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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - GOSPELS

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Bethlehem, 5:we say it?) the divine in man to God. For the Gospels [6] show us that continuously Christ calledBethlehem, 9:it can be shown that the story revealed in the Gospels has not only an application to that divineBethlehem, 12:meaning can be found, and if the drama of the Gospels can become in some peculiar way the drama ofBethlehem, 59:told that "it is well known that whereas in the Gospels Jesus is said to have been born in an innBethlehem, 75:account of Christ's childhood as given us in the Gospels is dismissed in a very few words. Only oneBethlehem, 136:necessary for us to see the picture as the Gospels present it, uncolored by the interpretations ofBethlehem, 149:very simplicity of the story as related in the Gospels has a majesty and a convincing power of itsBethlehem, 235:human interpretations with the truth in the Gospels. We have taught the doctrine of hell-fire andBethlehem, 239:mythic Christ, portraying upon the canvas of the Gospels the episodes of unfoldment so that all whoBethlehem, 270:the historic truth of such documents as the Gospels unless he has first experienced within himselfFire, 882:The four Noble Truths. The four Vedas. The four Gospels. The four basic admissions. The four readyMagic, 549:noble truths, learned the meaning of the four gospels, understood the significance and purpose ofRays, 548:to us anent the life of the Christ, both in the Gospels and in connection with His earlierReappearance, 79:which runs consistently through all four Gospels; the symbol of the Fish is the astrological symbol
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