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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - GOVERNMENTS

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Astrology, 522:through from Shamballa. Hence the fact that the governments of many nations found asylum in GreatBethlehem, 257:carrying them out of the world of appearances; governments and the allied sciences - politics andDestiny, 97:through from Shamballa. Hence the fact that the governments of many nations found asylum in GreatDiscipleship2, 232:adequately under varying and distinctive governments; nevertheless, they can at the same timeEducation, 44:of the race and the responsibility of all governments, one however that they seldom recognize.Education, 56:Intellectuals World Aspirants The Hierarchy plus GOVERNMENTS AND SOCIAL ORDER III. Will andEducation, 62:energies producing world events or which concern governments and politics as antagonistic toEducation, 63:sees all events and world movements and national governments, plus all political circumstances, asEducation, 63:importance than the activity of the churches; governments condition people and aid in theExternalisation, 71:today in the world of politics and international governments, and accounts for the trend towardExternalisation, 171:in those cases where it has been imposed by governments upon their nationals. Such is the sorryExternalisation, 199:There are other countries and peoples whose governments are conditioned by their environment andExternalisation, 212:know that all potential theories, ideologies and governments are temporary states and conditions,Externalisation, 214:of the representatives of the people in the governments, of the churches, and of the intelligentsiaExternalisation, 214:swayed by propaganda, controlled by their governments, and the prey [215] of the loudest voices. ItExternalisation, 216:world affairs and control the policies of the governments. Every nation has also within it thoseExternalisation, 220:[220] realized that the responsibility for what governments do rests squarely upon the shoulders ofExternalisation, 220:the shoulders of the individual citizens who put governments in their position of power. This is aExternalisation, 241:for themselves the way that the world, their governments and their social order must go. A newExternalisation, 285:as the efficient cause of the seen; politics and governments are engaged with processes of thoughtExternalisation, 292:its accompanying culture, religions, policies, governments and educational processes. Thus isExternalisation, 408:growth of the human spirit. Thus do religions, governments and civilizations find their motivation.Externalisation, 645:in the political fields and in the realm of governments, through rulers, officials, statesmen andMagic, 241:only for a term. The first group works through governments, through politics, and the interplayMagic, 401:and crystallization among the nations and governments of the world. These two conditions ofProblems, 28:our expression of religion and in our mode of governments. It will be an intensely difficult eraProblems, 70:power which money gives; they have stood behind governments and politicians; they have controlledProblems, 77:housecleaning. With the coming-in of labor governments in certain countries, with the growth ofProblems, 79:control be adopted by the various world governments in order to meet the requirements of supply andProblems, 169:carry the spiritual vision into their national governments, into their economic planning and intoPsychology2, 550:the efforts of many of the different governments to offset the rapidly falling birth rate in theirPsychology2, 633:real problem, as we all well know and as all governments realize. Blind, unthinking violence hasPsychology2, 636:and economic organizations; they recognize all governments. [637] They are found in all nations andPsychology2, 671:impose (if need be, by force) those systems of governments and of control which will materializePsychology2, 674:and programs, and no belittling of national governments, no matter what they may be. No politicalPsychology2, 678:bring about great changes in world attitudes and governments, when the underlying purpose of worldPsychology2, 747:and lines of activity undertaken by such governments but it does mean the refraining from all thatRays, 595:to develop the universal consciousness. Many governments today are totalitarian in nature, eitherRays, 621:The activities of mankind, and particularly of governments, have been ignobly selfish andRays, 681:demonstration of the power of money to purchase governments. These activities run counter to allReappearance, 11:its accompanying culture, religions, policies, governments and educational processes. Thus isReappearance, 89:of energy and the cause of energy distribution. Governments, churches, organizations and groups areTelepathy, 185:triangle will emerge out of the field of world governments, of politics and of statesmanship;
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