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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - GOOD

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Magic, 475:is the sound of their accomplishment, be that good or bad. Magic, 477:with optimism knowing that hitherto all has been good inasmuch as man has progressed in knowledge.Magic, 482:main groups: The vast majority, who are neither good nor bad, but simply unthinking, and entirelyMagic, 482:against them, and out of the seeming evil good will come. A goodly number who are the pioneers intoMagic, 484:is an emotional one, or a potent desire, either good or bad, either selfish or unselfish. Secondly,Magic, 485:be his. This is true of every embodied idea, the good as well as the bad. The creator of all ofMagic, 487:the working out of karma, or have its basis in a good motive wrongly construed. You add not to theMagic, 502:the kindly, well-meaning man or woman who is a good citizen, an intelligent friend and aMagic, 512:are made and here that many workers fail to make good. This entire rule might be given in theMagic, 567:magician has to proceed now with caution. Many good plans fail to materialize and the reason liesMagic, 568:bring the form into being. The occult law holds good that energy follows thought. Magic, 578:vitality. Their name is legion and they do much good even though at times the energy they transmitMagic, 586:to adeptship is cowardice. Men fail to make good where they are because they find some reason whichMagic, 587:and every look and thought has its effect for good or for evil upon the group. Is it not apparentMagic, 594:settled in his mind that he is ready, or good enough. He naturally gives himself a spiritual prodMagic, 594:of the Master, and may get much real good and inspiration from contact with the reflected reality,Magic, 610:side, for the same rules of magical work hold good for both groups, though the motivating impulseMagic, 619:to aspiration and to service is right and good and should be seen as forming part of the comingMagic, 625:themselves and there is then a worker, doing good work but spoiling it all by his unrealizedMagic, 627:insuperable problem. But out of it all, much good has come and will come, or no individual is ofMagic, 627:sacrifices the acquired values for the good of the whole. The instinct to enquire in its turn isMagic, 633:group than the true Pisceans and are doing good work and filling a much needed place. The problemMagic, 634:but the disciple must inevitably some day make good and retrieve his past failures. I need notMagic, 638:their own ideas and wishes to the group good, to take their eyes off themselves and fix them anewMeditation, 31:it the life of the Personality, sucking the good out of the personal life and storing it in theMeditation, 31:for always evil is but the other side of good. Then, having accomplished this, comes theMeditation, 32:accumulation by slow and gradual process of the good in each life. The building proceeds slowly atMeditation, 36:of innate divine longings. He is eager to make good, longing to know, and dreaming always ofMeditation, 44:the renunciation of joy, or the renunciation of good reputation, or the renunciation of friends,Meditation, 44:Guide and Teacher, and the egoic response to good action dispassionately performed. ShouldMeditation, 45:an occidental body has another set, and equally good, if I might so express it. I seek here to makeMeditation, 104:correlate its condition with that of the brain. Good results will thus be achieved. Meditation, 116:in the furnace to have no thought save the good of all around, he is trusted with the power thatMeditation, 117:secondly to test out his powers to influence for good those around him, to recognize responsibilityMeditation, 122:But for your cheering - the reverse holds good also, and response to the divine and rapid reactionMeditation, 126:into contact with earth. Earth-bound spirits, good and bad, who from anxiety over loved ones, overMeditation, 131:karma, for the disciple has usually surmounted a good deal of that type of karma and is thusMeditation, 144:isolated standpoint and who works for what is good for himself. The aspirant is aiming at somethingMeditation, 145:and desires, no aims or wishes apart from the good of that group. It necessitates a constantMeditation, 154:he can accomplish much, and the importance of good health before the disciple can go forward on theMeditation, 154:lines unless their physical vehicles are in good shape, and unless the handicap of ill health andMeditation, 192:to tap the still greater forces of light and good and to make application of them on the side ofMeditation, 193:of motive and an unselfish adherence to the good of all can be found, will this power be permittedMeditation, 205:in meditation. We have, as you know, dealt a good deal with the subject of sound in our earlierMeditation, 292:his Master. This is a literal statement of fact. Good work earns for the man in time the right toMeditation, 292:with the Master at stated periods. This entails good work in meditation coupled with active serviceMeditation, 321:years of age. His etheric body must be in good condition and be a good transmitter of prana, andMeditation, 321:etheric body must be in good condition and be a good transmitter of prana, and there must be noMeditation, 334:from too heavy eating, and a little pure good food perfectly assimilated are all that a discipleMeditation, 345:serves no end but his own desires. The reward of good intention may be his, but it is frequentlyMeditation, 345:a wise control of the physical vehicle. A good server causes the Master no anxiety from physicalMeditation, 348:worker can do his work with equal facility and good judgment. It is the part of wisdom in all whoMeditation, 349:The sacrifice of the personal self for the good of the One Self. The method may also be shortlyMeditation, 352:deity. A Deva is a celestial being, whether good, bad, or indifferent. Devas are divided into manyPatanjalito pleasure or pain, or towards all forms of good or evil. 34. The peace of the chitta is alsoPatanjali, 20:quality of his desires; being therefore neither good nor evil, low nor high, can be vitalized byPatanjali, 75:complete on all planes and the basic rules hold good throughout, though they are variously applied.Patanjali, 75:to pleasure or pain, or towards all forms of good or evil. In this sutra we are dealing with thePatanjali, 76:be taken with reference to all demonstrations of good and evil force, and the law works in thisPatanjali, 81:to pleasure or pain, or towards all forms of good or evil. Method II. Sutra 34. Center at the basePatanjali, 84:reactions of any kind, either those we call good or those we call bad. This has been stronglyPatanjali, 112:or pain according as their originating cause was good or evil. 15. To the illuminated man allPatanjali, 130:in this connection, though the basic laws hold good for all forms of divine life) gradually becomesPatanjali, 135:from the response of the savage to warmth and a good meal to the rapture of the mystic. Desire is aPatanjali, 146:or pain according as their originating cause was good or evil. It might be noted that good is thatPatanjali, 146:cause was good or evil. It might be noted that good is that which relates to the one principle, toPatanjali, 147:the thralldom of matter that is the power of good. Complete freedom from matter causes bliss orPatanjali, 216:stands midway between the two opposing forces of good and evil and searches for the right attitudePatanjali, 228:says, speaking technically (and it is good for Western occult students to master the technique andPatanjali, 292:it is produced by the activity of the soul. A good deal of discussion has been aroused, by the termPatanjali, 326:useless inasmuch as they are great powers for good in moments when samadhi is suspended." It is ofPatanjali, 362:worlds, and the lives animating those forms are good and right in themselves and are pursuing theirPatanjali, 391:That type of activity which is neither all good nor all bad, which is spoken of as the black-white.Patanjali, 391:soul, directs from above, and not because either good or bad desire attract him on either hand.Patanjali, 424:arise, determined to do battle. Making equal good and ill fortune, gain and loss, victory andPatanjali, xi:leading a man from the stage of average good man, through those of aspirant, initiate and master onPatanjali, xiii:the birth of Patanjali is unknown and there is a good deal of controversy upon this matter. Most ofProblems, 10:be cooperative, to understand and to further the good of the community. This is not rare but isProblems, 10:as a right attitude and as characteristic of good citizenship. Nations are colored by hatreds andProblems, 11:has been raised. If this reaction makes him a good cooperative citizen within the nationalProblems, 11:citizen within the national boundaries, that is good and to be desired. If it makes him assertive,Problems, 12:are more interested in civic and the national good than in themselves. A few, a very few inProblems, 12:as the contributions which they must make to the good of the whole. Emphasis upon worldlyProblems, 14:motivated by the idea of the general good, one in which higher values than individual and nationalProblems, 18:United Nations will be to find the strong and good leader who can enforce that regimentation in aProblems, 20:to recognize the existent justice and the good intentions of their thinking and planning. This sheProblems, 20:is internationally based; she is desirous of the good of the whole and is prepared to makeProblems, 30:of Nations stand together for the total good of humanity, or will they each proceed upon theirProblems, 30:or will they only see their own individual good? Will they omit the constant carping criticismProblems, 31:economic and religious - and work for the good of all peoples? Will they overcome the forcesProblems, 34:the free spirit in man. There are wise and good churchmen today who realize this and who are [35]Problems, 35:future by using all that is true, beautiful and good (inherited from the past) but which willProblems, 36:to recognize the beautiful, the true and the good and by means of the creative arts to prove theirProblems, 41:ourselves in all our planning and with all our good intentions that the various nations, involvedProblems, 41:vantage point of their position, believe to be good for them. These nations want understandingProblems, 44:build our theory of history upon the great and good ideas which have conditioned the nations andProblems, 48:in determining a child's character for good and his future usefulness in the world. 3. AnProblems, 51:We must strengthen those aspects which are good and desirable; we must eliminate those which haveProblems, 52:information which will enable him to act as a good citizen and perform the functions of a wiseProblems, 57:ideals and their application as the will-to-good, the will-to-truth and the will-to-beauty. Thus a
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