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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - GOVERNING

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Astrology, 5:science which deals with those conditioning and governing energies and forces which play throughAstrology, 16:energies of the solar system and of the twelve governing constellations. That the Sun sign, as itAstrology, 37:head of the list of zodiacal signs because it is governing the present great astrological worldAstrology, 51:all, I would point out that the twelve planets, governing the twelve houses, concern primarily theAstrology, 178:through the various zodiacal signs: Instinct, governing desire - Cancer. Mass unevolvedAstrology, 178:unevolved consciousness. "I desire." Intellect, governing ambition - Leo. Individual consciousness.Astrology, 178:Individual consciousness. "I know." Intuition, governing aspiration - Sagittarius. SoulAstrology, 178:Initiation 1 and 2. "I vision." Illumination, governing intuition - Capricorn. Soul consciousnessAstrology, 178:in later stages. "I realize." Inspiration, governing service - Aquarius. Group consciousness. "I goAstrology, 179:"I go forth." [179] Identification, governing liberation - Pisces. Divine consciousness. "I and theAstrology, 180:In [180] Scorpio the mind is released into full governing activity. This release takes place in twoAstrology, 185:disciple. It is in connection with the planets governing Sagittarius, exoterically andAstrology, 188:the above names which are related to the planets governing Sagittarius will be remembered byAstrology, 192:of Sagittarius, Sepharial gives us the three governing planets as Mercury, the Moon and the Sun,Astrology, 197:therefore: Polaris - The Star of Direction - governing Shamballa. Later, another Pole Star willAstrology, 198:[198] Sirius - The Star of Sensitivity - governing the Hierarchy. Alcyone - The Star of theAstrology, 198:Alcyone - The Star of the Individual - governing humanity. You can see from the above how theAstrology, 219:and through Neptune which rules Cancer, thus governing expression upon the physical plane. In thisAstrology, 223:inter-communication, interplay - these are words governing the scientific basis of astrology, andAstrology, 243:third aspect of the Godhead and hence it is a governing sign and a major conditioning factor whereAstrology, 262:in this world period: Virgo - Gestation - governing nine signs from Virgo to Capricorn, includingAstrology, 263:rulers the energies of the fourth ray pour, governing the mind through Mercury and the physicalAstrology, 263:which make man what he is and such are the governing and directing energies which use the mindAstrology, 327:of the Nations a statement as to the rays governing certain nations. Groups are governed by theAstrology, 342:this sign furthers the ends and purposes of the governing energies or rays of harmony throughAstrology, 347:resolution of duality into a fluid synthesis." Governing as it does all the pairs of opposites inAstrology, 357:energies, focused through the three planets governing Gemini, are essentially dedicated to theAstrology, 363:being the physical body is the effect of the governing rays. Through the planets certain potenciesAstrology, 368:earlier developed but controlling and governing the tendency to fluidity, to lost motion and toAstrology, 369:directions. You will note how two out of the governing planets of the decanates in the case of theAstrology, 396:determine statistically the average of the signs governing the various types of men. It has beenAstrology, 402:on one point for Sepharial gives the Moon as governing the second decan whilst Leo gives Venus asAstrology, 458:today. It may interest you also to know the governing rays and astrological signs of these fiveAstrology, 527:be found that those nations and countries whose governing rays are also the second and the fourthAstrology, 528:I have said about the various nations, their governing constellations and their planetary rulers.Astrology, 528:centers, the nature and influences of their governing planets, their interrelation from the energyAstrology, 538:influence to Aquarius. Capricorn - Ruler: Venus, governing the second House, which is concernedAstrology, 538:and friendships achieved. Pisces - Ruler: Pluto, governing the eighth House, the house of death, ofAstrology, 558:the major controlling set of energies governing, and being transmitted by, the center which we callAstrology, 619:Such seems as yet to be the law of life and the governing factor in evolution. If, however, theAstrology, 646:the sympathetic faculties. The Sun - governs the governing faculties. Mars - governs the selfishAutobiography, 27:to do and conducted under the most minute rules governing every possible situation. Two otherAutobiography, 153:have found helpful. There is a law of sacrifice governing all the evolutionary process. TheAutobiography, 157:and all the different policies and principles governing the administration were, therefore, open toAutobiography, 157:our sense of justice and our adherence to the governing principles were constantly being outraged.Autobiography, 276:conditioning world affairs. The laws governing the individual, humanity and the kingdoms in natureAutobiography, 280:group, there are certain fundamental ideas or governing principles which we would like to putAutobiography, 280:nature of its teaching? What are the principles governing the training and the help given? To whatAutobiography, 281:governed? [281] There are seven principles or governing objectives to which all the Arcane SchoolAutobiography, 285:that control by teaching him the ancient rules governing the Path of Discipleship, adapting them toAutobiography, 288:Both groups are then instructed in the rules governing the Path of Discipleship; these, whenAutobiography, 295:Plan. That there are certain immutable laws governing the universe; man becomes progressively awareAutobiography, 296:of people. These, therefore, are the seven governing factors in the work of the Arcane School.Bethlehem, 9:through experience we can establish them as governing forces in our lives; and through theirBethlehem, 141:of inclusive realization, and the ordinary rules governing the finite individual, with its pettyBethlehem, 258:He outlined to them the Noble Eightfold Path governing right conduct, and gave in reality the rulesDestiny, 24:of energy which are taking form as the three governing ideologies in the consciousness of the race.Destiny, 49:that I can now do is to point out the energies governing each nation, and leave you to study andDestiny, 49:may be due to the fact that certain rays, governing certain nations, are not at this time active.Destiny, 51:The Nations and the Rays It is obvious that the governing faculty of the Ray of Will or Power isDestiny, 56:and positive; they are mental, political, governing, standardizing, group-conscious, occult byDestiny, 56:intellectual cleavages are based also upon the governing ray influences. Spain, Austria and France,Destiny, 57:the mental pattern, emerging later in time and governing the thought processes of a man, a nationDestiny, 63:Destiny of the Nations - The Nations and their Governing Signs 3. The Nations and their GoverningDestiny, 63:their Governing Signs 3. The Nations and their Governing Signs There are many other angles fromDestiny, 63:consideration of some of the countries and their governing signs. This would be a practical thoughDestiny, 66:Destiny of the Nations - The Nations and their Governing Signs The Nations and their Ruling SignsDestiny, 66:influences of the nations, indicated by their governing signs of the zodiac, trusting that you willDestiny, 66:enough. Therefore, the personality ray and the governing influences change with frequency. This isDestiny, 68:Destiny of the Nations - The Nations and their Governing Signs It would, I feel, also be of valueDestiny, 69:Destiny of the Nations - The Nations and their Governing Signs It is not my intention to give youDestiny, 69:for instance, seldom appears as a sign governing the egoic expression of any nation but quite oftenDestiny, 69:expression of any nation but quite often as governing the personality manifestation, or theDestiny, 79:Will or Power, via Pluto as the ruler of Pisces, governing the personality of the nation inDestiny, 79:personality of Germany (which is the sign governing mediumship) accounts for the apparently fluidDestiny, 83:to be overcome in all nations and individuals. Governing Great Britain, therefore, are theDestiny, 93:today. It may interest you also to know the governing rays and the astrological signs of these fiveDestiny, 102:be found that those nations and countries whose governing rays are also the second and the fourthDestiny, 103:and centers, the nature and influences of their governing planets, their interrelation from theDestiny, 123:this reason that the seventh ray is spoken of as governing the mineral kingdom and also asDestiny, 123:law and inevitable in its results. The rays governing the vegetable kingdom are the sixth, theDestiny, 130:by means of certain laws, which are the laws governing form and its relation to spirit or life. InDestiny, 133:basic rules remain authoritative. The keynote, governing the development of the sixth ray disciple,Destiny, 144:Students need a greater sense of the real governing values and a sense of spiritual proportion.Discipleship1, 14:fostering of the spirit of Truth, which is the governing principle of all true telepathicDiscipleship1, 136:task to perform - work which may affect the governing forces of the world in subtle andDiscipleship1, 412:word "integration." I am going to tell you the governing rays of your life equipment, but please doDiscipleship1, 428:personality, and the sixth subray of each of the governing rays of the three bodies is so activeDiscipleship1, 442:when I shall indicate to you the rays governing the threefold personality, you will then haveDiscipleship1, 451:it is the motive and method used, leading to and governing the use of force which are the factorsDiscipleship1, 467:together of the personality ray and the ray governing your physical body presents you with a veryDiscipleship1, 470:I would have you note that the rays governing D. H. B. and J. S. P. very closely resemble yours.Discipleship1, 470:three got the same soul ray, and the same ray governing the physical body. This should bring theDiscipleship1, 500:do not always adhere to the rules. This type of governing mental energy enables you to do threeDiscipleship1, 532:the past. [532] Forget not, that under the Law governing disciples, opportunities will inevitablyDiscipleship1, 539:As with the others, I will tell you what are the governing rays of your equipment. As you knowDiscipleship1, 551:serve. The Law of Service, as you know, is the governing law of the future and embodies the newDiscipleship1, 610:the light." I have not indicated to you the rays governing your personality vehicles, for I seek toDiscipleship1, 635:activity. You have observed none of the rules governing my disciples, for months; this means,Discipleship1, 707:of the esoteric basis of life and the laws governing action. It is not a place, however, for long
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