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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - GOOD

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Healing, 588:the ultimate producer of the situation (either good or evil) is the relationship aspect. ThisHealing, 595:consequent acute disease. The law forever holds good that "energy follows thought," and that energyHealing, 597:health of all very advanced people is usually good is that pranic energy from the planet has a freeHealing, 597:perfect body, depends upon to keep it in good health. This is a somewhat new piece of informationHealing, 597:to is the revelation of the manner in which good health may be preserved. It is not the secretHealing, 598:ills" are present. But there is a secret of good health which is known to all initiates above theHealing, 599:part of the agelong action of evil versus good. It is this fifth principle, when controlled andHealing, 603:the healer. He would then be the victim of his good intentions and of his spiritual service, forHealing, 608:because it is paying the price of error. Good health is not necessarily dependent upon consciousHealing, 609:soul contact. [609] That can and does produce good health, but it is also dependent, in theHealing, 625:which basically determine the state of health - good, indifferent or bad - and the psychologicalHealing, 626:of a gland has been stimulated or retarded (with good or bad effects) through various methods andHealing, 646:of the patient that he may do far more harm than good. Only long practice can teach the healer theHealing, 654:attempted it, would have been useless, but the good that might have come to them and the revelationHealing, 659:matter than it is today. In the meantime, much good can be accomplished and a great deal learnt ifHealing, 660:IX Perfection calls imperfection to the surface. Good drives evil from the form of man in time andHealing, 660:used by the Perfect One and that employed by Good, is harmlessness. This is not negativity, butHealing, 661:by the spiritual man as the greatest possible good, provided it comes to him under law, as theHealing, 662:upon the possession of things or upon material good. That idea is the mistake of organized labor asHealing, 662:upon that which benefits the form. This is the good in the Russian position as it wars onHealing, 664:effort on the part of man. It is a mode whereby good is only slowly realized and evil only slowly,Healing, 664:slowly, very slowly, driven out. The will-to-good of Shamballa is, under the usual evolutionaryHealing, 666:point; it reoriented humanity towards the good; it drove back the Forces of Evil and madeHealing, 666:was new and needed) the true distinction between good and evil, and this not in a theological senseHealing, 666:the obviousness of the distinction between good and evil) has awakened to the fact of materialisticHealing, 667:contact, so were the results; they were very good or exceedingly bad. Great and good men appearedHealing, 667:were very good or exceedingly bad. Great and good men appeared and enunciated the truths needed forHealing, 667:upon the Earth. At the same time, the will-to-good from Shamballa evoked the latent goodwill inHealing, 668:Rebirth will eventually lead them on the way to good. Those men are truly evil who seek to enforceHealing, 668:(as it militates against the will-to-good) is a dominant all-controlling factor in their lives;Healing, 669:with the will aspect, and only the will-to-good will suffice to blot out and annihilate theHealing, 670:the mental approach, nothing can eventuate but good. On a higher turn of the spiral, the HierarchyHealing, 670:harmlessness, but it is related to the will-to-good and involves the use of dynamic, electricHealing, 670:wherein the will-to-sacrifice, the will-to-good and the will-to-power (three phases of the willHealing, 671:harmlessness, the expression of the will-to-good and the demonstration of the will-to-powerHealing, 674:Evolution, become Abstraction and the Will-to-good. A completed point of view - as experienced onHealing, 676:here considered is not that of the will-to-good and its lower expression goodwill. The will-to-goodHealing, 676:and its lower expression goodwill. The will-to-good signifies the stable, immovable orientation ofHealing, 676:as its expression in daily service. The will-to-good, as expressed by a higher initiate, is aHealing, 691:or contains within himself all the essential good which was stored in the soul prior to itsHealing, 693:expectancy and possibility is exceedingly good. There has been so much given out during the pastHealing, 694:and little has been set in motion - either good or bad - by what they have attempted to do.Healing, 711:and dire and dreadful happenings. The end is good. The trouble will be ended when the stormHealing, 712:they are the majority, and their work is not good; it is well-intentioned, but the technique isHealing, 712:of the one who seeks to aid, produce the new and good. The healer energizes thus with life theHercules, 3:which has been expressed in the two words: "Be good". Again and again we have been told that weHercules, 9:must be sacrificed intelligently to the good of the group. He discovers likewise that personalHercules, 19:"I find then a law, that, when I would do good, evil is present with me. "For I delight in the lawHercules, 48:his equipment as having been given him for the good of the group and to be rightly used for theHercules, 50:is now dragged out into the light, which is good. Everybody talks about the problem; and the risingHercules, 60:of the aspirant takes place. A longing to be good, a deep desire to ascertain the facts of theHercules, 61:and with its acceptance came the knowledge of good and of evil. This is a symbolic method ofHercules, 61:opposites, of the nature of the soul, which is good, and of the nature of the form, which is evilHercules, 70:an equipment that is characterized by sincerity, good desire, fine character, and they areHercules, 90:Constellations Jesus is often called the Good Shepherd, and he has been depicted many times as theHercules, 113:dear? Why kill the one you love, the giver of good gifts, custodian of the possible? Why kill theHercules, 118:VI The Two Ways As always there is a choice for good or evil before the native of a sign, dependingHercules, 128:we meet with the problems of sex and money, both good servants and bad masters, according to theHercules, 128:round, the constellations are all harmonious, good and for a purpose; it is our receptivity and useHercules, 132:that includes the highest and the lowest, the good and the bad, the lofty and the insignificant.Hercules, 134:and controlled by an over-arching will-to-good. The fully developed man, or initiate, might perhapsHercules, 139:That is the work we all have to do... The two good centaurs that Hercules killed are known asHercules, 139:that Hercules killed are known as Cherion (good thought) and Pholos (bodily strength). This testHercules, 158:the universe in its lowest aspect. He had fairly good success. He did control the bull and drove itHercules, 161:my motive my own liberation. A caution: don't be good, don't be harmless, don't serve merely inHercules, 178:heads symbolize sensation, [178] desire and good intentions. It is love of sensation that drivesHercules, 178:in the outer world. The third head is good intentions, not carried out. So you have desire in theHercules, 178:impacts, and on the other side the third head of good intentions not thought through, neverHercules, 178:which it has long been said: "Hell is paved with good intentions". The tail made of serpentsHercules, 199:of service, gone about the world doing good, and their names have stayed with us down the ages. YouHercules, 210:must be intelligently sacrificed to the good of the group; he learns that personal greed has noHercules, 220:years it [220] has been customary to eat fish on Good Friday and on fast days. So we find the lambInitiation, 6:ours, using the knowledge that may come for the good of those we seek to help, and recognizing thatInitiation, 14:pairs of opposites are known, and the secret of good and evil is revealed. It leads to the CrossInitiation, 25:love which endures, and which acts ever for the good of the group; by a knowledge which has beenInitiation, 34:on into the fifth, or spiritual. The problem of good or evil, light or darkness, right or wrong,Initiation, 58:both the Master M. and the Master K. H. of a good deal of their teaching work, taking over fromInitiation, 59:and assists in developing their powers for the good of the group, and in connection with certain ofInitiation, 72:desires and interests lie. Yet the law holds good, and only in the essential life of the soul canInitiation, 75:and in a single-hearted adherence to the good of the group, with a proportionate attention to theInitiation, 79:environment. It acts as a stimulator of both the good and the evil. The lunar Pitris, or littleInitiation, 80:otherwise destructive force becomes a factor for good and a helpful stimulation, and can be used byInitiation, 81:to cooperate and to merge their interests in the good of the group will pass away, and community ofInitiation, 85:and only that is longed for which is for the good of the whole, and in the line of the will of theInitiation, 92:of his egoic group becomes his to use for the good of planetary evolution, and at the fifthInitiation, 92:must get rid of the idea that if they are "very good and altruistic" suddenly some day [93] theyInitiation, 103:the physical brain. Curiosity, or even ordinary good living, never brought a man to the Portal ofInitiation, 103:the goal he is interested in; whilst ordinary good living, when not furthered by a life of utterInitiation, 103:of a very unusual kind, may serve to build good vehicles which will be of use in anotherInitiation, 103:forces and energies which stand between a "good" man and the ceremony of initiation. The Path ofInitiation, 114:just as an infant has eyes which are perfectly good and clear from birth, yet there comes a dayInitiation, 121:learns the secret of group subordination to the good of the aggregate of groups. This willInitiation, 134:and resistance which will serve him in good stead in the strenuous life of service ahead. ThatInitiation, 172:powerful on the mental plane, his power for good is a hundredfold increased. At the fourthInitiation, 199:wise words, a careful intimation of conditions, good or bad, and a rare, but necessary word to someInitiation, 205:planes through all the centers for the greatest good of the greatest number. This point has beenInitiation, 217:deity. A Deva is a celestial being, whether good, bad, or indifferent. Devas are divided into manyIntellect, 22:our educational systems are achieving the widest good. We appreciate the enormous advance that hasIntellect, 23:point. Our institutions of learning produce some good scholars and give a body of scientific factsIntellect, 25:having brought them thus far we carry on the good work and teach them the real meaning of
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