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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - GOVERNING

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Discipleship2, 192:- the three divine aspects: the Will aspect, governing his work within the Hierarchy in relation toDiscipleship2, 192:to the coming great movement; the Love aspect, governing - his vertical life and [193] producingDiscipleship2, 193:steadfastness in form; the Intelligence aspect, governing his horizontal life and making him a wiseDiscipleship2, 340:manifestation exists, there this great Law - governing substance and innate in matter - mustDiscipleship2, 344:instructions, take up each of these supreme, governing ideas and endeavor to give you initiatoryDiscipleship2, 344:indicated, each of them dealing with a major governing concept. These concepts are divine ideas,Discipleship2, 444:radiation." As you already know, the five rays governing your monadic expression as soul andDiscipleship2, 444:and space, must become a pronounced conviction governing all future activity and all expressionDiscipleship2, 493:combination of the first and the second rays - governing either the soul or the personality - isDiscipleship2, 519:is yet known about it, its way of life and its governing laws. Only initiate - disciples can get aDiscipleship2, 548:There are, of course, three basic principles governing all work in an Ashram. I refer not here toDiscipleship2, 549:here to occult principles of [549] life, but to governing principles in training. These three are:Discipleship2, 552:other principles to which I earlier referred as governing the life of the Ashram - GroupEducation, 12:the personal self. [12] Response to the instinct governing the animal and desire nature, and toEducation, 65:qualified energies (and here the nature of the governing rays enters in) which are expressingEducation, 71:of the fact of the Law of Rebirth as a governing, natural process. This will serve as a determiningEducation, 137:spiritual attainment. The underlying idea, governing all that has been given out on the sexExternalisation, 10:to be seen? Few mediums know the technique governing the passing in or out of an informing entity,Externalisation, 54:Later we shall study these and other ways of governing, and analyze their ordinary modernExternalisation, 103:and an expression of the realities and laws governing that kingdom. The organization which followsExternalisation, 119:and a comprehension of the two major laws governing the process: the Law of Evolution and the LawExternalisation, 132:can and frequently do control the impulses governing this group of federated states. The will-to-beExternalisation, 155:led certain types of people and certain types of governing bodies among the nations to take theExternalisation, 168:to become active and to function dynamically, governing and directing the individual energies, onceExternalisation, 191:must also go. [191] In the new world order, the governing body in any nation should be composed ofExternalisation, 193:and the rulers of the different nations and governing bodies - political and religious - are men ofExternalisation, 200:representatives of all the nations and its inner governing body being chosen by the three blocs,Externalisation, 221:to learn and master, but which is nevertheless a governing principle in evolution. This worldExternalisation, 278:remind you that the law of cycles is the law governing the appearing and the disappearing of greatExternalisation, 378:readjustment starts. Their demand is for a new governing principle in politics and in education,Externalisation, 434:love, brotherhood and right human relations are governing factors, those essential steps must beExternalisation, 455:will divide Their work into three parts, each governing three phases of the coming restoration ofExternalisation, 575:Religion is then recognized as an attitude governing all phases of human experience. Externalisation, 581:instance - will be owned in the first place by a governing, controlling international group; theyExternalisation, 655:stimulating desire (both good and bad), and governing, via the solar plexus center, all that liesExternalisation, 666:time has come when the first and major principle governing true esotericism must be grasped asFire, 6:are as follows: The Law of Economy - the law governing matter, the third aspect. The Law ofFire, 6:third aspect. The Law of Attraction - the law governing soul, the second aspect. The Law ofFire, 6:second aspect. The Law of Synthesis - the law governing spirit, or the first aspect. These threeFire, 40:and just as the Law of Economy is the law governing the internal fires of the system so the cosmicFire, 91:himself by the application of the laws [91] governing magnetic repulsion and attraction, and not soFire, 133:anticipated, yet some of the rules and purposes governing this withdrawal have been mentioned. WeFire, 145:governed by the Law of Attraction, or the law governing the interplay or the action and reaction.Fire, 147:by the Law of Synthesis, the cosmic law governing the tendency to unification; only in this case,Fire, 214:I. Its Effect in Matter This law is the law governing the matter aspect of manifestation, and isFire, 214:which we call the Law of Economy. It is the law governing the scattering of the atoms of matter andFire, 215:of evolution. This law of attraction is the law governing the Spirit, the opposite pole of matter.Fire, 219:be controlled. The Law of Adaptation, is the law governing the rotary movement of any atom on everyFire, 282:force. Sixth. Both come under the laws governing forms and hence both are controlled in time andFire, 286:comprehension of the matter aspect, and the laws governing energy on the astral and the mentalFire, 477:atom, and is hidden in a knowledge of the laws governing radioactivity. It is interesting to noteFire, 567:and concrete - exist as one; it is the law governing the thought form of that One of the cosmicFire, 579:has been given us as to the approximate figures governing the Monads: 35 Thousand million Monads ofFire, 579:between two or more is ever to be seen as a governing principle, whether we look at the sexFire, 591:Elementals 5. The Law of Fixation This is the governing law of the mental plane, finding itsFire, 594:after all too generic a term to apply to one law governing one plane, but will have to suffice forFire, 596:and that holds sway over the form side, governing the elemental forces of nature. The physicalFire, 598:because we do not yet understand the principle governing this mutation. Nor is it possible for evenFire, 608:in the solar system, but that nine is the number governing the development of the consciousnessFire, 952:archetypal plan, An understanding of the laws governing the building of processes of nature, AFire, 982:laws of matter and students can apply the laws governing physical plane substance to their use ofFire, 1075:much can be learned anent the conditions governing the five Initiations. It will be found that theFire, 1105:the three worlds. This karmic law, which is the governing impulse of His centers, will show itselfFire, 1136:the Logos, and the laws of nature are the laws governing the natural processes of that body. TheFire, 1145:on the Plane of Mind Some idea of the complexity governing the periodical manifestation of a humanFire, 1149:E - Motion on the Plane of Mind The rules governing the incarnations of average man have beenFire, 1149:which might here be touched upon. The factors governing the appearance in incarnation of a discipleFire, 1149:for a period of rest, and as desire is the governing factor in this system of desire, andFire, 1151:succeeding lives. These are a few of the causes governing the periodic manifestation of those whoFire, 1151:is governed by laws similar in nature to those governing the human unit, but of a cosmic scope. ItFire, 1167:three Logoic Aspects. The Law of Economy is the governing principle of Brahma or the Holy Spirit;Fire, 1212:of the planetary Logos regarding the laws governing all bodies, and masses. Our planetary Logos hasFire, 1216:the basic law of all group work, the governing principle which results in each human unitFire, 1216:Law 2. The Law of Magnetic Impulse. The law governing the primary realizations by any atom of itsFire, 1220:by the sign Aquarius, and this law is the governing factor of the Aquarian age. It might here beGlamour, 48:working under the conditions which are the rules governing their activities. As he learns to travelGlamour, 48:learns to travel with them upon the Road, their governing incentives and the techniques of theirGlamour, 92:the three bodies in the following order: Rays governing the mental body - Rays 1.4.5. RaysGlamour, 92:governing the mental body - Rays 1.4.5. Rays governing the astral body - Rays 2.6. Rays governingGlamour, 92:Rays governing the astral body - Rays 2.6. Rays governing the physical body - Rays 3.7. Thus youGlamour, 92:medium of development. This statement as to the governing rays is a statement of an infallibleGlamour, 118:then be directed to the discovery of the rays governing the specialized vehicles. When these fiveGlamour, 136:laws of the spiritual life, which are the laws governing God Himself, conditioning Shamballa, andHealing, 12:they are descriptive of the general condition governing the conscious life of all forms,Healing, 52:of the soul, The ray of the personality, The ray governing the mental body, The ray governing theHealing, 52:The ray governing the mental body, The ray governing the astral equipment, The ray of the physicalHealing, 106:the activity or foundational aspect. These three governing factors or laws manifest themselvesHealing, 108:- and in this phrase are comprehended the laws governing prana, radiation and magnetism - will comeHealing, 160:three externalizations will work in synthesis, governing and directing the whole man. As the pinealHealing, 194:source of the incoming energy, or upon the ray governing the astral body in the case of the littleHealing, 206:it with the energy of the patient's center, governing the diseased area; the allied gland is thenHealing, 215:the energies to the centers and thereby governing his personality life, there is a scientificHealing, 285:and thus abstracting attention from the center governing the diseased area or organ, or ofHealing, 286:body and the position and nature of the centers governing the diseased area or areas. Charts givingHealing, 318:difficult for me even to explain the processes governing physical inheritance, karmic results, andHealing, 404:which an earlier breaking of the laws governing right human relations have [405] imposed upon him.Healing, 405:of rebirth: The Law of Karmic Liability, governing life in the three worlds of human evolution, andHealing, 405:of Karmic Transformation, a mysterious phrase governing the processes undergone upon the HigherHealing, 407:Rebirth. They are: The Process of Restitution, governing the period of withdrawal of the soul fromHealing, 422:anticipated, yet some of the rules and purposes governing this withdrawal have been mentioned. We
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