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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - GOOD

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Psychology2, 132:response to the many recent campaigns to good will definitely evidenced this. But the work of thePsychology2, 133:of some person or group doing something with good intention for another person or group. ServicePsychology2, 135:his ideas and his ambitions in the greater good of the whole, and self will be lost to sight.Psychology2, 140:already do) their ray. They might, with entirely good intention, seek to force the ray qualities ofPsychology2, 141:he seeks to impose upon his fellow men for their good, as he sees it. He inevitably destroys asPsychology2, 144:the world thinkers so ardently to desire the good, the true and the beautiful, that the idea whichPsychology2, 146:for this particular endeavor. He can still do good work, but it will be secondary work, and morePsychology2, 155:Christ to emphasize the necessity to seek the good of one's neighbor in contradistinction to one'sPsychology2, 155:one's neighbor in contradistinction to one's own good, and to advise the life of service andPsychology2, 162:distinction which lies between: Right and wrong, Good and evil, Light and dark, spirituallyPsychology2, 167:of that which is the true, the beautiful and good must enter the dark passages of worldly thought.Psychology2, 169:forgot: 'Give me the key. I alone can do no more good. Give me the key.' Then silence reigned...Psychology2, 170:toil, sparing three treasures which he knew were good, and upon which the light could shine. HePsychology2, 175:recognized evil (so-called) and recognized good, but concerns the more subtle pairs of oppositesPsychology2, 179:their glory, and also their curse, for great and good though their motives may have been, yet thesePsychology2, 187:to submerge their personal interests in group good; how sensitive they are, as a group, toPsychology2, 194:now the growth of the group idea, both in its good and bad aspects, can be imminently expected. AsPsychology2, 196:of World Servers, and was the cause of the very good reaction in the world to their particularPsychology2, 196:and in every group as a marked tendency to good will. In 1942, there will come another planetaryPsychology2, 198:fight against evil Crusades of all kinds Love of Good Discrimination Soul Unity - The Initiates. 5.Psychology2, 205:are the average citizens of our modern world, - good, well-intentioned, capable of intensePsychology2, 205:effect important decisions. These are the nice good people, who are, nevertheless, largelyPsychology2, 207:the form at will for the purposes of the general good. These are the Masters of Life, the perfectedPsychology2, 215:he is occupied with matters which concern group good. The second point is one well known and oftenPsychology2, 222:to the submergence of that personality in the good of the greater whole. This constitutes the basicPsychology2, 234:the occult teaching that by pondering upon the good, the beautiful and the true, we transmute ourPsychology2, 236:moves towards national and world synthesis are good and right, but they must be consciously andPsychology2, 244:meaning, which will transmute evil into good and produce the transfiguration of life. But to doPsychology2, 245:of the will aspect of the Logos - the will to good, the will to love, the will to know, the will toPsychology2, 254:this group, the inner divine qualities of good will, peace and love can increase and expressPsychology2, 261:of modern times came into being, with both good and bad results. The era of culture which was thePsychology2, 265:field of human endeavor, making a man either a good foreman in a factory or a dictator, accordingPsychology2, 265:a later development. I am simply postulating a good physical equipment, and a sound emotionalPsychology2, 271:which energy expresses itself in love and in good will. This in its turn results in peace -Psychology2, 298:aspect to acquire and to attract the material good he desires or thinks he needs. His predominantPsychology2, 318:to the constant battle between the will-to-good and the will-to-evil, as it takes place within thePsychology2, 368:my God. I see naught else.' Love of the form is good but only as the form is known for what it is -Psychology2, 375:separative, frequently cruel, often motivated by good ideals, but that it usually overlooks thePsychology2, 381:referred to is not that of bad qualities into good or of bad characteristics into good ones (forPsychology2, 381:into good or of bad characteristics into good ones (for this should take place quite definitelyPsychology2, 401:to that of the Divine Contemplatives. It is good training for the work you may have to do as youPsychology2, 410:I would not, I consent under the law that it is good. Now then it is no more I that do it, but sinPsychology2, 410:that in me (that is, in my flesh), dwelleth no good thing: for to will is present with me; but howPsychology2, 410:with me; but how to perform that which is good I find not. For the good that I would, I do not: butPsychology2, 410:perform that which is good I find not. For the good that I would, I do not: but the evil which IPsychology2, 410:in me. I find then a law, that, when I would do good, evil is present with me. For I delight in thePsychology2, 421:food and to give a balanced diet is all to the good. Psychology2, 426:- makes him a responsible human being and a good citizen who accepts his environment and gives toPsychology2, 433:investigator. Yet, in spite of this, real good has been accomplished, for the whole theory has beenPsychology2, 444:becomes unduly powerful or the heredity is not good.) He can express arrogant success in his chosenPsychology2, 445:of a man with a highly intelligent nature and a good equipment for daily expression, how would thePsychology2, 448:(Ephesians II. 15) In the two words "peace" and "good will" you have two keywords which express thePsychology2, 448:it is definitely brought about by the will-to-good. This bridges not only the major cleavage inPsychology2, 448:results - some of them bad, many of them good - which the growing practice of meditation isPsychology2, 449:for the tide is on and men can be influenced for good at this time but perhaps not later. There arePsychology2, 465:It will be obvious to you that if there is a good mental equipment and a sound educationalPsychology2, 470:effectiveness, using common sense and ordinary good judgment. The light that can be contacted inPsychology2, 471:their demonstration of discipline has been so good that the black forces are interestedPsychology2, 473:in the mind nature; because his orientation is good and right; because he is on the Path ofPsychology2, 474:tentative and experimental forms of great and good endeavors which have been or are at this timePsychology2, 483:It demands activity, the separation of the good and high values from the undesirable, thePsychology2, 483:the will of God and that Will therefore must be good and right, in the second group there is anPsychology2, 489:and injunctions and well-meaning intentions of good people on the path of return to incarnation.Psychology2, 489:body. What they say and teach (frequently good, usually indifferent in quality and sometimes quitePsychology2, 490:unconsciously imparted, and can be, in quality, good, bad, or indifferent. Psychology2, 490:discarnate men, ranging in character from very good to very bad. They can include the helpPsychology2, 500:drop easily into deep and dreamless sleep is not good. The evocation of the dream life, as broughtPsychology2, 511:originated in the past of the Aryan race. That good can come from evil, that the bad effects ofPsychology2, 513:promulgation of such truths as the potency of good will by members of the New Group of WorldPsychology2, 526:expression take its place. This is a right and good change and tends correctly to a rounded outPsychology2, 534:ray tendencies and influences. The revelation of good and evil, that is, of the worlds ofPsychology2, 542:the mystical approach and its consequences - good and bad, material and spiritual - are betterPsychology2, 550:in the subjective life of humanity produces both good and bad effects, and psychological as well asPsychology2, 569:or immediately after death is impelled (for good and sufficient purpose) to make a contact with aPsychology2, 571:of all time - all of it most beautiful, good and true. They then proceed to teach and proclaim whatPsychology2, 571:heard, seen and learnt and frequently do much good - on astral levels. They are, all the same,Psychology2, 572:plane is being steadily recognized and that is good. The fact of the existence of the spiritualPsychology2, 577:for the response of humanity to that which is good and synthetic is much more rapid and generalPsychology2, 587:of the plane of glamor. Ascend. Choose for your good companions those who live a life of arduousPsychology2, 589:and is not simply at the Atlantean, then much good can [590] come from the frequent use of thePsychology2, 593:in any part of the body. This will mean not only good health and the full and free use of all thePsychology2, 596:into an esoteric or mystery school still holds good. All I can do - as I have done - is to givePsychology2, 604:and begin [604] to transmute his Vision of the Good, the Beautiful and the True into workingPsychology2, 620:side or there is a change in leadership for some good reason or other. According to the generalPsychology2, 621:all these work out as physical effects - either good or bad. Owing to the newness of this theme andPsychology2, 632:Christ inaugurated, - the era of peace on earth, good will towards men. This is plainly indicatedPsychology2, 636:the trend of world affairs, sometimes for good and sometimes for selfish ends. They play upon thePsychology2, 637:divinity of man; their program is founded upon good will, because it is a basic humanPsychology2, 637:They are therefore organizing the men of good will throughout the world at this time, outlining toPsychology2, 637:and laying down a platform upon which all men of good will can meet. They state and believe thatPsychology2, 637:the world (through the sole agency of the men of good will) that - without war, without arousingPsychology2, 638:at this point that the men and women of good will belong to all the groups outlined above, and thatPsychology2, 639:of method, and uniformity in technique and good will. Let us look for a moment at the world picturePsychology2, 639:will gather into its ranks all men of peace and good will, without interfering with their specificPsychology2, 639:conditions established on earth through mutual good will. Psychology2, 641:part of the technique of those who - with good intention - are attempting to salvage the world, toPsychology2, 642:and blend into one organized whole the men of good will, of peaceful loving intention, andPsychology2, 642:of the breakdown of the many efforts towards good. This spirit of good will is present in millions,Psychology2, 642:of the many efforts towards good. This spirit of good will is present in millions, and it evokes aPsychology2, 642:man is divine. It is upon this steadily growing good will that the New Group of World Servers is
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