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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - GOVERNS

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Healing, 496:has arisen because the concept of time still governs theosophical presentations of truth. If,Healing, 503:the idea that this great Law of Death - as it governs substance in the three worlds - is aHealing, 503:I would remind you that this Law of Death, which governs in such potency in the three worlds ofHealing, 504:is a reflection of a cosmic purpose which [504] governs the cosmic etheric planes of our solarHealing, 541:of the etheric center which controls or governs the area within which the physical trouble is to beHealing, 600:aspects of the great "relationship" system which governs all manifestation. If the healer will takeHealing, 600:owing to the inevitable working of the law which governs thought, he discovers that energy followsHealing, 648:into the patient's approximate center which governs the distressed area, from which it [649]Healing, 709:of general usefulness, because this fourth ray governs the fourth kingdom in nature, the human. TheHercules, 34:of Hercules - Labor I The Sign of the Mind Aries governs the head. It is consequently the sign ofHercules, 42:of the law of Attraction. This is the law that governs that magnetic force and that principle ofHercules, 66:themselves with human relations. First, it governs all education. It deals with knowledge, with theHercules, 66:to be what is called 'pure reason' . In body, it governs the brain and nervous system, the tongueHercules, 66:stands, secondly, for the relation between. It governs, therefore, language, intercourse orHercules, 67:Venus is the esoteric ruler of Gemini and governs the second decanate; for Venus makes at-one, andHercules, 139:govern the next solar system and in this system governs the path of initiation, which is trodden byInitiation, 5:the Logos, or the Deity of our solar system, and governs all His actions. We see but the everIntellect, 86:the mind as a synthesized, or common sense, and governs its use [87] in relation to the world ofMagic, 116:to others. A principle is that which governs always the action of the ego on his own plane, and itMagic, 284:life Seven centers Spleen. This, as you see, governs the manifestations of the quaternary, butMagic, 310:The solar plexus in the animal is the brain and governs all the instinctual reactions, but is notMagic, 323:periodicity must be borne in mind. The same law governs a human being, a planet, a solar system -Magic, 392:reality which constitutes the self, and which governs the integrity of the solar system, and of theMagic, 435:to which the man should respond. The moon which governs his form aspect, and particularly theMagic, 435:is related to the quality of his personality. It governs, if I may so express it, the rajasic orMagic, 439:around our sun and producing its effects. It governs however the death or cessation of old ideasMagic, 440:nature of time is better understood. Sagittarius governs human evolution, for it symbolizesMagic, 440:progress towards a conscious goal. Leo governs the human consciousness in the human kingdom for theMagic, 470:this by the soul's own act. No longer red desire governs all the life, but now the clear blue flameMagic, 530:formulated desire of some thinking Being, and governs consequently the form-taking process of allMagic, 541:rule and due consideration of this law which governs mental substance will show the danger of wrongMagic, 612:the life of the etheric body and the force which governs the animal or material nature are theMagic, 617:be given except under the oath of secrecy which governs automatically the pledged disciple; theseMeditation, 83:gradually made, it responds to the same law that governs all cyclic growth in the macrocosm: FirstMeditation, 85:of consciousness when the emotional force which governs so many is transcended and superseded byMeditation, 115:works out from under the obligating karma that governs the affiliations. Let us remember too thatMeditation, 180:and of the magnetic currents of the solar system governs all I have imparted on meditation in allMeditation, 263:the laws governing groups and group souls. He governs a group soul consciously Himself (a group onMeditation, 263:gravitation (or attraction and repulsion) that governs all the functions of the second aspectPatanjali, 131:immortality, and between light and darkness. It governs, therefore, life in the three worlds, forPatanjali, 185:This is literally desirelessness and governs the outgoing tendencies to that which is not the self,Patanjali, 388:the law of cause and effect, of karma, which governs the relation of form-consciousness. ThePsychology1, 128:as well as endowing him with capacity. It governs the method of his relations to other human typesPsychology1, 258:under the general term "emergent evolution." It governs still in many departments of nature, andPsychology1, 261:for instance, that at this time the seventh ray governs and expresses itself through the sacralPsychology1, 265:numerical figures. The first ray, for instance, governs all cycles such as those of one millionPsychology1, 266:will be possible. Cyclic appearance, therefore, governs the rays as well as the kingdoms in naturePsychology1, 320:The fourth ray is the ray par excellence which governs humanity. There is a numerical relation toPsychology1, 326:determines the response of the endocrine system, governs the nervous system in its threefoldPsychology1, 334:principles and energies. It is the ray which governs the "personality" of our solar Logos, if suchPsychology1, 343:principle, which is never absent. The ray which governs the sum total of the human kingdom is thePsychology1, 350:of human thought. Being also the ray which governs the personality aspect of the fourth kingdom inPsychology1, 351:might be of interest here to note that ray six governs the Path of Probation and nourishes thePsychology1, 351:the fires of idealism in the aspirant. Ray two governs the Path of Discipleship and transmutesPsychology1, 351:the Christ life in each disciple. Ray one governs the Path of Initiation, producing detachment fromPsychology1, 353:Ray of Intelligent Activity or Adaptability governs the entire career of the race, and through thisPsychology1, 378:bringing into functioning activity the law which governs the coming race. The work that thePsychology1, 384:government. The second Ray of Love or Attraction governs, egoically, the British Empire, and therePsychology1, 384:this fact and the fact that the sign Gemini governs both the United States and London. The fluid,Psychology1, 391:mental pattern. This emerges later in time and governs the thought processes of the man, the nationPsychology2, 22:infancy. The quality of the astral body. This governs the individual for a very long period, andPsychology2, 22:the individual for a very long period, and still governs, more or less, the masses of men. ItPsychology2, 64:body. 6. This subjective and objective system governs the manifestation of the soul on the physicalPsychology2, 88:on its own plane, and this dominant world law governs the appearing and the disappearing ofPsychology2, 96:This instinctual tendency is the one that itself governs the Law of Rebirth. It is the expressionPsychology2, 100:out of the realization which predominantly governs the consciousness of the three great Lives inPsychology2, 109:of the personality. When this Law of Sacrifice governs the mind, it will inevitably lead allPsychology2, 110:phrase with care. This Law of Magnetic Impulse governs the relation, the interplay, thePsychology2, 110:spiritual aspect of the human family. This law governs also the relationships between souls, who,Psychology2, 111:its implications and its significance. This Law governs the soul realm; to it the Solar AngelsPsychology2, 111:concerns souls and soul relationships. This law governs also the relation of the soul of a group toPsychology2, 111:soul of a group to the soul of other groups. It governs the interplay, vital but unrealized yet asPsychology2, 151:been stated elsewhere: The Law of Economy. This governs primarily the instinctual nature of man.Psychology2, 151:nature of man. The Law of Attraction, which governs the soul aspect in man and in all forms ofPsychology2, 173:on Mount Golgotha are also symbols. Libra governs this law, and certain forces from thatPsychology2, 221:The instinct to formulate a plan. This instinct governs all activity which, in process ofPsychology2, 243:knows no separation, and the factor of synthesis governs all soul relations. The soul is occupiedPsychology2, 243:it can (within the realized synthesis which governs its activities) analyze, discriminate andPsychology2, 252:terms. It should be remembered that analysis governs the emergence of the fifth kingdom in nature,Psychology2, 255:The law here considered is that which governs the relations between life and form, between spiritPsychology2, 417:center. From these three major points the soul governs eventually the personality. I commend thesePsychology2, 525:transference ensues and the ajna center, which governs the integrated personality, becomes activePsychology2, 530:sacral center which for so long a period of time governs the animal and physical creative life ofPsychology2, 536:the awakening of the throat center. This center governs and conditions the thyroid gland and thePsychology2, 574:physical plane life and the solar plexus center governs the psychic nature. In these cases, all thePsychology2, 696:Union which plays an active part here. This law governs the relation of the soul of a group to thePsychology2, 696:soul of a group to the soul of other groups. It governs the interplay, vital but unrealized yet asRays, 45:the group stands, obedient to the rule which governs this particular stage of development. Toward aRays, 46:and initiate members of the Hierarchy. Love governs the Way into the life of the Hierarchy and isRays, 46:and appreciation and acceptance of truth. Will governs the Way into Shamballa and is the foundationRays, 143:this idea may be), and the thought of more light governs all the inchoate yearnings of the humanRays, 224:when the practice of the little renunciations governs the life of a disciple and a group. TheRays, 248:the Law of Synthesis. (This is the law which governs the thinking of those great Lives Who form theRays, 277:the way of life. It is this basic idea which governs the Council Chamber at Shamballa and whichRays, 340:for you to comprehend the synthesis which governs the four final initiations, and for theseRays, 371:human affairs. The Science of Impression, which governs the technique of Shamballa, functionsRays, 375:to touch. Owing to the fact that the Law which governs the Hierarchy is the second systemic law,Rays, 383:the repository of second ray energy, as this ray governs this second solar system. It is the AshramRays, 383:that if the process of invocation and evocation governs the interplay of the planetary centers, youRays, 417:of its activity. This unique and mysterious law governs the Life and the Lives upon Sirius, and it
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