all the lesserDiscipleship2, 297:experimental in practice. Your intentions are good and fine but you have not yet the habit ofDiscipleship2, 298:majority of human beings are occupied with the good of others and not with their own selfish goals.Discipleship2, 298:goals. Such a play of imaginative thought is good and constructive and will aid in bringing outDiscipleship2, 324:gave you in the preceding pages. These hints are good illustrations of that method of teachingDiscipleship2, 331:can make black to appear white and prove that good intention is responsible for evil-distributedDiscipleship2, 337:"the evil which men do lives after them; the good is oft interred with their bones" is not occultlyDiscipleship2, 337:until he has learnt to eliminate it, but the good men do (even with mixed motives) is not forgottenDiscipleship2, 340:understands it - is no longer effective. Neither good Karma, resulting in a sense of bliss, nor badDiscipleship2, 357:reorganization. For ever the occult law holds good: "as above, so below," and the reorganization ofDiscipleship2, 370:truism "as above, so below" holds eternally good, and it is the task of the Hierarchy toDiscipleship2, 380:abnegation of all that might be regarded as good and useful, as desirable and joyful. This revoltDiscipleship2, 385:Deity; that thought demonstrates as the will-to-good. The disciple's progress from one initiationDiscipleship2, 385:and manifests that quality of love (the will-to-good) which gives to the Purpose and the PlanDiscipleship2, 385:his high place under the impact of his will-to-good, is redemptive in nature. This theme ofDiscipleship2, 391:which will eventually bring about the greatest good for the greatest number. It is this art ofDiscipleship2, 391:what he notes of humanity's striving towards the good, and the "revealing voice" of the speechlessDiscipleship2, 428:in increased human receptivity to the will-to-good which the activity of all the seven raysDiscipleship2, 448:which will bring about the greatest amount of good to the greatest number of seeking souls. This isDiscipleship2, 456:overcoming. We are only interested in the good which any individual may be demonstrating; only theDiscipleship2, 456:any individual may be demonstrating; only the good reaches us, except in the case of an entireDiscipleship2, 461:imagination which you may possess and is a good exercise in constructive creative work. It is alsoDiscipleship2, 474:between teaching as a human being, no matter how good, and teaching as an initiate; it is as aDiscipleship2, 483:and the man who is the product of tradition, of good heritage and generations of civilized forbearsDiscipleship2, 486:and towards your fellowmen. That is all to the good but - for the sake of your own development andDiscipleship2, 507:and at present relatively unproductive? So be of good cheer. Your work is more fruitful than youDiscipleship2, 512:and your group activity. You have accomplished a good and fruitful life service. You have aidedDiscipleship2, 515:and in the group as a force, having either a good or a bad effect, according to its coloring by theDiscipleship2, 530:between you and humanity as a whole, and the good of the form side of life looms unduly large inDiscipleship2, 531:of the life to humanity as a whole. The greatest good of the greatest number becomes his life themeDiscipleship2, 538:energies and arranged forces - can repel the good or attract the bad, and vice versa; it canDiscipleship2, 539:come to a realization as to whether they were good enough to warrant the choice you made. I wouldDiscipleship2, 542:followed, and I believe would testify to the good results attained. That occult obedience whichDiscipleship2, 565:instruction I gave you; you have also done a good and creative task, aiding A.A.B. Even though itDiscipleship2, 566:upon the two words: Goodwill and the Will-to-Good. The first is worked out as qualifying the lifeDiscipleship2, 566:the care of a Master of the Wisdom; the Will-to-Good is developed and understood in the Ashrams ofDiscipleship2, 566:- Plan - Purpose. Self-will - Goodwill - Will-to-Good. [567] You would find the creation of similarDiscipleship2, 567:It is constantly oriented towards that which is good and towards the Hierarchy. But the use of theDiscipleship2, 570:any futile reaction or self-defense and for the good of your group brothers, that you will seeDiscipleship2, 572:of average man. It is sufficient for him to make good (as it is called) upon the physical plane,Discipleship2, 577:balance keep and breadth of view. All ways are good. [578]
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