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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - GOODWILL

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Externalisation, 546:working, yet one of extreme simplicity; and the Goodwill movement, which has in it a factor ofExternalisation, 548:time for teaching on peace and on the growth of goodwill to take effect. The atomic bomb does notExternalisation, 549:and the spread of that simple but tonic quality, goodwill. It is enthusiasm in the spiritual senseExternalisation, 549:those who have for years read my teachings on goodwill with real belief in what I say but whoExternalisation, 549:It is the task of the Hierarchy to promote goodwill as the first step in Their plans, and it isExternalisation, 549:which is today closest to the heart of Christ; "goodwill to men," or rather among men, was theExternalisation, 549:promise made by the angels at His Birth: Goodwill, leading to right human relations, leading toExternalisation, 549:to God. Analyzed, these words simply mean that goodwill will result in right human relations inExternalisation, 549:may implement the new presentation of goodwill as it affects and changes the [550] sovereign worldExternalisation, 552:of power energy. Relates the will-to-good to goodwill. Creates new constructive tensions and newExternalisation, 554:are working along the lines of outer, practical goodwill. The reception of this energizingExternalisation, 554:produce a definite "stepping-up" or increase of goodwill and enable the Goodwill movement toExternalisation, 554:or increase of goodwill and enable the Goodwill movement to proceed with greater momentum thisExternalisation, 554:the potency of the network of light and of goodwill, already in existence. You can see, therefore,Externalisation, 555:be interested and watching the Triangles or the Goodwill movement will have them in their minds asExternalisation, 556:the Hierarchy, energy will flow; that wherever goodwill is a goal and evokes effort in no matterExternalisation, 594:of the divine will-to-good into human goodwill and resultant peace on Earth. [595] A new chapter inExternalisation, 600:the new Invocation on behalf of all men of goodwill in all lands; at the same time, He gathers upExternalisation, 601:of this process the vociferous demands of men of goodwill, of welfare workers and of those pledgedExternalisation, 606:of the Father's House can become the goodwill of the Kingdom of God and be transformed into rightExternalisation, 609:the new group of world servers and the men of goodwill - complete His with the Will ofExternalisation, 609:will-to-good will be translated by humanity into goodwill and right relations. Then His task willExternalisation, 610:way, to be interpreted and applied in terms of goodwill and of right human relations. For this theExternalisation, 611:however, that peace must be based on an educated goodwill, which will lead inevitably to rightExternalisation, 618:the disciples, the aspirants and the men of goodwill everywhere must believe and teach inExternalisation, 619:Man The average aspirant, man of goodwill, or disciple, is constantly aware of the challenge of theExternalisation, 622:go about the Father's business, demonstrating goodwill, seeking to enlarge the horizon of humanity,Externalisation, 627:How can the people of the world, the men of goodwill and of spiritual vision help? Is thereExternalisation, 628:to do the needed work. These men and women of goodwill and spiritual inclination must reject theExternalisation, 628:human relations and the growth and spread of goodwill. Externalisation, 629:difficult to raise money for the spread of goodwill, or to secure financial sources and the rightExternalisation, 630:the bringing about of right human relations and goodwill, and not for the growth of any particularExternalisation, 630:This has already been started by men of goodwill all over the world, under their many names, andExternalisation, 631:better day. There is work to do, and the men of goodwill, of spiritual instinct, and of trulyExternalisation, 634:of the Triangles and the formation of Men of Goodwill, (Since 1951 this work has been carriedExternalisation, 634:been carried forward under the title of World Goodwill) and these are just on the verge of a majorExternalisation, 634:(and particularly in the organization of men of goodwill), to find and mobilize the groups formedExternalisation, 634:the work of the Triangles and of the men of goodwill has been more slowly formulated than had beenExternalisation, 640:it is in this world that you and all men of goodwill will have to work for the next twenty years;Externalisation, 641:so that, subjectively and etherically, light and goodwill may envelop the earth. 3. PromoteExternalisation, 641:earth. 3. Promote ceaselessly the work of World Goodwill, so that every nation may have its groupExternalisation, 641:must be undertaken. You have the principle of goodwill present throughout the world; the task willExternalisation, 641:but in love of their fellowmen, in practical goodwill and in devotion to the establishing of rightExternalisation, 643:[643] it has been transformed into the energy of goodwill and into that light which will illumineExternalisation, 643:of men; the creative appearance of effective goodwill can, however, be some time in manifesting.Externalisation, 644:Its effect is to stimulate the tendency towards goodwill and to produce a mental development whichExternalisation, 644:today. Those who are now attempting to foster goodwill in themselves and others will be stimulatedExternalisation, 645:will therefore aid in the task of implementing goodwill. It will, nevertheless, strengthen the willExternalisation, 645:become strengthened, stimulated and focused on goodwill, the union of the two energies ofExternalisation, 646:in connection with money that the great test of goodwill should demonstrate. 4. The energy whichExternalisation, 647:good; it is probably the group which will place goodwill in the forefront of human thinking - uponExternalisation, 647:success. "Right human relations" is not simply goodwill, as people seem to think; it is a productExternalisation, 647:seem to think; it is a product or result of goodwill and the instigator of constructive changesExternalisation, 647:guide you. Your daily actions will be those of goodwill, directed towards the establishing of rightExternalisation, 651:the spreading of an intelligently cultivated goodwill and the fostering of those conditions,Externalisation, 652:of world servers, and the activities of men of goodwill everywhere prevail, the doors of theExternalisation, 669:is an aspect of the Ray of Will, but that goodwill is an attribute of the second Ray ofExternalisation, 669:of the Master Morya, through the work of Men of Goodwill and through all goodwill movements in theExternalisation, 669:the work of Men of Goodwill and through all goodwill movements in the world at this time. GoodwillExternalisation, 669:goodwill movements in the world at this time. Goodwill is essentially an expression of the secondExternalisation, 669:great second ray Ashram, the Hierarchy. But all goodwill work is today being galvanized also intoExternalisation, 670:the intelligent activity of the energy of goodwill is our objective, and its expression throughExternalisation, 670:is the task demanded of all men and women of goodwill throughout the world. When the Labor MovementExternalisation, 670:the Labor Movement is swept by the energy of goodwill, basic changes in world affairs will takeExternalisation, 670:will take place. I would ask all workers for goodwill to attempt to reach labor in all countriesExternalisation, 670:and thereby give to all men and women of goodwill the needed courage to go forward. You ask me (andExternalisation, 676:success is slowly closing because the energy of goodwill, emanated by the Will-to-Good, is rapidlyExternalisation, 679:magnetic to that spiritual organization. Goodwill will draw forth from its holy secret hiding placeExternalisation, 681:the objective demands, and to the nature of goodwill and understanding (intelligently applied); allExternalisation, 682:I have started and impulsed, such as Men of Goodwill and the Triangles, and through my disciplesExternalisation, 690:by the will-to-good of Those Who are, and by the goodwill of those sons of men who have turnedExternalisation, 697:from latency to potency the instinctual goodwill of men. I mention this for this is not a uniqueExternalisation, 698:are a commonly recognized truth, and when active goodwill is recognized as a real national asset inExternalisation, 699:They will stand forth as living examples of goodwill, of true love, of intelligent applied wisdom,Externalisation, 700:guidance of disciples, aspirants and people of goodwill. Specifically, the externalized AshramsGlamour, 23:glamor may be dissipated - if only all men of goodwill within the world aura adhere to theirGlamour, 38:in the world of certain basic ideas such as goodwill and mutual interdependence, much is being doneGlamour, 170:disciples, the world aspirants and the men of goodwill are all brought into line - eitherGlamour, 244:can and will function in perfection only when goodwill [245] is finally and fully developed onHealing, 71:of World Servers and the intelligent men of goodwill. Their name is Legion. Healing, 108:suggestions may help: By the development of goodwill, which is the will of good intention andHealing, 160:gland similarly becomes active in the adult, goodwill will become apparent and the divine plan willHealing, 160:love, right human relations and peace. This goodwill is already making its presence felt in theHealing, 232:warpath and is being [232] fought by the men of goodwill, under the direction of the Great WhiteHealing, 269:overcome. But the needed changes can be made if goodwill directs the spoken word, the writtenHealing, 362:This healing will be brought about if men of goodwill everywhere measure up to their opportunity;Healing, 473:types; the heart for aspirants, for men of goodwill, and for all those who have achieved a measureHealing, 509:response to physical plane conventional ideas of goodwill or of being kind, or they are workingHealing, 545:the bulk of human beings are inclined towards goodwill (the second major expression of soul contactHealing, 566:work out on the physical plane in what we call goodwill among men? Is it not possible that theHealing, 566:expression, the personality, to express goodwill - doing this at the right stage of evolutionaryHealing, 603:Purity of intention, selfless service and goodwill are no true protection, in spite of theHealing, 610:involving necessarily the discovery of the mind; goodwill is being recognized [611] as necessary toHealing, 616:yet beginning to express itself - the quality of goodwill. The other three will later be revealed,Healing, 662:are blocking the efforts of the men of goodwill. Great Britain is at present impotent, financiallyHealing, 663:the New Group of World Servers and by the men of goodwill, aided by the Hierarchy, from whichHealing, 667:will-to-good from Shamballa evoked the latent goodwill in man, so that today and increasingly overHealing, 669:to blot out and annihilate the will-to-evil. Goodwill will not suffice, though the united andHealing, 670:united and invocative appeal of the [670] men of goodwill throughout the world - increasinglyHealing, 670:that the motive behind all activity is goodwill. That motive might lead to positive and sometimes
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