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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - GOOD

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Externalisation, 105:the minds of men and produce finally the needed good feeling, good will and good lives. Externalisation, 105:men and produce finally the needed good feeling, good will and good lives. Externalisation, 105:finally the needed good feeling, good will and good lives. Externalisation, 113:command or assume control. It can and does bring good out of evil, illuminating situations andExternalisation, 115:and the soul of humanity, death is inevitable, good and necessary; it is also a practice with whichExternalisation, 117:the full grasp of the truth. There is as much good karma as there is bad; even in the present worldExternalisation, 117:is bad; even in the present world situation, the good karma emanating from the soul of humanityExternalisation, 124:modern science. The second point is that for the good of humanity, the Hierarchy withdrew into theExternalisation, 125:and this because they are motivated by group good and the need of the majority. The test to whichExternalisation, 125:its scientific and mental attainment to group good or to selfish ends, to material issues or toExternalisation, 126:values and whose keynotes are sacrifice, group good and world understanding, and those whose focusExternalisation, 126:masses; the result upon them has been relatively good as it has led to the formulation andExternalisation, 128:force their leaders to follow the mass will-to-good. They are either inspired or protected by theExternalisation, 129:last analysis, the right to express the will-to-good, the right to express human relationships,Externalisation, 129:culture, power and ambition before the general good and the happiness of the world of men. This isExternalisation, 136:group is purely wrong and evil or purely good and unselfish. There are mixed motives everywhere.Externalisation, 140:remained more important to himself than did the good of the whole. Be not over-distressed, myExternalisation, 145:nature is love and whose purpose is solely group good), backed by or "occultly propelled forth" (toExternalisation, 149:allied to the invocation and evocation of money, good health and the tangible material results asExternalisation, 151:the dissipation of energy and oft renders their good intent futile. But, out of these groups areExternalisation, 153:to awaken the illumined but latent will-to-good in men and this, once dynamically awakened, willExternalisation, 153:can arrest the eventual progress of this will-to-good and its planned activity any more than a budExternalisation, 153:of the impact of first ray force, of the will-to-good at this time, induced by the efforts of theExternalisation, 154:to your thought and to your personal will-to-good as you use the Great Invocation and itsExternalisation, 154:have set up to the expression of the will-to-good. One of the most beneficent results of the inflowExternalisation, 155:truths and evil cannot be done in order that good may come. What is applied by the Lord of theExternalisation, 163:of Peace, the expression of humanity's will-to-good can emanate powerfully from this thirdExternalisation, 164:dedicated to the Plan. Creativity. The will-to-good Planes of emphasis - The atmic or plane ofExternalisation, 165:very life, for the sake of others and for the good of the whole group. This spirit of sacrifice isExternalisation, 166:life and giving. This is lasting devotion to the good of the whole or the expression of the spiritExternalisation, 167:(because they stand more specifically for the good of the whole and not for the good of theExternalisation, 167:for the good of the whole and not for the good of the separated nation or unit) are also callingExternalisation, 167:the masses of their people to fight for the good of civilization and for the preservation of thoseExternalisation, 167:evolutionary scale and essential to the general good. The wording of these calls and the objectivesExternalisation, 167:selfish, national interests as by the general good, yet they know that the note which will evoke anExternalisation, 167:the unit and the individual is fundamentally the good of the larger unit (the nation or the groupExternalisation, 167:sacrifice of selfish personal interests for the good of the whole and the giving up of one'sExternalisation, 171:country; those who war against that which is good are numerous in every land, whether they war withExternalisation, 177:the endeavor to teach the meaning of the will-to-good. This is the main task of [178] the new groupExternalisation, 179:democracies. On the basis of an active will-to-good, the men and women of goodwill, acting underExternalisation, 179:hate must be allowed to enter in. The greatest good of the greatest number lies today in theExternalisation, 179:out by the pacifists of the world. All true and good people are pacifically minded and all hateExternalisation, 180:uses for selfish ends, can also be employed for good purposes. The death of the physical body is aExternalisation, 185:of cooperation, of right human relations and of good. Separativeness must be superseded by unity.Externalisation, 186:appears to be leading all towards an ultimate good. Some definite direction has led man from theExternalisation, 188:be lowered; everything will be related to the good of Germany, and no other nation will beExternalisation, 190:however, be worked out, given a definite will-to-good and patience on the part of humanity. CertainExternalisation, 191:be composed of those who work for the greatest good of the greatest number and who at the same timeExternalisation, 195:when nations can be educated to appreciate the good qualities of other nations and to comprehendExternalisation, 197:all will be animated by the will to the general good - a will-to-good that will probably at firstExternalisation, 197:by the will to the general good - a will-to-good that will probably at first be based on expediencyExternalisation, 198:economic focus is so simple also - the will-to-good - that again it may be overlooked, but withoutExternalisation, 199:there is talk of a new order in Asia, of the Good Neighbor policy in America, of a Federal Union ofExternalisation, 206:conditions which cannot be solved by the will-to-good. Goodwill nourishes the spirit ofExternalisation, 208:and that a future of unlimited possibilities for good and for constructive changes lies ahead. TheExternalisation, 211:alive public opinion which desires the greatest good of the greatest number, are beyond belief.Externalisation, 215:goodwill in expression, just as the will-to-good is the basis of any possible peace - a goodwillExternalisation, 215:for further aggression. Kindness, the will-to-good and peace - such should be the practicalExternalisation, 219:the importance of the somewhat new ideal of the good of the state as a whole versus the good of theExternalisation, 219:of the good of the state as a whole versus the good of the individual and the good of humanity. TheExternalisation, 219:whole versus the good of the individual and the good of humanity. The state becomes almost a divineExternalisation, 221:working in collaboration with all the forces for good in the world today, doing their duty asExternalisation, 223:by humanity but animated by the will-to-good of some great and spiritual Entity. ThatExternalisation, 224:hate war, desire quiet, and demand peace and good living conditions. There is, however, a gap orExternalisation, 229:(which latter course is just as determining for good or evil as is the former), that I feel againExternalisation, 230:not in terms of a particular nation, such as the good of Germany or the destiny of America. FewExternalisation, 231:on the side of law and order, and whose will-to-good is directed towards right human relations andExternalisation, 232:a new world order wherein everyone will have a good time, where there will be no unemployment,Externalisation, 233:peace, and then patiently wait for the forces of good to fight your battle and for God to do theExternalisation, 241:stage is over, and for [241] weal or woe, for good or ill, men must decide for themselves the wayExternalisation, 243:fight for that which he desires and knows to be good and true and right, and must stand firmExternalisation, 244:submerge their personal interests in the good of the group; when the group or groups merge theirExternalisation, 244:or groups merge their interests in the national good, when nations give up their selfish purposesExternalisation, 244:selfish purposes and aims for international good, and when this international right relation isExternalisation, 244:right relation is based upon the total good of humanity itself. Thus the individual can play hisExternalisation, 245:synthesis, right methods of government and the good of the people. The unhappy past of all nationsExternalisation, 248:one-pointed effort. It will throw your will-to-good behind every attempt to frustrate theExternalisation, 248:will lead you to work with watchfulness for the good of your own country, whilst at the same timeExternalisation, 250:magnetic unity the forces of the divine Will-to-Good, the Love which underlies the efforts of theExternalisation, 252:supreme appearing which [252] would work much good. It might, it could be argued, conclusivelyExternalisation, 253:and havoc in the world into a demonstration of good and of the successful foundation for theExternalisation, 253:It is therefore the free will and the will-to-good of humanity which must actively end the presentExternalisation, 254:out of the surface evil and material activity good may eventuate, and that out of the wicked,Externalisation, 254:aggressive activity of certain groups ultimate good may be engineered and the evil activity ended.Externalisation, 254:and the evil activity ended. But this possible good will be the result of the spiritual activity ofExternalisation, 255:for humanity will come when the so-called good people of the world give up their pet theories andExternalisation, 255:own souls) are subordinated to human need, human good and the future happiness of the whole. TheExternalisation, 256:selfishness, material objectives, and the good and well-being of one race out of the many must beExternalisation, 256:World Picture At the same time, the forces of good are seeking to offset this imposition ofExternalisation, 256:plane. It has yet to work out as the triumph of good upon the physical plane. When those who areExternalisation, 256:reject for themselves will be changed into the good karma which is the true destiny of humanity andExternalisation, 262:Is it possible to evoke at this time eternal good, latent in Lives which would normally contactExternalisation, 264:or Purpose of God, thus presenting that will-to-good which must be called into [265] activity ifExternalisation, 265:believing thereby to influence them for good. I would remind them that love is essentially anExternalisation, 271:yet understood. Pour Their strengthening will-to-good into the new group of world servers in allExternalisation, 293:some Cosmic Being, or an Expression of Cosmic Good. Those Avatars who are embodiments of theExternalisation, 294:orientation, then - when the conflict between good and evil is at its height - there comes a momentExternalisation, 295:With an increased focus of the will-to-good, with a clearer apprehension of future possibility,Externalisation, 302:are dedicated to and expressive of the will-to-good. This knowledge and this will are needed in theExternalisation, 304:and whose life objective is the will-to-good. These are consequently the Members of the Hierarchy,
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