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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - GOVERNED

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Magic, 396:emotionally polarized individual, selfish and governed by desire. The two above stages, plus aMagic, 400:no barriers set up around themselves, but are governed by a wide tolerance, and a sane mentalityMagic, 405:who, through their activities, have so largely governed and molded our world for the past three orMagic, 436:cycle. If it, for instance, died in the month governed by the sign Leo, it will return intoMagic, 438:who lives entirely below the diaphragm and is governed by his animal nature alone. Magic, 464:It is a form of group activity (groups governed by the vibration of physical and astral forms)Magic, 465:and matter coalesced and the worlds were made, Governed by the same law, forms were created andMagic, 465:of forms appeared and disappeared, and were governed [466] almost entirely by their group coherenceMagic, 489:of friends by his inner poisonous attitude, governed by an idea. His relation to his own soul andMagic, 496:man a living, conscious, functioning entity, governed by the soul, and expressing the purpose ofMagic, 534:It is interesting here to note that death is governed by the Principle of Liberation, and not byMagic, 574:line with soul purpose and intent and would be governed by love and, therefore, would beMagic, 620:time and age; then isolation and separateness governed human affairs and every man fought for hisMeditation, 107:that circle is subject to specific rules and governed by a certain key measure, and might beMeditation, 108:unit are we, but part of a greater whole, governed in our totality by cosmic law and working outMeditation, 108:material vibrating to a certain measure, governed in one specific life by certain rules and aimingMeditation, 148:small part of that greater whole, and therefore governed by the same laws. The mystic works as aMeditation, 172:so much upon the Law as upon the life that is governed by that Law. Through love he comprehends,Meditation, 266:held in the Bible story. All these stages are governed by two things: Similarity of vibration.Meditation, 272:Discipleship is a personal relationship, governed by terms of karma and affiliation, and is notMeditation, 274:vibration. The choice of a pupil by a Master is governed by past karma and by old , byPatanjali, 10:of the mental processes; it is the material governed by the ego or soul out of which thought formsPatanjali, 31:Compassion pledged to "suffer" with, and to be governed by, certain conditions analogous to (thoughPatanjali, 80:mouth) to the five rays forming the synthesis governed by the Mahachohan (director of the third rayPatanjali, 142:forms, our physical plane activities are governed by the five hindrances. These have to bePatanjali, 142:as man on the physical plane is subject to, or governed by these hindrances, just [143] so longPatanjali, 285:his goal and every deed, act and thought is governed by direct knowledge, and in no way chains him.Patanjali, 391:the karmic activity of the average man, who is governed by the pairs of opposites, and whose lifePatanjali, 399:unfoldments and developments which have governed him from the earliest [400] dawn of hisProblems, 175:for the ancient principle (which has hitherto governed them) of greedy grabbing. There was a time -Psychology1, 11:something that is relatively tangible and governed by certain building laws. The great work of thePsychology1, 129:of vast human masses. The seven planets are governed by one or other of the rays. Countries (viewedPsychology1, 133:the seven rays, and are closely related to and governed by them all. The following tabulation willPsychology1, 153:and of magnetic power. [153] This condition is governed by a cosmic law of rhythm so obscure as toPsychology1, 227:- the long road that all sons of God traverse, governed by the same laws and unfolding the samePsychology1, 230:in the mineral kingdom. The mineral kingdom is governed astrologically by Taurus, and there is aPsychology1, 237:they (as well as every other human being) are governed or actuated by two rays, i.e., thePsychology1, 263:Lords of Sacrifice. The two earlier races were governed by the second and seventh rays,Psychology1, 321:ray groups. The mind nature and mental body are governed by the Rays of Purpose, of Harmony orPsychology1, 321:of Knowledge. The emotional nature and form are governed by the Rays of Love-Wisdom and ofPsychology1, 321:Devotion. The vital life and physical body are governed by the Rays of Intelligence in matter andPsychology1, 322:stage is little better than an animal and is governed entirely by instinct. [323] An unconsciousPsychology1, 323:really good motive, but principally the man is governed by a desire for comfort - physical,Psychology1, 334:unit of life and every form in manifestation is governed by this second ray. Basically speaking,Psychology1, 357:on earth. This next great race will be governed by the second and fourth rays, thus demonstrating aPsychology1, 357:development. The final race will be governed by the first, the seventh and the second rays. I thinkPsychology1, 363:service begins to demonstrate. All service is governed by ritual. The coming in of the seventh rayPsychology1, 369:part of this book, the mineral kingdom is governed by the seventh ray, and to the potency of thisPsychology1, 377:Aryan [377] race, the fifth race. We are today governed by the Law of Cleavages, - a divine law andPsychology1, 379:should bear in mind the fact that all are today governed primarily by the Law of Cleavages, butPsychology1, 390:ray influences. Spain, Austria and France, being governed by the seventh, fifth and third rays,Psychology1, 402:part of our racial and life experience we are governed sequentially, and later simultaneously by:Psychology1, 404:take Initiation. Every human being is also governed by certain group rays: [405] Those of thePsychology1, 418:Bodily location: Vital airs in the skull. Plane governed: The logoic plane. Divine Purpose or Will.Psychology2, 25:and in their approach to life. They are still governed predominantly by selfish desires and by thePsychology2, 78:On the side of soul expression, which is governed by detachment, the following phrases andPsychology2, 85:in the soul itself. These, in their turn, are governed by energies and laws which are of a naturePsychology2, 87:for man to understand (because he is already governed by it [88] and, therefore, aware of it) camePsychology2, 94:of the Law of Sacrifice; he is spontaneously governed by it; and he is one who will with deliberatePsychology2, 117:by the subjective side of his nature. He is now governed by the Law of Magnetic impulse (as thePsychology2, 140:conform, and by which they are pre-eminently governed. Is it not possible for us to observe herePsychology2, 154:of the hoped-for ideal state. Everything is governed by some form of urgency towards satisfaction,Psychology2, 155:form or another, and by these urges humanity is governed and controlled; I would say mostPsychology2, 159:it may be), then the law of desire which has governed him for ages will slowly and surely givePsychology2, 163:to a consideration of the Way of Repulsion, governed by this law, which is the way or technique forPsychology2, 172:of manifestations, even though they are not governed or controlled by the laws of the naturalPsychology2, 179:no one thinks with intuition, but who are governed by some school of thought, or because somePsychology2, 179:slowly and gradually coming into being and being governed by these soul laws. They will, therefore,Psychology2, 193:one group, are each of them expressive of, or governed by, certain laws, embodying the controllingPsychology2, 232:the organism. Much of the emotional life is thus governed. [233] Instinct controls, via the solarPsychology2, 235:do with the physical expression of sex. This is governed by other laws and is under the control ofPsychology2, 288:what was earlier pointed out: The mental body is governed by Rays 1, 4, 5. The astral body isPsychology2, 288:is governed by Rays 1, 4, 5. The astral body is governed by Rays 2, 6. The physical body isPsychology2, 288:is governed by Rays 2, 6. The physical body is governed by Rays 3, 7. This is often forgotten andPsychology2, 290:human being is composed of substance which is governed by the rays, one, four and five. ExceptionsPsychology2, 292:path. This means that the mental vehicle is governed by an elemental of fourth ray nature orPsychology2, 296:The personality ray, again when consciously governed and employed, relates a man to the matter orPsychology2, 316:Appropriation of the Bodies These conditions are governed, as will be recognized, by the point inPsychology2, 346:of the personality (the separative individual, governed by the concrete, analytical mind) and thePsychology2, 443:varied kind. An emotional nature which, being governed by sixth ray energy, can be rapidly swungPsychology2, 518:decade) have upon a person or a nation which is governed by the sign Taurus, for instance, or byPsychology2, 522:That the world disciples are beginning to be governed and controlled by the throat and heartPsychology2, 526:then to the conditioning will of the man who is governed at this time by ambition, intellectualPsychology2, 547:by tendencies in the man himself. These are governed by his astrological sign - either his sun signPsychology2, 548:over-activity of the organs in the physical area governed by the center, with consequentPsychology2, 550:found in those areas in the human body which are governed and controlled by a particular center. IPsychology2, 694:free organization, directed by no committee, but governed through the means of the intelligentPsychology2, 741:in their objective. The Hierarchy of Masters is governed by simplicity and this, which is one ofRays, 33:would-be initiate: It should be one of purpose, governed by pure reason and working out inRays, 101:careful thinking. The lesser lives (which are governed by the Moon) have been dispersed. They noRays, 227:referred to the use of the intuition, which is governed by Mercury. The use of the "eye." This isRays, 229:of this release is to awaken the intuition (governed as you know by Mercury), and to enlightenRays, 338:of the seven ray qualities or tendencies; it is governed and conditioned always by a certain ray,Rays, 339:initiations; the other seven initiations are governed by the seven rays. You have, therefore: [340]Rays, 350:has never freed itself from the principles which governed the first solar system. They wereRays, 361:seven rays, they are not ray paths, nor are they governed by the seven rays. Any one of them isRays, 459:mind. The Son of Mind. This is the soul itself, governed by the second aspect of all the seven raysRays, 563:these personality expressions is composed of and governed by one of the seven ray energies, so thatRays, 565:by points of crisis and of tension and governed - in a sense not hitherto realized - by the Law ofRays, 565:to reverse the process which has up till now governed his life. Instead of his being impelled
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