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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - GOOD

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Reappearance, 22:a widespread and mutual recognition of the [22] good in all. This is part of the uniqueness of HisReappearance, 33:from the earth. This is, for them, entirely good and helpful and all that is immediately possible.Reappearance, 40:God, in the transformation of the divine will-to-good into human goodwill, and resultant peace onReappearance, 50:which will descend on Earth when man is good enough! It is something which is functioningReappearance, 53:to the working out of that Plan. The will-to-good of the Father's House can become the goodwill ofReappearance, 57:relations and worldwide cooperation for the good of all will be the universal keynote. He will -Reappearance, 57:in such a manner that the eternal will-to-good will be translated by humanity into goodwill andReappearance, 67:and bring about right timing. The bringing of good out of human so-called evil is no easy task; theReappearance, 68:His point of tension; the parallel is, however, good enough to convey something to you of what hasReappearance, 77:generate spiritual will in humanity, the will-to-good; His potency works in three fields ofReappearance, 77:revealing the nature of the divine will-to-good which the Kingdom of God must express, and theReappearance, 78:responsive to the energy of the divine will-to-good) constitutes the major objective of the NewReappearance, 90:that which has, in the past, proved useful and good and which could form the living germ of the newReappearance, 91:and take action; it produces neither bad nor good results but simply brings about the awakening ofReappearance, 98:the first divine aspect of Will - the Will-to-good. The fusion of love and wisdom, enabling Him toReappearance, 108:His own life as He went [108] about doing good, healing the sick, as well as preaching and teachingReappearance, 111:all men and, therefore, the distinction between good and evil will be made equally clear. TheReappearance, 118:on [118] reincarnation) has done more harm than good. Only one factor remains of value: theReappearance, 123:it can only be when the mind and the will-to-good are closely fused and blended and are thusReappearance, 126:and errors of presentation has nevertheless been good. In all lands, men today are aware of theReappearance, 142:much faith, but with a determination to "make good" and rise to prominence in the church. TheReappearance, 162:which I can make? Why not let the forces of good and evil fight it out alone? Why not permit theReappearance, 162:the world fight and usher in the triumph of the good? Why attempt anything now?" These are naturalReappearance, 162:unbounded; it is in the hands of the masses of good little men and the millions of right thinkingReappearance, 166:spiritual events may offer. The desire to do good and to accomplish spiritual ends are ceaselesslyReappearance, 169:where the will of God is known," that will-to-good which has carried all creation on toward aReappearance, 171:to them for centuries, though largely because good conduct will lead them to a good heaven, the aimReappearance, 171:largely because good conduct will lead them to a good heaven, the aim has been basically selfish.Reappearance, 173:medical work. All of this has been exceedingly good and greatly needed and the debt of the world toReappearance, 173:and an expression of the divine will-to-good. It is, however, frequently money misused andReappearance, 176:in destruction, and, secondly, the mass of the good, kindly, people in all classes and spheres ofReappearance, 179:over the disappearance of the old order. "The good, the true and the beautiful" is on its way, andSoul, 22:will, image and the like. These terms are in good repute, but," he says, "I have found I can getSoul, 41:would be the producers of his [41] qualities, good and bad, of his behavior and conduct of affairs,Soul, 44:and lack of self-control; but that with a good pituitary development there will also be pronouncedSoul, 51:and to the nervous system, and to the poor or good development and functioning of man's apparatusSoul, 60:invented; it was adopted by Isaac Newton, and is good enough for us. The term ether therefore [61]Soul, 112:more apparent than real, since, as always holds good in such cases, these numbers must be takenSoul, 143:and visionary types, but to men and women of good standing in the business, artistic and literarySoul, 153:which fade Before the unmeasured thirst for good; while peace Rises within them ever more and more.Telepathy, 23:sense, the above paragraph will convey a good deal of information, hitherto hidden. Telepathic workTelepathy, 23:These groups, on both levels, can be either good or bad, according to the quality or caliber of theTelepathy, 23:activity need not necessarily be what we call good or spiritual activity. It is quite impersonal,Telepathy, 23:you know, the symbol. It shines alike upon the good and the bad; and group activity, as a result ofTelepathy, 24:can include the bad groups [24] as well as the good groups. Therefore you can see the necessity ofTelepathy, 31:- very softly and in a whisper. The above is a good exercise and very simple; telepathic powerTelepathy, 40:the latent seeds of action and of habits (good or bad), thus producing revelation, purification,Telepathy, 46:to action [46] by Shamballa, or the Will-to-Good, externalizing itself as goodwill. The New GroupTelepathy, 47:then evil will disappear and the will-to-good will become factual goodwill upon the outer physicalTelepathy, 49:required to register impacts from other minds, good or bad in their orientation, and from theTelepathy, 55:other people; this can be far more potent for good or evil, and from the telepathic angle, than heTelepathy, 76:personality has contributed to the soul of the good, the true and the beautiful, plus that whichTelepathy, 79:therefore, generated a measure of karma - both good and evil - prior to the appearance of mankind.Telepathy, 80:in karmic responsibility. This can be either good or bad. It is interesting to note here that bothTelepathy, 80:It is interesting to note here that both the good and the bad karma produce conditions which notTelepathy, 80:the liberation of the planet. The generating of good karma necessitates the "living through" ofTelepathy, 80:or for any other form within its limitations) is good, happy, beneficent and useful. The evil karmaTelepathy, 80:deliberate choices made in defiance of known good, and mass movements and mass activities which areTelepathy, 81:the past, the present and the future, the good and the evil. The dynamic impression which emanatesTelepathy, 158:of the living God, the wonder of the Will-to-Good, the Love which animates the Whole. These two areTelepathy, 182:term can be used) as the will-to-be, the will-to-good, and the will-to-know. It will be obvious toTelepathy, 183:the tangible arena of life; it is His Will-to-Good which activates the Law of Evolution and carriesTelepathy, 186:three fields of expression they could do little good, for the sense of recognition and ofTelepathy, 190:of divine love (expressing basically the will-to-good) working through the soul of the individualTelepathy, 195:the outer circle, and this is right and good; they are delayed by the beginner and the new discipleTelepathy, 195:forth into the world of men, and this is not so good. They are delayed because the new disciple hasTelepathy, 195:everywhere - the intelligent men and women of good will - get a grasp, fresh and clear, of the workTelepathy, 196:must be made, wherein the wider plans for the good of the whole must be understood, [197] endorsed
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