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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - GOVERNING

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Healing, 500:process and the "karma of matter" is the initial governing force; this is succeeded in time by theHealing, 501:This law is a fundamental and natural law governing the life of the form in all the kingdoms ofHealing, 504:ways of planetary living and to the laws governing the fourth kingdom in nature, the human. We areHealing, 564:was definitely imposed and recognized as a law, governing humanity predominantly, by initiatesHealing, 638:incarnation is to be found. One of the factors governing incarnation is the presence of what isHealing, 687:ceaselessly the lower center; one of the factors governing the whole creative process is dependentHealing, 696:he becomes connected with or related to the governing soul and personality rays. The second ray hasHealing, 703:can work in full awareness of circumstances and governing conditions, sudden healings andHercules, 6:his natural tendencies, controlling and governing his destiny, and demonstrating the fact that theHercules, 67:and problems arise and we find Saturn governing the last decanate, for Saturn is the planet ofHercules, 135:third aspect of the Godhead and hence it is a governing sign and a major determining factor whereInitiation, 46:and rulers; they pour forth mental energy on governing groups, thus bringing about the desiredInitiation, 68:personalities, according to the subray which is governing the personality. All are graded andIntellect, 70:knowledge. There is an understanding of the laws governing this new realm of being. There isIntellect, 80:Sex, which is an animal instinct powerfully governing all animal forms, will give place to a higherIntellect, 179:through the nervous system and the brain, and governing most potently all activities in the worldIntellect, 240:with energy all the time. The fundamental law governing all meditation work is the ancient oneMagic, 90:soul. They do not deal primarily with the rules governing man's development. Incidentally, ofMagic, 116:love his wife is a statement of a principle governing the personality but it must later beMagic, 116:must be reached via the lower: a. Principles governing the lower personal self, dealing with theMagic, 116:with the building up of character. b. Principles governing the higher Self and dealing with theMagic, 117:warfare between those actuated by the principles governing the personality and those governing theMagic, 117:principles governing the personality and those governing the higher Self. Until more of the raceMagic, 118:themselves for a principle, yes, but a principle governing the personality life. Other, dimlyMagic, 119:as the personality deals with the principles governing the life of activity of the lower self, andMagic, 167:to train their minds, study the [167] laws governing manifestation, and learn to include all thatMagic, 170:by the Master of the group. 3. Certain factors, governing the Master's relation to the disciple,Magic, 192:transpires in the head center, the ultimate governing factor, and by an act of the will of theMagic, 203:has the right to answer is: What is the motive governing my aspiration and my endeavor? Why do IMagic, 220:energy is either consciously manipulated by the governing soul or is swept into activity by theMagic, 260:to the Plan. An ability to recognize principles, governing conduct and administration. [261] AMagic, 284:made via the solar plexus, just as the vitality, governing the quality of the blood stream, makesMagic, 358:That he often chooses unwisely, that the ideas governing group conduct are not of the highest, thatMagic, 447:This rule is, as you know, the last of those governing work on the astral plane and the magicalMagic, 448:of time one will possess it. Such is the law governing the return to incarnation of the averageMagic, 462:because the energy of matter is primarily the governing factor. In the human kingdom, the workingMagic, 465:and oft erroneous information anent the rules governing the taking and relinquishing of form, foundMagic, 470:Cause and Effect, which, as we know, is the law governing matter. Cause, attraction or desire,Magic, 535:entity on along the path of evolution. Instinct, governing the vegetable and animal kingdoms,Magic, 621:How much is the faculty of dramatization governing their daily life? Do they find that they are theMagic, 626:becoming steadily detached from the prime governing instincts which have hitherto served to weldMeditation, 12:law, via the mental body. These laws are those governing the true occult meditation. Behind each ofMeditation, 201:the consciousness of the Manu and with His great governing department, so bringing more clearlyMeditation, 204:and circumstances in order to discover their governing laws. I have been led to make theseMeditation, 249:point of apprehended knowledge will be the laws governing the etheric body. That in the developmentMeditation, 263:Body He may belong. He understands the laws governing groups and group souls. He governs a groupMeditation, 283:will be a threefold structure: The laws governing the physical body will be studied and broodedMeditation, 300:of the macrocosm and the microcosm. The laws governing man's being. The method of occultMeditation, 317:importance. Tomorrow we will take up the rules governing the admission of students and thePatanjali, 31:to (though not identical with) the conditions governing men who are still attached to the world ofPatanjali, 137:great opposites, spirit and matter; it is the governing factor in logoic, manifestation and this isPatanjali, 187:and environment where fate has put one. Certain governing factors in conduct must be observed andPatanjali, 187:may arise. These are the five immutable laws governing human conduct and when they are followed byPatanjali, 189:it is based upon the recognition of the laws governing life and primarily the law of karma. ItPatanjali, 303:however to remember that the moon aspect is the governing one in all the kingdoms below the human,Problems, 14:the process) and these ideals finally become the governing principles [15] of the masses. This isProblems, 68:of this intent; the fundamental principle governing British rule is justice for all; the underlyingProblems, 109:of their own continent by violently ejecting the governing white races and by a long cycle of warsPsychology1, 8:ray is that of will or power, but that the ray governing the personality is that of devotion, wePsychology1, 26:and the imposed control of a central governing body. It may be of value here if I give you thePsychology1, 105:the atom. The investigation of the soul and its governing laws will, before long, engross thePsychology1, 113:certain results; and instruction in the laws governing soul union may be offered; but noPsychology1, 153:outline of the system, and the basic principles governing the law of evolution, can be dimly sensedPsychology1, 201:are united, it becomes a creative and governing ray. Those on this ray have strong will power, forPsychology1, 271:other lives his life in a controlled fashion, governing through the power of the mind, and animatedPsychology1, 292:through the influence of the three planets governing the three decanates of this sign. First, wePsychology1, 297:except for the rare and the few. 3. The third governing principle will be the desire to providePsychology1, 300:be so? Because when this law is admitted as a governing intellectual principle, all men will treadPsychology1, 326:attitude. It is not. It is a scientific process, governing evolution itself. [327] When given freePsychology1, 329:as follows: The power type - full of will and governing capacity. The love type - full of love andPsychology1, 332:nature, such as the rising sign, or the governing planets? The energies which astrologically affectPsychology1, 333:or ego. The ray of the personality. The rays governing: [334] The mental body. The emotional orPsychology1, 345:the fourth sphere whence came forth the higher governing four. Thus will the government bePsychology1, 347:Lord will be withdrawn from the major cycle governing humanity, and wisdom and intuitional buddhicPsychology1, 357:as can be grasped. The tabulation of the rays governing the races might be stated, therefore, asPsychology1, 372:will arrive at a fuller knowledge of the law governing cycles. There is much that could be said,Psychology1, 376:Law of Attraction, determining the present, and governing the immediate condition of the planetaryPsychology1, 382:all that I can now do is to point out the rays governing each nation, and leave you to study andPsychology1, 382:may be due to the fact that certain rays, governing certain nations, are at this time out ofPsychology1, 384:her glory of the soul. It is obvious that the governing faculty is strongly the outstandingPsychology1, 389:and positive; they are mental, political, governing, standardizing, group-conscious, occult,Psychology1, 389:is contained therein. The sixth ray influence governing the personality or form aspect of thePsychology1, 390:major intellectual cleavages are based on the governing ray influences. Spain, Austria and France,Psychology1, 402:The physical body, which is dominated by the ray governing the sum total of the atoms of that body.Psychology1, 404:of: His egoic ray. His personality ray. The ray governing his mind. That governing his astral body.Psychology1, 404:ray. The ray governing his mind. That governing his astral body. The ray influencing his physicalPsychology1, 405:of the fourth kingdom, gradually negate the rays governing the personality as the man nears thePsychology1, 414:to the animal kingdom in that it is the ray governing the merging of that kingdom in the human. (APsychology1, 429:or ego. The ray of the personality. The rays governing: The mental body. The emotional or astralPsychology2, 85:laws which are of a nature different from those governing personalities. It is important toPsychology2, 85:of science, the adaptation of the laws governing matter and directing material energy to thePsychology2, 87:phrase. Therefore we can look for the new laws, governing soul life, which is group life, to beginPsychology2, 97:This needs psychological understanding. It is a governing principle of life itself, and runs like aPsychology2, 140:upon the minds of men, and the emphasis of the governing principles which must be assimilated byPsychology2, 147:way, back to the center. It is the fourth law governing or controlling the life of the soul.Psychology2, 152:of Disintegration. The Law of Magnetic Control, governing the control of the personality by thePsychology2, 226:upon our planet. We have seen also that these governing tendencies are already beginning to bePsychology2, 228:of the Cosmic Christ, and will indicate the governing qualitative tendencies which determine thePsychology2, 232:of man, the individual. This instinct is the governing principle of consciousness itself, andPsychology2, 232:the level of consciousness, but protecting and governing most of the habits and life of the
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