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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - GOOD

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Externalisation, 307:is an act of free spiritual cooperation, for the good of humanity, in the work of a great spiritualExternalisation, 313:of the group enable you to aid in bringing good out of the present evil by right action and clearExternalisation, 328:faith in the human spirit, on a conviction that good must ultimately triumph because it always has,Externalisation, 330:nations as to the New World Order - both good and bad. This will involve the reading of books,Externalisation, 339:control, viewing those values as that which is good and right for the whole of humanity and notExternalisation, 341:in the future. This will involve the Will-to-good. The stage wherein will come the recognition ofExternalisation, 341:will be conditioned by a tendency towards the good, the beautiful and the true. SpeakingExternalisation, 341:will be integrated and reoriented towards the good [342] life, a new and better way. For theExternalisation, 343:and the inevitability of the ultimate triumph of good. This is not determination; it is notExternalisation, 344:has been the impulse lying behind much of the good work done in the fields of philanthropy andExternalisation, 346:of you in terms of goodwill and of the will-to-good. All the time I had in my thoughts not justExternalisation, 346:time I had in my thoughts not just kindness and good intention, but the focused will-to-good whichExternalisation, 346:and good intention, but the focused will-to-good which can and must evoke the Shamballa energy, andExternalisation, 357:for the whole, and the whole exists for the good of the part. The dark aspect has been broughtExternalisation, 362:and better way of life for all, who desire the good of the whole and whose longing and desire isExternalisation, 367:the calculations of farsighted workers for world good and seriously delayed the ending of the war.Externalisation, 373:of some one nation and as existing for the sole good of that nation. In the future, theExternalisation, 373:life must be emphasized and developed, and the good of the entire family of nations must beExternalisation, 373:family of nations must be substituted for the good of one nation or a group of nations. TheExternalisation, 373:goal for the enriching and the collective good of all. It is only the motive for the emphasis ofExternalisation, 375:many, even though the spiritual strength of all good men is on their side and the Forces of LightExternalisation, 375:in any form, except as contributory to the good of humanity as a whole, it will throw the worldExternalisation, 378:old world is everywhere recognized. The will-to-good is growing. One of the interesting thingsExternalisation, 378:mass thought and energy into right lines so that good motive and wise action can bring in theExternalisation, 379:selfish and evil ends far more often than for good. Of this tendency the negative and helplessExternalisation, 379:of public opinion) can be as easily turned to good ends as bad, and to constructive measures as toExternalisation, 382:of his ability (and many have already made a good beginning) he must develop in himself and evokeExternalisation, 382:in others the spirit of goodwill. This will-to-good is of immediate effectiveness, because itExternalisation, 384:will with the Divine Will. This central Will-to-Good can be reached by the man whose ownExternalisation, 384:can be reached by the man whose own will-to-good is a living, practical experience, and the moreExternalisation, 390:so dispersed that the full measure of good can be evoked? Can the evocation of a new cycle ofExternalisation, 390:the men and women of goodwill? Can the will-to-good of the spiritual Energies and the goodwill ofExternalisation, 395:and for liberation from evil and admission into good. One of the realizations emerging out of thisExternalisation, 395:is today stalking the Earth. That realization is good and will help the needed reorientation ofExternalisation, 395:needed reorientation of mankind towards God and good. Putting it very simply, the Hierarchy isExternalisation, 396:the new era of goodwill (based upon the will-to-good) might be inaugurated. I say "might be"Externalisation, 396:of the Hierarchy is to focus the divine will-to-good as it affects humanity. The work ofExternalisation, 396:spiritually minded men is to evoke that will-to-good on earth through as full an expression asExternalisation, 396:which is sufficient to invoke the will-to-good and only this is adequate. This is an importantExternalisation, 397:so easily understood and for this there was very good reason. It was an invocation intended toExternalisation, 399:realities, to have faith in the will-to-good of the divine purpose and to love your fellowmen; andExternalisation, 409:undertaken - to make true progress towards the good, the true and the beautiful, and this in spiteExternalisation, 412:discrimination, the mind learns to select the good, the beautiful and the true, and to substituteExternalisation, 416:Hierarchy, the life-purpose of which is the good of humanity. The Members of the Hierarchy are seenExternalisation, 418:The demand today is for group work, group good, group knowledge, group contact with the divine,Externalisation, 423:would be made plain; by this emergence of the good and of the bad into prominence, men will arriveExternalisation, 424:and the self-interest of man; just as good can stimulate the latent goodness in mankind intoExternalisation, 425:of men's minds, through the withholding of good and the promulgation of evil. They stimulate theExternalisation, 428:the ages), must be taught the ways of positive good, and a courageous championing of righteousnessExternalisation, 431:Process The Task of Implementing the Will-to-Good May 1944 How is the Hierarchy working at thisExternalisation, 432:factors present in this battle between evil and good which are so deeply esoteric and hidden fromExternalisation, 432:determining action on the basis of the ultimate good of the individual or the group, and that theExternalisation, 434:world, and by its means the distinction between good and evil, with a consequent presentation ofExternalisation, 438:it will then demonstrate as the Will-to-Good, and this will express itself via the men of goodwillExternalisation, 439:of the world, and this was needed and very good. The old social, political and religious forms wereExternalisation, 439:itself through the second aspect of the will-to-good, and not through the first aspect, theExternalisation, 439:is not yet ready for power, because the will-to-good is not adequately strong to balance this firstExternalisation, 439:realization and accomplishment of the will-to-good by the new group of world servers, under theExternalisation, 440:of the Christ, will let loose this will-to-good upon humanity, producing seven great results,Externalisation, 441:The medium will be the potency of the will-to-good of the new group of world servers and theExternalisation, 441:once the right direction of the will-to-good has been achieved. This demonstration is dependent,Externalisation, 441:the tremendous task of implementing the will-to-good and of producing a better civilization and wayExternalisation, 441:This They will do by implementing the will-to-good by means of the wisdom of which the Buddha isExternalisation, 444:or a disciple is of a definite potency - either good or bad. You know about the new group of worldExternalisation, 448:have done their work - in the early stages very good work, in the middle stages a necessaryExternalisation, 448:which will be based increasingly upon the good of the whole of humanity, and not upon benefitingExternalisation, 449:of their work will be to express the will-to-good; they see the world in large terms. To theExternalisation, 450:the Forces which are attempting to plan for the good of humanity, and who regard the welfare of theExternalisation, 452:short, according to the release of the will-to-good from the spiritual world, in response to theExternalisation, 452:the accomplishing of divine purpose, the will-to-good can emerge with clarity and dominate humanExternalisation, 453:past few years (1914-1945), great and permanent good can come; the spiritual Hierarchy stands readyExternalisation, 453:spiritual Hierarchy stands ready to evoke the good latent behind the work of destruction which hasExternalisation, 454:come to be interpreted in terms of the will-to-good and its practical expression, goodwill. TheExternalisation, 456:restoration of the will-to-live and the will-to-good. It will consequently be foundational, andExternalisation, 459:and their will-to-live and their will-to-good is strengthened, an immediate effect will be felt onExternalisation, 462:of statesmanship which is seeking the greatest good of the greatest number, which sees the world asExternalisation, 477:the minds and the mental processes of the good and the bad alike. This danger They deliberatelyExternalisation, 493:on the trite religious platitude that the innate good in humanity and mankind's inherent divinityExternalisation, 493:can finally overcome the universal trend to good. You are prone to forget that if the evil forcesExternalisation, 494:by all those upon the side of the will-to-good and unconsciously by all men of goodwill. Owing toExternalisation, 495:the higher human values and the spiritual good of mankind. Four factors lie behind the momentousExternalisation, 496:Axis effort. Forget not that all success (both good and bad) is dependent upon the sustaining ofExternalisation, 497:which the new age will in time reveal, but a good and sound beginning has been made. I would callExternalisation, 498:and desirable; old forms (obstructing the good) have had to be destroyed; the wrecking andExternalisation, 498:must ever precede the building of the good and desirable and the longed-for emergence of that whichExternalisation, 498:of life, can be turned wholly into that which is good and can bring about such a revolutionizing ofExternalisation, 499:the next fifty years by the idea of the greatest good to the greatest number. World decisions mustExternalisation, 506:psychics, and who develop their powers for the good of the community. He controls and transmutesExternalisation, 507:and America when they work together for world good, not supplanting each other or interfering withExternalisation, 511:great public which is innately religious and of good will. It hides in its heart those who vibrateExternalisation, 520:and to some at first hand - which is a good and useful thing to recognize. These activities haveExternalisation, 535:strands between Itself and Shamballa, and good progress has already been made. It might be saidExternalisation, 539:creative manner. The demonstration has been good; humanity has shown creative love, of whichExternalisation, 541:Full Moon. The endowments concern the will-to-good of the Lord of the World, the Ancient of Days,Externalisation, 542:(Vaisakha) and the Christian day of remembrance, Good Friday, will fade out of the consciousness ofExternalisation, 546:This incipient war is contrary to the will-to-good of the Lord of the World and any world plan; itExternalisation, 552:the inflow of power energy. Relates the will-to-good to goodwill. Creates new constructive tensionsExternalisation, 553:pointed out, its significance, and that of Good Friday, belong to the past and their usefulness isExternalisation, 554:The reception of this energizing will-to-good should produce a definite "stepping-up" or increaseExternalisation, 555:alone, invoking light, love and the will-to-good (one on each of the three days) . Those disciples
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