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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - GOOD

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Problems, 58:angle of their effect and their influence for good or evil upon their period; the quality andProblems, 58:effects upon civilization of ancient tradition, good and evil happenings and the interplay ofProblems, 58:a definite tendency in this direction and it is good and sound. The past of Humanity as theProblems, 59:in man as the interior factor which produces the good, the true and the beautiful. CreativeProblems, 61:which enables him to contribute something to the good of the whole, that the major requirement isProblems, 64:when there would be national thinking. This is a good thing for us to bear in mind. The time whenProblems, 67:and the use of the world's resources for the good of all. [68] Certain nations, because of theirProblems, 68:group of human beings. All these objectives are good and their application to the life of humanityProblems, 68:In every country without exception there are the good and the bad elements; there are progressiveProblems, 72:those who are real humanitarians, who seek the good of their fellowmen and who have no desire toProblems, 78:millions whilst the capitalist works for the good of a few. The norm of humanity lies at the heartProblems, 86:minorities are too often based solely upon a good heart, Christian principles and a sense ofProblems, 89:but as a national contribution to the general good of the comity of nations and not as a means ofProblems, 98:Gentile also objects in many cases. The Jew is a good citizen, law-abiding, kindly and decent inProblems, 106:on the part of the white race, though much good also came out of it for the black race. The storyProblems, 107:explorer, the missionary and the trader but much good also followed in their steps, particularly inProblems, 112:and ignorant senators consistently outrage the good intentions of the mass of American people byProblems, 113:do so, they will find the Negro as responsive to good and fair treatment, equal opportunity andProblems, 113:equal educational facilities and equally good living conditions. It is for the people of America toProblems, 116:can we develop the consciousness that what is good for the part can also be good for the whole andProblems, 116:that what is good for the part can also be good for the whole and that the highest good of the unitProblems, 116:also be good for the whole and that the highest good of the unit within the whole guarantees theProblems, 116:good of the unit within the whole guarantees the good of that whole? These and many other questionsProblems, 128:the rejection of dogmas and doctrine and this is good and right and encouraging. It signifiesProblems, 130:sincere and clean and relatively pure and good. All have steadily deteriorated since the day ofProblems, 143:Through recognition of the results of action - good or bad - and through constant reliving upon theProblems, 144:which projects him nearer to the Source of all good and nothing on earth can arrest this progressProblems, 150:urge towards an undefined and unrealized good made itself felt in the inchoate longings ofProblems, 153:This is for the church a hard saying. Great and good, holy and humble men are to be found servingProblems, 161:Religion, which will link it with all of the good which the past has given, which will make itProblems, 163:of men will be fixed on life, not death; Good Friday will no longer be a factor in the life of theProblems, 170:blind following of any ideology, no matter how good it may seem to those conditioned by it; yetProblems, 173:are. The mass of men need arousing to see that good comes to all men alike and not just to a fewProblems, 181:organized, that (even in five years' time) much good can be accomplished. Thousands can be gatheredPsychology1, 38:with his desire body, with his appetites, good and bad, and considers himself as one with hisPsychology1, 89:of the sacrifice of the personal self for the good of all, with the object in view of harmony andPsychology1, 93:deity provided man's destiny, which was either good or bad according to the reactions of this GodPsychology1, 110:waiting world. I do not regard you as a body of good men and women, who, because of your point inPsychology1, 111:that we may be of service, and so constitute a good channel for the helping of humanity? First ofPsychology1, 175:the scenes. They respond to the idea of general good, of human equality, of the superman, ofPsychology1, 176:unity, and so further that "peace on earth, good will to men" of which we all dream. Psychology1, 181:whose minds are so subordinated to the group good, and so free from all sense of separativeness,Psychology1, 181:sense of that word, but they will be men of good will, of high mental caliber, with minds wellPsychology1, 187:techniques which they employ serve the general good and develop the realization of Brotherhood. IPsychology1, 201:on this ray have strong will power, for either good or evil, for the former when the will isPsychology1, 203:them see things as he does. He will make a good business man, if modified by the fourth, fifth andPsychology1, 205:sometimes paralyses his action. He will make a good business man; as a soldier he will work out aPsychology1, 209:possessed. He is never a great statesman nor a good business man, but he may be a great preacher orPsychology1, 211:practices, and in spiritualistic phenomena. The good type of the ray is absolutely determined to doPsychology1, 257:were pouring upon, into and through all forms, a good deal of the fear present was offset. SincePsychology1, 271:of the mind, and animated by desire for the good of humanity. In between these two approachingPsychology1, 276:of God may be emphasized to them. All this is good and right and useful. But no true solution isPsychology1, 276:the orthodox churchman. They may be told to be good; the example of the saints may be cited toPsychology1, 277:But which of all these people, even the most good and saintly, can speak with real wisdom andPsychology1, 279:will produce results that are bad as well as good. Evil will temporarily emerge as well as lastingPsychology1, 279:love, for instance, would produce naught but good. Let me illustrate my point in two ways, both ofPsychology1, 281:and that period wherein the group and the group-good will be the dominant note. Then separatenessPsychology1, 282:for the unthinking and the illogical. Both the good and the evil man will be stimulated; bothPsychology1, 294:physical purity, decentralization and group good will be the keynotes of the teaching imparted.Psychology1, 295:part of the group life and as serving the group good; this will not be the result of lawsPsychology1, 297:principle will be the desire to provide good and fair and healthy bodies for incoming egos. This isPsychology1, 297:We shall see the coming in of that era when good will will be the outstanding characteristic, andPsychology1, 302:Will this action of mine tend to the group good? Will the group be hurt or suffer if I do thus andPsychology1, 303:will slowly learn to subordinate the personal good and the personal pleasure to group conditionsPsychology1, 323:in his surroundings. In this there is really good motive, but principally the man is governed by aPsychology1, 323:others, until we arrive at... The average really good man who is struggling to adapt himself to hisPsychology1, 334:force, and trust to the Law to make all things good. [335] Psychology1, 335:and too detailed information is not at this time good for humanity, which is yet too selfish to bePsychology1, 342:a free choice, wisely used and applied to the good of the whole, and conditioned by love. Note thatPsychology1, 362:itself as practical brotherhood and as peace and good will between the peoples. I could continuePsychology1, 363:at this time against ceremonial, and so many good and well-meaning people regard themselves asPsychology1, 381:turning of the wheel of life, but this time good may eventuate, if the world disciples andPsychology1, 393:be solved without the cooperation of the men of good will throughout the world. There is littlePsychology1, 419:Higher knowledge. "God saw that it was good." [420] Element: Flame. Instrument of Sensation: AstralPsychology2, 10:that first gesture of divinity. This is well and good, in spite of the immediate complications andPsychology2, 29:is the fact of the Plan, and that it is very good; that we are enfolded within it and subject toPsychology2, 39:thus he spoke: 'The ways of the Creator must be good. Behind all that which seems to be, must be aPsychology2, 41:to right action; The revelation of glory and good will. Ray Four Confused combat, The realizationPsychology2, 43:of the middle way; Peace and not war; The good of the Whole and not the part. Ray Seven BlackPsychology2, 60:non-separativeness, sacrifice for the good of the world, unselfishness, intuitive understanding,Psychology2, 61:of understanding, the demonstration of good character and high aims, and the expression of anPsychology2, 63:tend towards right conduct, right speech, and good character. The thought underlying this paragraphPsychology2, 72:and activities are based upon the foundation of good character and the qualities developed upon thePsychology2, 85:The teaching has always been given in terms of good behavior and of right action, and thereforePsychology2, 85:been specified. Basically, all such virtues, good inclinations and attempted sound qualitiesPsychology2, 86:widely differing motives which impel people of good motive and intention and of high principle intoPsychology2, 86:- the selfish and the unselfish, the individual good and the group good, the objective goal and thePsychology2, 86:the unselfish, the individual good and the group good, the objective goal and the subjective goal,Psychology2, 95:time are now brought to flower. This is very good and necessary, even if distressing in experience.Psychology2, 95:work, from the angle of ultimate history, is good. This Law of Sacrifice and the impulse to givePsychology2, 95:from ours) does this process of giving hold good. But the tracing of this Law of Sacrifice in thePsychology2, 108:the differences will disappear and the general good will be achieved. Relinquish the pride of mindPsychology2, 113:before all groups of aspirants and allied men of good will in the world today. If they workPsychology2, 115:upon the conscious realizations of the men of good will in, or out of, the New Group of WorldPsychology2, 119:be given. What is found up to that time is good intention, mixed motives, and oft fanaticism. ThisPsychology2, 121:because what the would-be server has found to be good and true and useful, must necessarily be goodPsychology2, 121:be good and true and useful, must necessarily be good and true and useful for all. Service isPsychology2, 121:that great Son of God Who "went about doing good", leaving an example that we should follow in HisPsychology2, 125:is personality desire. It is the urge to group good. It cannot, therefore, be taught or imposedPsychology2, 129:personal field of service. Let the "Spirit of Good Will" dominate our minds and there will be no
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