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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - GOODWILL

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Problems, 179:of a group of people who are trained in goodwill and who possess clear insight into the principlesProblems, 179:world confidence by letting it be known how much goodwill - organized and unorganized - there is inProblems, 179:the masses in the principles and the practice of goodwill. The word "goodwill" is largely [180]Problems, 179:and the practice of goodwill. The word "goodwill" is largely [180] used at this time by all partiesProblems, 180:one functioning whole all the men and women of goodwill in the world who will recognize theseProblems, 180:lists in every country of the men and women of goodwill who can be counted upon to stand for worldProblems, 180:the educational process can be intensified and goodwill be found to be a universal principle andProblems, 180:the activities of the men and women of goodwill all over the world; of those organizations, groupsProblems, 180:world unity. To work, as men and women of goodwill, with all groups who have a world program whichProblems, 180:or aggressive modes of action, and actuated by goodwill to all men and are free from an aggressiveProblems, 180:partisanship, then the cooperation of the men of goodwill can be offered and freely given. [181] ItProblems, 181:to see that, if this work of spreading goodwill and educating public opinion in its potency isProblems, 181:in its potency is pursued, and if the men of goodwill can be discovered in all lands and organized,Problems, 181:can be gathered into the ranks of the men of goodwill. This is the initial task. The power of suchProblems, 181:results. How to use the weight of that goodwill and how to employ the will to establish right humanProblems, 181:The trained use of power on the side of goodwill and on behalf of right human relations will beProblems, 181:opinion - an opinion which will be based on goodwill, on an intelligent understanding of the needsProblems, 181:is today confronted can be solved through goodwill. Psychology1, 303:An understanding of the Law of Rebirth, a goodwill towards all men, working out as harmlessness,Psychology1, 303:out as harmlessness, and a desire for group goodwill will gradually become determining factors inPsychology2, 637:to do the required educational work and goodwill propaganda, they can so change the world (throughPsychology2, 748:for the discovery and organizing of the men of goodwill throughout the world, wherever they may beRays, 50:This expresses itself in the cultivation of goodwill, as understood by the average intelligentRays, 50:grasps this and identifies himself with it, his goodwill expands into the will-to-good. Plan andRays, 71:cry of mankind and of all men and women of goodwill throughout the world. Its success wasRays, 71:success was indicative of the strength of that goodwill. The second ("Let the Lords of LiberationRays, 76:about by the invocation of the men and women of goodwill? Can the will-to-good of the spiritualRays, 76:the will-to-good of the spiritual Forces and the goodwill of humanity be brought together andRays, 88:of the old. The new structure will rise. Men of goodwill everywhere, under the guidance of the NewRays, 95:as understanding, and understanding blossom as goodwill in men." So speaks a prophetic passage inRays, 109:Earth and the absolute importance of fostering goodwill among the masses. If this is not done afterRays, 110:unfolded by the disciples of the world so that goodwill can be expressed by the rank and file ofRays, 110:The will-to-good is the Father aspect, whilst goodwill is the Mother aspect, and from the relationRays, 110:must be reached with the message of goodwill. The will-to-good is dynamic, powerful and effective;Rays, 253:the instrumentality of the men and women of goodwill to determine the period in which we live. TheRays, 253:and the forming simultaneously of the network of goodwill, which is the objective expression of theRays, 254:organization of the Triangle work and the Goodwill work as an added effort to aid the work of theRays, 273:builds or creates the triangles of light and of goodwill, they are in reality invoking a responseRays, 274:antahkarana. The triangles of light and of goodwill are essentially invocative. They constitute theRays, 274:and practical work which the men and women of goodwill are asked to do and will do; it is not whatRays, 274:do; it is not what some earnest people regard as goodwill work or a phase of the goodwill work. TheRays, 274:people regard as goodwill work or a phase of the goodwill work. The forming of triangles of lightRays, 274:work. The forming of triangles of light and of goodwill concerns the reservoir of energy upon theRays, 274:enable the exoteric work of the men and women of goodwill to make progress. It is not goodwill perRays, 274:women of goodwill to make progress. It is not goodwill per se, but the creation of triangles ofRays, 275:planet which [275] are deliberately qualified by goodwill. The two phases of the work areRays, 275:must be qualified by or become the agents of goodwill, and the two groups are closely interrelated.Rays, 275:are closely interrelated. The men and women of goodwill need know nothing of these triangles unlessRays, 275:correctly, but their work along the lines of goodwill will be successful or non-successful (I speakRays, 275:building the triangles of light and of goodwill, and then will work objectively, directing theRays, 275:organizational aspect of triangles of practical goodwill on Earth with an effective subsidiaryRays, 276:in its nature of light and its quality of goodwill. They will then pour of Their life into it asRays, 276:this will be the work of the men and women of goodwill throughout the world, but in itself entirelyRays, 294:the folly of past separateness and the cult of goodwill. Towards these ends, workers in the AshramsRays, 402:love energy (expressing itself as light and as goodwill) into the Hierarchy and Humanity. ThisRays, 435:freakish peculiarities, but appears as a man of goodwill, of benevolent intelligence, ofRays, 467:not just by attempting to be good, or to express goodwill, or to demonstrate the qualities ofRays, 499:see. It is evident in the universal interest in goodwill, leading eventually to peace; this desireRays, 536:possibilities. The lowest aspect we call goodwill, little realizing the attitude to the universalRays, 554:task of crystallizing and making effective human goodwill, though generally unconscious of theirRays, 554:as a result, and almost immediately, the men of goodwill everywhere in the world took heart ofRays, 573:right human relations. The agent of this is goodwill, a reflection [574] of the will-to-good of theRays, 574:aspect. Of this first Ray of Will or Purpose, goodwill is the reflection. To readjust negative andRays, 578:through which the lowest aspect of divine love, goodwill, can flow without impediment. From theRays, 578:place; this period will release the energy of goodwill and thus automatically bring about rightRays, 583:world atmosphere, thus releasing the energy of goodwill. The production of a condition wherein "theRays, 595:a science which (when [595] animated entirely by goodwill) will lift humanity on to higher levelsRays, 608:These decisions are based, first of all, on goodwill to all forms in the three worlds, andRays, 611:humanity to better understanding. The growth of goodwill which leads to the presentation of certainRays, 612:and the growth of the universal spirit of goodwill among men. Only the most benighted and uncouthRays, 612:two most desirable factors for which all men of goodwill should work. The inflow of energy intoRays, 615:this involves the release of the energy of goodwill into the hearts of men, predisposing themRays, 617:conflict; the line of cleavage between men of goodwill and the unresponsive natures of thoseRays, 618:owing to the work of the men and women of goodwill as they implement the "streaming forth of theRays, 619:into relation with the [619] men and women of goodwill in all lands whose task it is to make men'sRays, 619:(symbolically speaking) of all those men of goodwill (in or out of the churches and irrespective ofRays, 620:in the world today. The hearts of the men of goodwill in all lands who are responsive to love as itRays, 626:Europe. It is for this recovery that all men of goodwill must work. It is perhaps appropriate toRays, 630:of other nations. It is for this that the men of goodwill must work. Russia is, if you could butRays, 632:This must be remembered and taught, and men of goodwill everywhere should work for a closerRays, 640:which is immediately needed, and this all men of goodwill should regard as their paramount duty. AsRays, 641:the duty of each individual disciple, man of goodwill and intelligent thinker is also clear. Let meRays, 645:(there are others still higher). In the word, Goodwill, the secret purpose of the planetary LogosRays, 645:by means of the three phrases: God is Love. Goodwill. The Will-to-Good. These three phrases, inRays, 645:His actions and His thinking are qualified by goodwill, in its esoteric sense, and the significanceRays, 647:levels through the focused expression of human goodwill; this is the lowest aspect of the secondRays, 652:to self-betterment, the will to human service, goodwill, and finally, the will-to-good. You canRays, 738:evolution, there is naught but love, naught but goodwill and the will-to-good. This exists already,Rays, 743:to better understanding. The growth of goodwill, as it reveals cleavages. The partial sealing ofRays, 749:and the Initiations - Appendix 3. The Growth of Goodwill and the Revelation of Cleavages The resultRays, 750:which is rapidly changing into a spirit of world goodwill. This worldwide goodwill, when trulyRays, 750:into a spirit of world goodwill. This worldwide goodwill, when truly established and correctlyRays, 750:which will bring about this resurrection is goodwill. One interesting aspect of goodwill is that,Rays, 750:is goodwill. One interesting aspect of goodwill is that, as it develops in the human consciousness,Rays, 750:educate the individual in the necessity to have goodwill not only to his fellowmen but also toRays, 751:that cleavages exist; it is here that goodwill can do its most useful and necessary work. I do notRays, 751:see accomplished at this time is the spread of goodwill; each person, community and nation shouldRays, 751:with a diagnosis of their own attitude towards goodwill, and then set an example by eliminatingRays, 752:in the home, the [752] business, or the nation. Goodwill is contagious; once a definite start hasRays, 752:been made in a pure and disinterested spirit, goodwill will permeate the world and right human
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