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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - GOVERNS

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Discipleship2, 109:business of occult gossip and of misinformation governs the majority of the many little occultDiscipleship2, 197:nature onward - that the technique of meditation governs all expansions of consciousness, allDiscipleship2, 197:that high mode of scientific invocation which governs the contact made in the Council Chamber ofDiscipleship2, 199:leads to recognition of the physical Sun and governs, for instance, the turning of planetaryDiscipleship2, 271:with the Law of Sacrifice - the law which governs those states of being which grow out of theDiscipleship2, 334:for it is this type of consideration which governs the Masters when they are choosing and trainingDiscipleship2, 357:versions of this hint: That the Law of Change governs the Hierarchy just as it governs Humanity.Discipleship2, 357:Law of Change governs the Hierarchy just as it governs Humanity. That the disciple who functionsDiscipleship2, 549:to him the complete and utter freedom which governs the entire circle of ashramic life - bothDiscipleship2, 640:forces and of the inner man. The energy which governs the physical body emanates from that aspectDiscipleship2, 743:are always promptly filled. The occult law which governs all progress in an Ashram is sometimesExternalisation, 76:that the third ray governed that system and also governs the Jewish race, if you bear in mind thatExternalisation, 112:law in all the processes of manifestation. It governs the exoteric expression of a solar Logos orExternalisation, 155:Virgo and Aquarius which Jupiter esoterically governs. Virgo is esoterically the mother of theExternalisation, 382:is of immediate effectiveness, because it governs a man's relation to his family and his household,Externalisation, 499:that their days are numbered, provided humanity governs its decisions during the next fifty yearsExternalisation, 550:of world statesmen and rulers, and as it governs the decisions of science and economics. In soExternalisation, 567:the lesser zodiacal activity because Aquarius governs the greater immediate cycle of 25,000 yearsExternalisation, 615:in every land, and the fight for oil which governs the policies of Russia, the United States andFire, 5:law called the Law of Periodicity. This law governs all manifestation, whether it is theFire, 81:functioning in subordination to the law which governs the whole. The evolution, preservation andFire, 147:the will, yet at the same time the will aspect governs manifestation, for the Ego who is the sourceFire, 154:branches of the great Law of Economy, which governs matter. Repulsion is brought about by rotaryFire, 215:of the separative action of atomic matter. It governs matter, the opposite pole of spirit. TheFire, 215:and adapting themselves each to each; it governs the eventual synthesis of Self with Self, andFire, 219:every plane and subplane. The Law of Repulsion, governs that relationship between atoms, whichFire, 219:of opposite polarity. The Law of Friction, governs the heat aspect of any atom, the radiation of anFire, 249:is coming under the Law of Synthesis. Economy governs the material process with which he is not soFire, 249:is not so much consciously concerned; attraction governs his connection with other units or groups,Fire, 253:Law of Economy is a secondary law for man. It governs the matter of his vehicles. The Law ofFire, 254:is transcended. [254] The Law of Attraction governs the material process of form building. The LawFire, 274:concept of karma, which is really the law that governs the matter of the solar system, and whichFire, 276:powers of Spirit, whilst the Law of Repulsion governs the form. Spirit attracts Spirit throughoutFire, 440:activity. It is this Ray activity which governs the obscuration or manifestation of a system, and aFire, 445:form of service of its planetary Logos. He governs the processes of: Transmutation IncarnationFire, 510:his own egoic Ray. First. The septenary status governs the time from individualization till heFire, 510:upon the Path. Second. The threefold status governs the time up till the third Initiation. Third.Fire, 512:cosmic Law of Attraction and Repulsion, which governs all atomic forms, and to the question of SEXFire, 574:This is the law of the first plane, and it governs all the atomic subplanes of each plane. It marksFire, 574:"light" or "fire." It is the law of fire; it governs the transmutation of differentiated colorsFire, 577:subsidiary laws, just as the Law of Synthesis governs pralaya and obscuration, and the law ofFire, 577:of that law. This second law of the system governs specially the second plane, and the secondFire, 580:given: On the path of [580] involution this law governs the gathering together and the segregationFire, 580:The Law of Disintegration This is the law that governs the destruction of the form in order thatFire, 581:of the [581] breaking up of group souls; it governs the periods when the permanent triads areFire, 581:cataclysms, and we need to remember that it governs, not only the physical plane catastrophes (asFire, 581:and the lower levels of the mental plane. It governs physical plane disruptions, especially thoseFire, 585:many diverse into the one homogeneous; magnetism governs the synthesis of the many aspects into aFire, 590:the animal kingdom, in that it is the Ray that governs the merging of that kingdom into the human.Fire, 590:and Death in the three worlds." The fifth law governs a fixed point in the personality, that of theFire, 592:the entire race itself disintegrates. This law governs the crystallization of all forms prior toFire, 592:their shattering in the process of evolution. It governs the time of rebirth, being one of theFire, 596:analogous thing in the physical body. This law governs the gradual disintegration of concrete formsFire, 597:and the other the synthesis of life. This law governs the seventh chain in each scheme; each chainFire, 597:a cosmic sense and analogy, it is the law that governs the coming in of pralaya at the end of aFire, 600:life of the Spirit. This principle of mutation governs every department in the Law ofFire, 608:be borne in mind that seven is the number which governs the evolution of substance and of formFire, 734:The basic law of the system is that which governs the relation of all atoms to the aggregate ofFire, 800:the atom the quality of activity in form, which governs the reaction of the atom to its group life,Fire, 804:his three sheaths (and of the lowest primarily) governs all actions on his part. He is the victimFire, 899:dominating somewhere. The Neptunian scheme governs one of the three paths of return, and gathers toFire, 1018:spheres. It is the same basic concept which governs thought form building, and which enables aFire, 1039:this force. In the case of rotary motion, which governs the activity of the atom of substance, theFire, 1167:with all atoms that the Law of Attraction governs the Soul aspect. The Law of Economy is the law ofFire, 1167:central life; whilst the Law of Attraction governs that which is produced by the relation of theseFire, 1167:three subsidiary laws of a greater impulse which governs the life of the Unmanifested Logos. (S.Fire, 1168:1. The Law of Chemical Affinity. This law governs the soul aspect in the mineral kingdom. ItFire, 1170:the highest lives of the next lower kingdom. It governs the radioactivity of minerals, theFire, 1171:rays of the sun are to the vegetable kingdom. It governs the process of petal unfoldment, andFire, 1173:ball of fire." On a lesser scale the same law governs the merging of the chains in a scheme. 10.Fire, 1174:self and the Higher Self). It is the law which governs the transition of the human atom intoFire, 1180:the sum total of this Law of Attraction for it governs the relation of all forms to that which usesFire, 1188:which we are considering. This law, therefore, governs two aspects of unfoldment, that whichHealing, 14:of existence. The instinct to self-preservation governs the relation of spirit and matter, of lifeHealing, 15:of cause and effect, called Karma in the East, governs all this. Karma must be regarded in realityHealing, 32:which is static. The law of cause and effect governs disease as it governs all else inHealing, 32:law of cause and effect governs disease as it governs all else in manifestation. We found also thatHealing, 46:stream (as a carrier of the life principle) governs the activities of the man - conscious,Healing, 89:does not follow the basic Law of Rhythm, which governs all the processes of nature, and man is aHealing, 113:It is non-resistance which psychologically governs coma. [114] The Law of Cause and Effect, or ofHealing, 114:[114] The Law of Cause and Effect, or of Karma, governs all disease. This embraces individual,Healing, 179:note, my brother, how the Science of Triangles governs the human frame in all its aspects, as wellHealing, 194:of disciples. Each of the seven major centers governs or conditions - from the material angle asHealing, 206:en rapport with the center in the patient which governs the distressed area or diseased organ. AsHealing, 209:the cerebro-spinal aspect which conditions and governs the entire nervous system, for it is byHealing, 246:- an aspect of the Law of Return, which governs the relation of a unit of life in form to itsHealing, 279:manifestation in space, and of astrology, which governs its manifestation in time. It is for thisHealing, 405:initiation. The Law of Karmic Necessity. This governs the life of the advanced disciple and theHealing, 407:Art of Dying. The Process of Elimination. This governs that period of the life of the human soulHealing, 413:aspect of the Law of Death. This is the law that governs the destruction of the form in order thatHealing, 414:- Page 595. d. The Law of Death and Sacrifice governs the gradual disintegration of concrete formsHealing, 424:act of dying is the great universal ritual which governs our entire planetary life, but only in theHealing, 431:for it is generally accepted. It is that desire governs the process of death, as it also governsHealing, 431:desire governs the process of death, as it also governs the processes of life experience. We sayHealing, 433:of inexpressible bliss. The Law of Attraction governs the process of dying, as it governs all elseHealing, 433:Attraction governs the process of dying, as it governs all else in manifestation. It is theHealing, 434:form, spirit and matter - the third aspect. It governs the coherent integrative process whichHealing, 434:and its relation to the Law of Synthesis, which governs the first divine aspect. IntegrationHealing, 492:It can be accepted as a fact that the group idea governs subjectively all incarnations, and thatHealing, 495:the inner side, men know that the Law of Rebirth governs the experience-process of physical plane
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