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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - GOVERNESS

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Autobiography, 24:the discipline was badly needed. The various governess we had applied it. The only one I rememberAutobiography, 24:schoolroom at the top of the house where a governess, a nurse and a maid were responsible for theAutobiography, 25:9.30 till noon we worked at our lessons with our governess and this was followed by a walk. We wereAutobiography, 25:and silence were under the anxious eyes of our governess. To this day I can remember going off intoAutobiography, 26:on a flat sloping board for an hour whilst our governess read aloud some improving book and thenAutobiography, 26:of being talked to and inspected until our governess came to fetch us. Our own schoolroom supperAutobiography, 27:It was what was called in those days "a governess cart," designed, I presume, specially for smallAutobiography, 28:teachers as well as a chaperoning resident governess and all our lessons were done in French. TheAutobiography, 28:down in Devonshire, accompanied everywhere by a governess, [29] Miss Godby, who came to us when IAutobiography, 29:all right with you." The third person was this governess of whom I have told you. I had always keptAutobiography, 31:sister again went to the south of France with a governess. It was the first time we had ever beenAutobiography, 33:Apart from the fact that my aunt and my governess were religious people, what was it that made meAutobiography, 87:major was eventually stolen from me by a little governess which was not flattering, and one of theAutobiography, 184:than I ever had, left as I was to strangers, governess and masters and that, perhaps, made it
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