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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - GOVERNS

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Rays, 458:doctrine of the eye. [458] The heart doctrine governs occult development; the eye doctrine - whichRays, 458:- which is the doctrine of the eye of vision - governs the mystical experience; the heart doctrineRays, 519:all are distinctive of the "mode of Life" which governs the entire graded hierarchy of Being uponRays, 535:names to the disciple. This initiation process governs the dual life of the disciple in three ways:Rays, 571:of the natural processes. It consequently governs the sex relationship of all forms; it is theRays, 572:closely related to this problem. The seventh ray governs the sacral center and the sublimation ofRays, 578:or of Devotion is the ray which normally governs the astral plane, controlling its phenomena andRays, 600:great principle of cleavage (which the fifth ray governs) is the dominating factor in his timeRays, 603:and ever present, because it is the ray which governs the fourth kingdom in nature, the humanRays, 608:Principle of Decision which controls the Master governs His work within the Hierarchy, in relationRays, 611:in nature is concerned. The energy of love governs all relations between souls and controls theRays, 629:and the 2nd Ray of Love-Wisdom, which governs the soul of the country. I would here point out toRays, 672:that the influence of the seventh ray (which governs the first initiation) enters in; one of theRays, 680:right runs counter to the principle which governs the Great White Lodge. The menace to worldRays, 693:this a little more closely: The Mutable Cross governs the three worlds and the astral plane inRays, 694:phase of unfoldment. [694] The Fixed Cross governs the five worlds of human development andRays, 694:liberation has been achieved. The Cardinal Cross governs the Master as He passes through theSoul, 45:post-pituitary is pituitrin. "The post-pituitary governs the maternal-sexual instincts and theirSoul, 103:itself in the head and from that position governs the nervous system: "It has now been proved, thatTelepathy, 66:understood. This Supreme Science of Contact governs all reactions to impact. This statementTelepathy, 68:with group concerns. This Science of Contact governs relations within our entire planetary life andTelepathy, 70:may understand more easily, that "impression" governs and conditions all those within the HierarchyTelepathy, 141:a basic statement - one that is so basic that it governs and controls all thinking anent theTelepathy, 142:and intangible yet substantial, which controls, governs and conditions the outer physical body.
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