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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - GOODS

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Autobiography, 72:and the products of the earth are regarded as goods to be shared. Then these critical internationalAutobiography, 120:lines? Let us eat and drink and get worldly goods for tomorrow we die. All this is understandableBethlehem, 205:history gave rise to the sacrifice of worldly goods upon the altar, for primitive man seemed toEducation, 121:possession and the multiplication of material goods constitute a handicap and are no indicationsExternalisation, 203:through the proper organizing of time, labor and goods. This will lead to an interplay between theExternalisation, 237:expansion and her ruthless acquisition of the goods and [238] possession of other nations, I wouldExternalisation, 580:exchange - representative of the bartered goods when they are relatively small and unimportant -Externalisation, 695:that he is primarily focused on "delivering the goods" (if I may use your American phrase) to hisHealing, 232:and of a very plethora of things and of material goods. They were smothered by desire and plaguedHealing, 232:following terms: "He who lives only for material goods, who sacrifices all virtue in order to gainHealing, 234:possession of other people's land, territories, goods and chattels, aggression; but this is theHealing, 426:and yet again: "Make restitution of the stolen goods. Learn they are not for thee." At greaterHealing, 426:voice again: "Make restitution of the borrowed goods; pay back thy debt." And then, when all theHealing, 662:the curtailment of the steady inflow of material goods. Humanity has made this mistake for untoldHercules, 147:than he was before. The urge to acquire material goods may some day be transmuted into the desireProblems, 71:the Law of Supply and Demand - to provide the goods, the transportation, light and power which willProblems, 79:the satisfaction of sensed need, the desire for goods and possessions, the desire for materialPsychology1, 374:whilst even the advertisers of the tinned goods of our modern civilization lay the emphasis uponPsychology2, 167:of threads, buried in folds and folds of woven goods, the Weaver sits. No Light can enter [168]
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